55. Rendezvous

Third POV:

“What would you like to drink?” Olivier asked Karolia, trying to put her at ease. They were seated in a restaurant opposite Radio City Music Hall and the place is packed with people. To anyone else, she looked fine as if she’s comfortable in Olivier’s presence. But he knew well. Behind her tough mask, there is fear. Fear of what this man is capable of doing. He’s still seeing daylight even after killing who knows how many lives, innocent or not.

“I didn't come here to have a drink and chat with you Oliver, and you know that,” she said with her voice low. Olivier smirked. He likes the fact that he’s able to instill fear in people’s minds. That he can become people’s nightmare. But only one person isn’t afraid of him. Logan Watson. It’s the other way around. With one swift punch, Logan can knock out even a hefty man. Oliver has to admit, Karolia is one lucky girl that she met Logan out of thousands of people living in New York.

"Then, what brings you here, Kingston?” Oli
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