57. Falling Apart

Logan's POV:

Being the CEO of a powerful company and once being a part of illegal businesses, I have heard different stories of how people take revenge on others. Some even go to an extent by harming innocent lives to satisfy their hunger for revenge. Lia's case is similar to this. Her whole family was a victim and she suffered the most and is still suffering. I need to bring an end to this whole drama. An end to my girl's misery. They even had the audacity to play against my family. Play against me.

My hands stuffed in my pockets, I tapped my feet impatiently waiting for this damn elevator to reach the basement of my office which is a parking lot as well. Finally, the elevator door pinged open and I nodded my head at the security guard before walking ahead. After several turns, I stopped in front of the grey metal door. Two of my guards were standing next to the door as well. One of them opened the door for me and I nod my head in gratitude before walking down the dark hall, my foot
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