60. Training

Is there any legal punishment given by the Jury for poking someone’s eye out with a sharp-pointed nail or for cutting off someone’s private parts? If it’s there then it will probably be under misdemeanor, right?

Huffing loudly with a scowl on my face, I tiredly scan the set of my clothes hanging inside Logan’s closet. The sound of a door closing alerted my ears and my eyes brightened up a little when I realized Logan entered the washroom to take a shower. Quickly dropping the towel I had in my hand onto the floor, I rushed out of the closet and quickly plunged under the blanket and welcomed the sleep once again with a happy smile on my face.

The room is still dark, the sun not up yet. It’s normal for Logan to wake up at this unholy hour of the day, at 5 am, and even before that. I usually don’t mind missing his warmth beside me but I do mind when I’m forced to wake up too. Logan did say he will be training me for self-defense and to fight, but I should’ve expected this training to
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