61. Call from Devil?

“What kind of ending is that?” Grecia whined disappointedly, sitting next to me. I chuckled at her cute pout.

“I know right. Why couldn’t they end it without him dying?” Daniella complained a scowl etched on her lips as well. I shrugged my shoulders because I didn’t know the answer to that either.

“Or they could have just shown from the beginning itself that he was just her imagination,” Grecia spoke out her suggestion.

“Her hallucinations of him are what made her survive and go forward amidst the difficulties. Like that gave her the need to escape.” I explained.

“But still, it’s so sad. I regret watching this now. My whole mood is deflated.” Grecia said and Daniella agreed with nodding. I look at Rebecca and we both shake our heads at their childishness.

It’s almost around half past 4 in the afternoon and we just finished watching the movie ‘Adrift’. We were all lounged on the comfortable seats of Watson Mansion’s home theatre with some snacks and drinks. The room is on the first fl
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