A Time for Strength

A Time for Strength

By:  Neener Beener  Updated just now
Language: English
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As my blade pierces the base of his neck, the silver sizzles against his skin. His cold blue eyes open wide. The grim reality of his situation sets in. He gulps hard and shakes his head in fear. "I repent." He squeaks like the coward he is. "Forgive my crimes. Let me face the Council." "You'll find no mercy here, Sin." Blood gushes down his bare chest freely. "You will be judged by the Goddess." His expression quickly changes to one of anger, exposing his ruse. "I see you in the Palace of the Goddess, I will kill you again." I growl. "And if she casts me out, I will meet you on the edge of the River Styx and kill you in Purgatory over and over until the Ferryman come to collect us. And if Hades allows, I will continue to kill you in the Underworld until the end of time." "I underestimated you." He chokes. "Everyone does." I whisper as I lay my full weight against the pommel.

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Melly the Mage
Excellent book. I love everything I've read by this author. I look forward to reading the rest.
2023-11-17 14:49:41
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Danielle Rainey
Absolutely LOVE this book, after the others in this series - it’s really awesome reading Lenora’s story! Keep up the good work!
2023-10-24 21:46:57
user avatar
Malene Woods
Awesome book, just as the other 3. I cannot wait to read the rest of it. Are more stories coming? How about Tyree and Estelle’s story?
2023-10-19 05:25:08
default avatar
Really love your writing. So excited you started a new book ...
2023-09-30 08:32:55
default avatar
Just amazing I'm so in love with this series
2023-09-30 07:52:16
default avatar
The world she has created is wonderful.
2023-09-20 02:56:17
user avatar
Great addition to the author's already growing list of titles.
2023-09-15 00:51:48
user avatar
Kellye Houska-Coll
About to start this one. I adore your books.
2023-08-24 22:06:53
user avatar
Atuabea Odoi
seems my comment was too long so continuing here. One more thing I love about this book is how it sheds some light on the moon goddess's plan to fix the menae. I love how Justice explains
2023-08-16 22:34:56
default avatar
Alana Goodwin
Damn woman, you are amazing! I have been waiting for your next book-and can’t get enough of it! The only complaint I have… move faster you amazing storyteller! I want more!!!!
2023-08-12 20:11:53
user avatar
Judi Vance
With you every step of Lenora's journey and beyond.... I can't wait to have the whole series on my bookshelf one day!...
2023-07-23 10:25:22
user avatar
i was recommending your series to a girl at work last night, & saw the new book has been started!! im at chapter 19, and I can't put it down! I am so excited! thank you, Neener ♡♡♡
2023-07-19 12:35:49
user avatar
Leslie Itter
I love this book so much!! I can't wait for new chapters!! I am addicted to this series! This author is my favorite modern day author.
2023-07-14 15:34:15
user avatar
31 Chapters 07/13/23 Yesssss Sugar Mama, you've got my attention. Love a baddie, strong female with a saucy attitude. I was so tired of these weak little damsels who need big Zaddy Alpha to save them. I was horny throughout FL scenes. Thank you for that.
2023-07-14 06:54:26
user avatar
Katie Lynn
The world this author has created is amazing, between the character development and the mythological aspect these books are truly page turning. This comes before the other books so you already know the characters and now get to love them more! Read first 20ch in one day! Best writer on this app!
2023-07-14 01:16:05
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120 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Mi galleta [My cookie], I should get you home.” His deep voice is soft and smooth in my ear. It makes me smile every time. “If I’m gonna die, it’s gonna be on the frontline, not the front door to the packhouse.”There goes my smile.“Not funny, Marco. You’re not allowed to die on the frontline. None of you are. And I won’t let my dad kill you. You’ll have to find another stupid way to die.” I sigh, looking up at the stars from the bed of the truck.The flecks of light dance and sparkle defiantly in the sky, with no cares in the world. Don’t they know there’s a war going on? Little bastards. Maybe I could convince a couple of them to trade places with me and my boyfriend. Could they at least make room for us in the dark spaces between them?There’s a cool breeze tonight even though it’s June. I’m glad he had an extra blanket in the truck to wrap around us. I lean my back heavier against his chest and try to take a deep breath, but it comes out ragged.The hard lump in my throat tries
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Chapter 2
I don’t have time to react. One second he’s there, the next he's gone. I hear growling and snarling a few feet away. I have to do something, but I’m frozen with fear.What can I do? I don’t have a wolf to protect me. I need to run.Before I can roll over, someone else yanks me out of the truck bed by my arm. I hit the ground hard with a startled yelp.I’ve had enough junior warrior training to know if I can’t run, I need to defend myself until help arrives. I jump up as quickly as I can. As soon as my feet touch the ground, I throw a combo of punches, combined with a knee kick, into a monster’s bloody ribs.The thing expertly blocks every shot. It’s as if it already knew I’d come out swinging, but it doesn’t hit back. Why isn’t it hitting me back?“Leni, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Familiar eyes shine through the dripping blood with a snarl.The monster grabs my wrist before I can pull back from a hard strike to its neck, and twists my hand painfully, bringing me down to
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Chapter 3
“Dad!”“Don’t ‘Dad’ me. You reek of sex, Leni. I don’t smell blood, so I’m going to assume it isn’t your first time. Is there any chance you’re pregnant? Be honest.”“No.” I say with a defiant growl.“Sass me again and it may be the last thing you do, Lenora Jane Mason.”No one calls me by my real name. Everyone calls me Leni. Dad has only used my FULL name twice in my life before. Once when I was ten and I told Bronx I hated him and once when I skipped school to go to the mall with Ashley after she got her driver’s license. I shrink back and soften my tone. “Dad, I’m not pregnant. W-we’re careful.”“I need you to be one hundred percent certain, Lenora.” He says with anger and disappointment mixed in his voice.I’m not sure what kind of answer he’s looking for more than a simple ‘no’. How detailed am I supposed to get? The more I say, the more likely he’s going to shift and go murder Marco before Bronx gets him to the packhouse. “A hundred percent certain? We use protection every ti
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Chapter 4
“Leni? It’s Ashley. Can I come in?” The soft knock on my bedroom door is unwelcome. Ashley isn’t the one I’m angry at, though. I roll over, staring at the door. Should I answer her? I guess I should. She knows I’m in here. “Come on, nerd. I brought you luu-unnnch… it’s a ham sandwich with diii-jjjoooon… on a crois-aaannnt.” Her voice gets higher pitched with a sing-song tone. “Carly snagged some jalapeno kettle chips, tooooo!” I can’t help but smile. Ashley loves making people happy. Of course, she would bring my favorite food. The fact that she got our friend Carly involved makes it that much more her style. “Come in, Ash.” I sit up and rub my eyes. They still feel puffy. My nose is completely stuffed and my throat is raw. Mom didn’t say a word to me when Dad dragged me into the apartment. She just stood by my bedroom with her arms crossed, glaring at me until I closed the door. She and Dad had a hushed conversation about what happened, and he left again. I didn’t really sleep a
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Chapter 5
— Flashback— “All of our intel shows they’re gathering traction with the propaganda they are feeding the locals in Eastern European villages. Larger packs are being influenced as well. We have to act now or war is imminent.” Daddy walks back and forth. He sounds angry. “Mama, why’s Daddy mad?” I pull on her shirt, but she doesn’t look at me. “Mike, you sent for the kids?” Mama interrupts him. He stops talking and gives Mama lovey dovey eyes. That’s what my big brother calls it. I bet if those old men weren’t here, Daddy would give Mama a big kiss. Then Bronx and I would say EEEWWWW! Then Daddy’s wolf would chase us away. “Gentlemen, you all know my Luna Regent, Sandy. Most of you have met my son Bronx, but only a few have met my daughter Lenora.” Daddy picks me up and kisses my cheek. I try to show him the picture I drawed of me and Mace, but he doesn’t look. “Say hello to the Elder Council, my sweet girl.” “Daddy! Loooook!” I hold my picture up higher. I don’t want to say hell
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Chapter 6
“Leni, time to wake up.” Mom rubs circles on my back through the covers. “Happy birthday, honey. I didn’t get to speak to you last night before Saint took you home. How do you feel?” “Sore.” I groan into my pillow. “That can happen after your first shift.” She tugs playfully on my ponytail. I hate when she tries to pretend everything is hunky dory when it’s not. She and Dad always preach telling the truth, but the last couple of days have shown me they hide the truth more than anyone I know. “Your wolf will heal you. I saw how beautiful her white and tan coat was when you shifted. What’s her name?” “Her name is Justice.” I lift my head and squint in the bright room. “What about my back?” “Ahh, what a wonderful name.” Mom quips, then pauses. “What about your back? What happened?” “Bronx pushed me and I hurt my tailbone yesterday. It still hurts.” “Well, I’m sure whatever happened with your brother was an accident.” She dismisses the incident. “It doesn’t matter if it was an ac
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Chapter 7
Milo’s eyes flash to black and Ghost growls dangerously. “Mate.” I suddenly feel like prey. I take a slow step back from the menacing wolf. Can I get in my room fast enough to close the door? As if he was reading my mind, he grabs my arm and yanks me to his chest. His razor-sharp claws grow out of Milo’s fingernails and dig painfully into my arm. He buries his nose into the crook of my neck, breathing in my scent. My feet are glued to the spot, but I want to run away. At the same time, I feel like I want to stay here with him. I want to be closer to him. What am I talking about? Marco Sanchez is supposed to be my mate. I hate Milo Stone and he's currently assaulting me! “MILO, STOP!” I cry out and push on his chest. “LET ME GO!” “Mmm.” Justice coos. “He’s so romantic.” “Justice, it’s not ROMANTIC! He’s ATTACKING ME! Do something!” I scream at her. “Say ‘mate’. He’ll calm down.” She muses, as if she is completely unaware that blood is pouring out of my arm. “You need to acc
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Chapter 8
Mom helps me into my room and lays me on my bed. I don’t think I could manage to do anything else, even if they ordered me to.I hear the howls of the pack saluting the warriors as they leave. I try to howl with them, but I can’t stop crying. I clutch my aching heart and whisper a prayer to the Moon Goddess to forgive me and to send my mate back safely.Ashley appears in front of my face. She’s even more of a mess than she was earlier.I lift the covers and she joins me, back in the faux safety of my duvet fortress. Justice and Zinnia sulk along with us. We stop pretending like we’re going to be okay and cry ourselves to sleep. Everyone leaves us alone. Someone knocks on the door around dinnertime. They slide a tray of food into the room, but don’t come inside. Ashley crawls out of bed and takes a few bites, then abandons it. She comes back to bed so we can console each other until we cry ourselves back to sleep.Justice wakes me up when Dad comes in the middle of the night. He kisses
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Chapter 9
“Lenora, this brownie is delicious. Are you sure you don’t want a bite?” Ashley mumbles with her mouth still full.“Bitch, you’re worried about a brownie right now?” I push open the garage access door. “I’m wondering how we’re going to figure out where Milo’s car is?”I have no clue where to begin because the pack garage is massive. Three levels are the entire footprint of the packhouse.“You mean YOUR car? He gave it to you as a gift.” She slows down and looks up and down the aisles. “What would he have bought you for your birthday if you weren’t mates?”“He wouldn’t have got me anything. I don’t think he even knows when my birthday is.” I shrug. “Before today, I’m sure I was just Bronx’s little sister. I’ve only ever thought of him as Bronx’s obnoxious friend.”“Let’s seeeee…” Ashley turns in a circle while she walks. “His parents are Betas, so it makes sense for it to be on the first floor? The second floor only has pack fleet cars. Then again, he was away for six months and he’s al
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Chapter 10
“ASHLEY! Hold on!” I grip the wheel tighter and swerve into the wrong lane to avoid the collision. There’s too much traffic. A minivan is going to hit us head on. I jerk back too soon. The front corner of the third police car hits Ashley’s door. Her window shatters into a million pieces. She screams and puts her arms up to protect her head. We bounce off the front of the cruiser and hit the side of the minivan. “Don’t stop, Lenora!” Justice commands. “Keep going!” I press my back into the seat and turn the wheel until I’m able to straighten out the car. When I have control again, I look in the rearview mirror. The two police cars that were chasing us are still close behind me. “Shit shit shit!” I look forward, focusing on not hitting any more cars. “Ashley, are you okay?” “I think so?” She looks up with blood trickling down her face. “Lenora? What happened? Are you okay?” Dad asks. “Dad, another police car just hit us! And I-I hit a car. I don’t know if they’re okay. What shou
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