I will never be yours

I will never be yours

By:  Melan pamp  Completed
Language: English
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After Selena was forced to leave Alpha Kian's kingdom for being his second chance mate she swore to never come back, leaving her family and friends behind. Without any other choice, she leaves the pack and has to survive on her own. With no pack or family to help her, she builds up her life. When fate one day interferes and she finds herself captured by the king's guards as an enemy and tossed in the castle's prison to be tortured. Can she escape without the King finding out his mate has come back to his kingdom, and keep her secrets hidden from him? When her life and the ones she cares about depend on her secrets. Is the King still the cold-hearted mate she once met a late night in the dark or has he changed?

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I Will Never Be Yours is a moving romance novel about the dynamics of meeting your soulmate but not losing yourself. Selena is a woman seeking independence from the clutches of her werewolf mate, the King of Alphas. She has all the reasons to leave. A second-choice mate is never the priority. Selena abandons everything to find freedom. And yet, she finds herself dragged back from where it all began. Will this second time be any different? Or is it written in her fate that she is forever the unlucky second-choice mate?

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170 Chapters
Chapter 1
Selenas povThe truck comes to a halt and my body rolls into someone else besides me, I'm too weak to move and can hardly open my eyes from the swelling in my face. Hearing some voices I know it's the king's men and I'm guessing we have arrived in his kingdom.The doors back in the truck open and I hear some screaming before bodies are dragged out of the truck, hands comes and grab me, lifting my body up and tossing me to the ground. I hit the hard concrete with a thud, biting my tongue to prevent myself from making any sound.I feel blood oozing out of my tongue and spit it out in front of me, blood pouring down my jaw. Trying to take in my surroundings with my ears, I know we were about fifteen people on the truck and I heard more than one truck when we arrived here."Get up on your feet rogue!" A guard stops by my body and kicks me in my stomach. All air leaves my body and I have to clutch my arms around my stomach in pain, trying to open my eyes I look around and in the corner of
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Chapter 2
Selena povI'm jolted awake by some cold water being thrown at me, I suck in some air into my lungs and try to move my arms and legs but every limb in my body hurts. Right now I'm nothing more than dead weight and all I can do is move my fingers." get up rogue whore !" I hear one of the guards yell at me and even if I wanted I can't get up. A foot come up and hit me in my stomach, the pain takes my breath away and I try to gasp for air." just pick her up and taker her to the room!" I hear another voice and my guess is they will take me to a torture room. The guard bends down and picks me up, I get tossed over his shoulder and I have no resistance in my body at all.I feel how my blood travels down to my face and the swelling only makes it hurt more. It starts to pulsate in my ears and I will faint if they don't let me down soon." place her in the chair and make sure she is properly fastened!" A voice boomed out and I feel his aura, I know he is a higher rank wolf and probably the b
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Chapter 3
Kian povWalking out of the room I get this feeling I need to go back to her, push the feeling aside and keep walking. something is off with her and we need to get to the bottom of it." What did you pick up about her?" My beta Declan asks me the moment we step out of the interrogation room." That's just it! I didn't pick up anything. She has no scent at all. " I tell him when we make our way down the hall." strange! She came in with the rogues we caught, none of the guards picked up anything different about her" he says when we come to the end of the hall, looking around almost every cell down here is occupied with rogues, we have been fighting off outside the kingdom. They have attacked our alliances and everyone is trying to find out what's going on here." find out who caught her and beat her up! I want to know the smallest detail!" I say to him before walking up the stairs." I will go and talk to the patrol who caught them!" He says and walks the other way once we come upstair
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Chapter 4
Selena povLaying on the hard floor in my cell I have no idea for how long I have been unconscious, I remember my mate squatting down in front of me, and later when the big bulky guy tossed me over his shoulder and carried me in here. When he threw me to the floor I just managed to try and shield my head but that was it. My body was already in a tremendous amount of pain so the impact on the floor didn't make things worse.I start to feel cold, I only got a shirt on me and nothing else. It's what I manage to put on before I ended up in the fight, I wasn't supposed to be there in the first place and right now I regret going there!This was another stupid mistake I've made, I got warned before I went over there but still couldn't resist going. I know if I make it back I will be hearing about this until the end of the day.I sigh and try to roll over to my left side, everything in my body hurts. I just hope the wolfsbane will leave my system so I can heal up a bit. Laying there I listen
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Chapter 5
Selena povI'm woken up what I guess is early in the morning by the top door being opened up and several heavy feet are walking down the stairs.Trying to move my mangled body I feel a bit better but far from healed up, if I could get a half day more I know there would be my chance to escape. I don't get that lucky when a guard stops by my door and turns the lock. Hearing him open the door and taking a big sniff in the air I feel fear running up my spine.Fuck! I bet my scent is coming back."Cannon you better come in here!" The guard says and now I know my time is about to run out." what's the problem?" Comes a deep voice and I recognize it as the man who interrogated me yesterday.I hear him sniffing the air before he walks inside and hovers over my body. I don't dare to open my eyes when I feel him grabbing my shirt and lifting me up. Jolting me upright" where the fuck are you from!" Comes his voice and I snap my eyes open to stare into his angry face. He is holding a tight grip
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Chapter 6
Kian povI was in my office when I got a mind link I needed to go down to the cells right away.Getting out of my office I headed over to the cells and are met by Declan and my father standing outside and talking.Walking by them I hear them coming behind me." what's wrong?" Declan asks" I just got a mind link I needed to go down here right away," I tell them and open the door down to the cells.It doesn't take me many steps before I smell this mouth-watering scent. Coming closer to a cell where a guard is standing outside and waiting, the scent is stronger.The moment he opens the door I recognize the scent and the chock I get when my eyes fall on her heavy beat up body on the floor and Cannon my gamma standing over her with blood oozing out of a wound on his chest.I hear her soft voice speaking and everyone around me gasps in shock when she reveals she's my mate.I keep standing there when she turns her head back and look up the sealing before I see her cough out blood and have a
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Chapter 7
Kian povI was left alone after everyone left my office, I know they are angry and I just let them be. I know none of them will see it from my point of view.I have been sitting in my office for the rest of the day and when evening came I decided to go up to my chambers and take a shower, need something to avert my mind from knowing she is inside the castle walls.When I leave my office her mouth-watering scent hits my nose and all I want is to go into her room, I start walking closer to her room and come to stand outside. Can't make myself open the door and walk inside." can't stay away from her?" Declan's voice comes to my ears and I sigh before turning around and seeing him leaning at the wall."Just wanted to know if she was alive!" I say and start walking up the stairs to my quarter. Hearing him walk behind me I just sigh, I know he will start to argue with me and try to have me change my mind.Opening the door to my bedroom and walking inside I hear him close the door after him
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Chapter 8
Selena povI hear a steady beeping from far away and try to take in my surroundings. Where am I?I hear more than one machine and it smells like disinfection and blood. Trying to wiggle my fingers I feel every finger and they have healed up, moving my body I still haven't any feeling of my body below my waist. Nothing happens when I try to move.Did he break it beyond repair? I can't move my toes at all!Fear starts to creep up my spine, I need to heal up properly. Searching for my wolf but still feel cut off from her, whatever they have been giving me into my system hasn't gone out.I sigh and try to keep calm, my head hurts and it only gets worse if I'm upset.Slowly opening my eyes I try to adjust my vision to the darkness.How long have I been unconscious?Everything is dark around me! Taking a big inhail his scent hits my nose and I know I'm not alone in this room.Slowly turning my head and scanning the room with my eyes I don't see him at first. I hear a deep growl from the oth
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Chapter 9
Kian povI can't believe how stubborn my little mate is, she rather crawls her way over to the bathroom than takes my help.Looking at her in pain on the floor I sigh and pull her body into my lap. I can't have her like this! I need answers from her!She tries to fight me off but there isn't much she can do, even if I like her feisty mood. She is still small, not bigger than a child in my arms. Taking my hand over her nose and cutting off her air her eyes shoot up and look at me, I guess she knows what I plan to do."No! No! Let me go" she screams to me. I just ignore her.Biting on my wrist I see panic in her eyes and she growls at me. I would love to see what she would try to do if she were healed up.Taking my wrist to her mouth she closes her lips and I just wait for her to run out of oxygen. She scratches me on my face but nothing she does can get me off her.It doesn't take long before she has to open her mouth and my blood starts to pour down her throat. I feel how she starts t
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Chapter 10
Selena povI can't believe what he did! His blood in my system is the last thing I want.Hearing when the nurse and the other man which I guess is his beta walks out of the room and leave me alone with him. I sigh and lay my head down on the pillow, waiting for him to start interrogating me, I know it will come!Right now all I want is to take a hot shower, I guess the nurse cleaned me up when I was brought in here unconscious and dressed me in a shirt. But I feel dirty anyway.Hearing him slowly walking closer to me I just lay there and wait. He stops by the bed and I feel his presence right next to me."Where are you from?" He says and I just sigh. This question again!" from here! If you have forgotten" I snap at him, only for his hand to come up to my chin and hold a firm grip on me."Open your eyes!" He growls out to me and I open them to find his face right next to mine."Do you want me to get my Gamma back in here to continue what he did before?" He threatens me and I just keep
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