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You don't realize what a precious thing you have until it's far gone. Throughout human history, people have experienced the phenomenon of valuing something only after it has been lost. The emotion triggered by loss can lead to a newfound application for what was once taken for granted. We often recognize the value of something only in its absence. The same thing happened with Zade Meadows. He's a dangerously handsome and well-known Alpha with a multi-millionaire empire. Who is not only famous in the werewolf world but also in the business world too. He has everything a person could ask for, Wealth, money, power, respect, a huge pack, and a loving wife. He's the apple of his wife's eye and means the world to her. Liliana Spencer is the fated mate of Zade and the entire pack's beloved Luna. But Zade loved someone else who came back into their life destroying their marriage. He lets go of Liliana after finding his long-lost love after four years only to realize he doesn't love his lover anymore but his ex-wife. But it was too late to realize as she just disappeared from his life like she never existed. Three years later, she came back with another man, and that too with a different identity and aura. What will happen next? Will she give him a second chance or not?

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Delinda Schumacher
That makes the cost of reading this book around $30.00 us dollars
2024-05-29 07:40:53
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Cheyanne Henry
I love this book so far but as a HA fan I can't help but picture Zade Meadows as this Zade Meadows ...
2024-04-10 01:01:31
user avatar
Maata Karena
This pulls out all the emotions, anger, sadness, hurt, pain, betrayal, frustration, jealousy etc I couldn't put it down had to keep reading, wondering about the twists and tuns, will she marry
2024-03-26 22:09:32
default avatar
Great storyline so far!
2024-02-20 14:47:36
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Ola Aleksandra
book has a potential but sometimes the facts are not the same, and story is changed, situations are different
2024-05-16 15:30:36
user avatar
It's supposed to be a werewolf story, but no werewolves around ...
2024-02-23 18:08:29
default avatar
I really wanted to like this book, but the writing is not great, which makes it difficult to follow.
2024-04-28 10:34:57
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Gayle Ecklund
This story would read more easily if the author would edit it and correct first person and third person povs. Hard to follow when sentences are written in both povs.
2024-03-05 09:25:16
default avatar
Kate Honey Di
I don’t understand will they have a happy ending with Alec alive… will the truth come out
2024-04-01 10:09:24
124 Chapters
The sky was covered by the dark clouds. Outside the window, thunder rumbled, with heavy rain pouring down. The atmosphere in the room was erotogenic yet subdued. "Let's Divorce.Liliana Spencer looked at the man sitting majestically on his chair with a hard face and cold eyes. She was leaning against the wall and asked in a hoarse voice, "Zade…."The man's voice was clear and cold as he responded, "What's the matter?"His cold response gave a whack on her heart very heart but she controlled herself from breaking down before hearing his reply. "Did you ever feel anything for me even for a moment?" Zade lifted his eyes and stared at her blankly."Never. What's the point of asking such a question when you already know the answer yourself." Those words were worse than being stabbed a thousand times. Before Liliana could say anything, Zade got up to leave the room. He stood in the doorway, looking somewhat condescendingly at Liliana. "I was thinking we could spend the last night in pe
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1. Eclipse On The Full Moon
LILIANA SPENCER…..A smile broke into my lips as I looked at the reflection before me in the mirror. The face looking back at me was flawless and so beautiful. It left me speechless. Lucy, Noah, and Cassie were smiling at me."You are smiling all the way to your eyes, my Luna." Cassie, my personal maid said, holding a mischievous smile on her face."Is it really me?" Pointing my finger at the mirror I asked Cassie to confirm that I wasn't hallucinating."Yes. It's really you, Luna" Noah, Beta Killian’s sister, gave me the response while grinning ear to ear."Now tell me how it is?" Lucy, my makeup artist asked me, pushing Cassie aside."It's beautiful," I told her from my heart. I didn't expect that from her."Now it's time to get dressed now." Saying that Lucy pushed me to my dressing room. I put on my red gown which was off-shoulder with a long slit from the front. My long slim white leg will be exposed when I walk. I came out from my dressing room and Cassie helped me to wear my g
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2. Return Of His Ex
LILIANNA SPENCER……I stared at the woman clinging onto Zade. She was indeed looking very innocent and beautiful. While dressed in a white and gold evening gown, her beautiful black hair was straightened and hung loosely on her back. She had minimal makeup on her face which made her look like a fairy. But when did she come back?“Look, Luna Liliana. Now your marriage is also at stake. Better you tighten your rope before he slips away from your clutch. It is not too late yet. Don't let others take what is yours. Be careful.” Saying that Luna Athena walked away toward the bar. ‘How am I supposed to hold him back when I could never make him mine even after four years of our marriage? Let alone making him mine. I was not able to bring a smile to his lips. Now look how happy he is with his love. His long lost love.’ Zade's eyes locked with mine as I was looking at them even Gianna noticed me and flashed a smile my way. Leaving Zade she approached me. I was confused about how to react. “
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3. Divorce
LILIANA SPENCER…..I let Killian take me out of the venue to the car. All the way tears kept streaming down my eyes. “Lily, don't take his word to your heart. You know he's hot-tempered. And will always spout nonsense in anger. He didn't mean that.” Killian tried to console me. But there was no word that would make me feel good. “Killian. I know Zade more than anyone else. And remember one thing people always don't spout nonsense in anger. Sometimes people speak the truth in anger, what they can't say normally and keep inside their hearts. So, never take the words said in anger lightly.” Killian didn't say anything after that and guided me to the car and held the door open for me. I got into the car and settled in the backseat. I watched him walk over to the trunk and he came back in a minute holding a first aid box in his hand.“You burned your hands in order to save Gianna. Still not asking for ointment. Are you a fool!” Killian scolded me rightfully, taking my hand in his apply
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LILIANA SPENCER“Let's Divorce.” His words gave a whack on my heart with a thorny lash. There were no emotions in his eyes when he said those painful words to me. My heart clenched painfully making it hard for me to breathe. The tears that were forming in my eyes fell helplessly. “Is it…. because of Gi….Gianna?” My voice broke down even though I was holding my fist in a firm grip to stop myself from breaking down. “It's nothing like that. It's good for both of us. We both are tied in a meaningless relationship. A relationship cannot survive with one-sided efforts. You have been trying your best to save our marriage life. When I could not move on from my past. You deserve better, Lily. I don't want you to suffer anymore.” I kept silent. My heart was fragile and breakable, yet he still had the guts to tear my worth apart. How can he be sure, I will be happy away from him? I was happy thinking that he was beside me even though he didn't love me. I opened my mouth to say something bu
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5. Gracelynn is Back
LILIANA SPENCER…..I never thought our marriage would end up like this. I really believed I could make a place in his heart. As he has a big heart of gold. I still remember that day, four years ago, at the coffee shop where I used to work, I accidentally spilled cold coffee on a customer because a customer bumped into me from behind. But that hot-tempered person, despite me asking for forgiveness several times, was not convinced and in anger, he took hot coffee from a waiter and threw it at my face. But before it could land on my face someone stood before me saving me from burning. When I looked up I met with his forest-green eyes which were looking back at me. I was mesmerized by his beautiful eyes. The man was tall and well-built. He had a perfect jawline and his hair was combed meticulously. His every move was graceful and calm. His brows were arched together in concern. And he asked me, “Are you alright?” An icy-cold voice came out of his throat. It was low and hoarse and i
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6. Meet His Ex
THREE YEARS LATER……The night was still young and many luxurious cars and reporters geared up with cameras and equipment at the gate to the Royal Phoenix Hotel. The Royal Phoenix Hotel was the most prominent in D.C. It had gabled roofs, large bay windows, and decorative sculptures. The interior was similarly designed. The Golden Wing Age Group was hosting a party here tonight and had invited the business tycoons of D.C. to the event. A black Benz pulled over before the hotel. The Miller family was one of the Mighty Three, the top three most reputable families in D.C. Their financial power and Influence were undrivable in D.C.“It's Alec Lightwood. Alec Lightwood is here.” Loud cheering sounds came from reporters and they rushed over with their cameras. Alec Lightwood stepped out his feet from his car on the red carpet elegantly. He was dressed in an all-black suit while wearing his charming smile on his. After him, a gorgeous woman dressed in a Royal Red gown got out of his car.
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7. Her New Avatar stunned everyone!
ZADE MEADOWS……I woke up to the constant ringing of my phone. The moment I opened my eyes I felt a rush of pain in my head forcing me to clutch my head between my palms. I felt my head pounding nevertheless, I looked for my phone which was still ringing on the bedside table. I swiped the answer button without looking at the screen. “Hello!” “Zade, something big has happened. Someone had purchased the company shares in large quantities. The buyer now owned 51% of the company shares. Now that person is the Major shareholder of the company who can be a threat to your position.” I froze in my place. My headache became worse hearing the news. “Who is the Buyer?” “G.M.”“That's it.”“We could not find out the full name. But don't worry he will come to the shareholder meeting at 11. So please, get yourself together and come to the office.”“Yeah, I will be there. But this headache is killing me.” I groaned. “I know you have a hangover after what you did last night. But whatever you did
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8. Regretful Zade
GRACELYNN MILLER…..Zade’s face was worth watching when he saw me walking into the meeting room. And his jaw almost touched the floor when he heard my real name. “Is there a joke going on here.” Zade’s chair fell back when he stood up with a jerk roaring like a mad bull. I had to close my eyes because of the high-pitched sound. “Liliana, what's all of this? It's not a soap opera but my office. You can't play a drama here.” I took a deep breath to calm myself then I snapped my head at him. He looked really pissed. ‘If you are like this now then how will you react when I take over your company?’ I wanted to laugh my butt off thinking about his reaction. “Mr. Meadows, what made you think that I'm making a drama here?” I raised my brow at him. “And if you forget who are you talking to right now so rudely then let me remind you, that I'm the Major shareholder of your company. You can't disrespect me like this. I will not stand it. I know, you must be shocked after discovering all of
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9. Shocked to the core!
GRACELYNN MILLER……He was a jerk and always will be a jerk. How could he hurt me again? He's hurting the same place again and again. When he apologised to me first I thought he had changed. But he proved me wrong the next moment when he said I trapped Alec for a better life. So it was clear from his side he thinks of me as a money-minded gold-digger girl who is after money. And I had chosen to marry him for the greed of money. He thinks so low of me. I don't understand what I had seen in him back then to fall in love with a jerk like him. I think I was blind back then.“Hey!” I halted on my track when Beta Killian stopped in front of me on the ground floor. “Good to see you again. Welcome back. I don't know what to call you now, Gracelynn or Liliana.” Killian sounded cheerful. So I flashed him a smile. “I wish I could say the same to you. I'm not happy to see you. And yeah, you can go with Gracelynn. That Liliana you used to know, died long ago. So there is no need to recall her any
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