ARIES: A Secluded Love

ARIES: A Secluded Love

By:  Crimson  Ongoing
Language: English
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Luxy Galledo is happily engaged to one of the well-known real estate businessmen. It was only an arrangement but she was willing for he has a good reputation. That was what she thought, not until she found out how playboy that man is. One dinner night, a photo of a girl and her fiancé in bed came to her, instead of the man. That made her entertain the handsome waiter flirting with her that night while she was waiting for her date. They got drunk and she even gave herself to the handsome stranger waiter that night. And that’s how everything was ruined, including the reputation that she was maintaining. Soon, she found herself running away and falling in love with her knight in shining armor, Bron. Little does she know, Bron was not just a handsome waiter she met on a one-night stand.

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Ann Gela
I think this is catchy! Author, you gotta keep goin'
2023-05-19 05:55:45
user avatar
I just started this book and it was good. Author, when will this continue?
2023-05-14 10:13:27
8 Chapters
PROLOGUEHE WHO ASKED ME TO DANCETEN years ago.“Luxy. Will you dance with me tonight at the freshmen night?”Luxy felt her cheeks burning in embarrassment when Melody, her friend, read aloud what was written on the sticky note attached to the door of their next subject. She could bet that her blush on makeup was defeated.She was known to be bold and brave because of the way she dresses up. Miniskirts were her pet faves on her every single day. She has a bunch of stilettos that could stab like knives if used as a weapon, and she can use them like a model walking in a runway.Some of their university schoolmates even gossip about her being a slut because of how she dresses up. And she never gives any damn thing about those. She will never let those things behind her back to ruin her college life. Besides, no one knows the real her, aside from Melody and Adela who have been her friends since high school.Her hands simply lowered the skirt and adjusted her high heels before walking tow
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CHAPTER 1A NIGHT TO REMEMBERTEN years later.LUXY can't decide what to wear for tonight. She has also changed several gowns and dresses and are now scattered on both her mattress and the floor of her very room. She'll be having a dinner date with Nash, her fiancé, that's why she needs to look good.Her heart shape lips moved on one wide as looked at herself in the mirror with the red wood colored long gown that could expose her bare back. It took her almost an hour to fix her make up and pin up her curly hair.Their family driver drove her to the classy restaurant in their city of San Andres.“You look gorgeous. I am sure Nash will fall for you even more,” her mother, the wife of the Governor, said as she took his way out of their big house.She sat at the back of the car as her eyes watched around to the buildings that stood in the place that her father governs.San Andres was not just a city of prosperity and fame. It was a city with one of the most advance when it comes to econom
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CHAPTER 2 THE ESCAPE THE sun was peeking through the white curtain of the pure white hotel room and it woke Luxy up. Her head hurts really bad as well as her body. The cold sensation of the air conditioner mounted on that very room made her stretch up and glided her bare body on the soft sheet of the queen-sized bed. When she realized that all the pain she was feeling at that time was because of what happened last night, she immediately sat up and looked around. Trying to remember what exactly happened is giving her a migraine. She heard a guy groan beside her. She looks at him and there she finds a guy sleeping. She could see his bare lean back that has a tattoo of a unique design of a symbol that some people know. That made her look at her body covered only by a white sheet. She was naked! There was no clothes, no long gown, no underwear. She is completely bare from head to foot. "No! This can't be. This is not happening," she uttered in her mind. She has to get away. That was
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CHAPTER 3 RUNAWAY LUXY'S heart had never pounded this hard before. This man was the waiter who went on her table that night and there is a big chance that it was also the man she slept with. This man could be that Aries. She tried to remember it and she can see the likeness of the two. "You were the waiter, right?" He nodded slowly, almost unsure if that was the right way to respond. "You were a waiter," she said. Once again, he nodded the same way as his answer to the first question. She looked down the suit attire he was wearing. By the looks of it, the suit was definitely a branded one. "And you look like someone who owns a business right now." "A businessman?" "Yeah," she said, nodding. "A businessman," she repeated, and looked into his charming eyes. "I guess I was just promoted," he stated in an almost asking tone of voice. "Really? That fast?” She was still in doubt. “What was your name again?" she asked, waiting for confirmation. Her heart beats like she was in a ra
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CHAPTER 4 THE INTRUDER “WHAT took you so long?” asked his brother. Bron took his seat and said, “Something just happened.” He took a sip from his wine glass to shut his own mouth. He could not say that he just encountered the woman he just spent a night with, a few days ago. It was unexpected to see her after that. And what could be more surprising is that he just found out that she got broke up with her jerk ex and is now, running away from their home. He knew the first time he saw Luxy that she was the daughter of the Governor. But he never knew that she got a unique personality. She even offered the value of the ring just to ask for his help. But he did not accept it. He removed the ring from his pocket and handed her back, before going back to their meeting room. His brother, Rojann, crumpled his forehead and whispered, “Is it a woman?” Bron just replied with a smirk and took a sip again. He looked around the room with men of decent suits. “So, where were we again?” And th
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CHAPTER 5 AND WE DID IT TWICE (R18 WARNING! This chapter may contain explicit words and mature content. Read at your own risk.) She never felt so nervous in her entire life. Luxy stepped back as the man before her, moved towards her. Her back even hit the clothes inside that cabinet where she hides herself a while ago upon hearing Bron came into his room. She looked up to see those dangerous gazes that gave her a tingling sensation on her nape. “You’re in my room, sweetheart. I think that could give me a right to do anything I like.” Her eyes shifted on him from one to the other. She could read that he was stating the truth. “Before you came and trespass into my lair, have you thought of how dangerous it is?” he asked in his deep voice. She shook her head slowly, without breaking her stares at him. “You’re a woman. I’ve warned you.” “You won’t touch me.” “Hmm. How sure of you with that?” he asked and chuckled. He moved his head near her neck. She almost gasped when a wet
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CHAPTER 6HOME SWEET HOMEBron opened his eyes to the sound of the waves. After that, a knock was heard from the door of his cabin. Groaned and wanted to feel the soft sheets for a couple more minutes, but the knock was there once again.He got up off the bed, half-naked. If that is what you can describe with him wearing only his boxers. He is never ashamed of the well-built muscles and muscular frame he had. In fact, women dig those stubborn carves on his body.With messy hair that he did not bother to comb even with his fingers, he opened the door.“Hey. Your phone’s off, so, I came here personally. You did have a great time that you woke up late?” Rojann asked.“Ahmm. Yeah. What time is it anyway?”“We’re about to dock. Be prepared. Tonight’s the last party our brother, Kristoff, as single. And I am just reminding you.”“Yeah, sure.” Bron cleared his throat.“We are in charge of the drinks. Damn, we are going to knock that jerk til dawn.” Rojjan excitedly said.Bron nodded. But he
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CHAPTER 7SAVING A GIRLFRIEND“What did the old man tell you?” asked Rojjan to him.Bron just got out of their library.“D*mn,” he mumbled.“Anything about the family? The transaction?”“Well, I’m about to be f*cked up.”“Spill the beans.” Eagerness is shown on his brother’s face.“I’m getting married next,” he mumbled.“Whoa.”“Father set me up with a woman I don’t even know,” Bron mentioned as he started his car.“That’s the curse of being the eldest in our family. You will be next in line head but in exchange for your freedom.”“I don’t know.” Bron massaged his nape. “I agreed already that I will meet whoever that is.”“You should have told him you got a girlfriend. Who knows he might consider changing his deal with the other party. Like Kristoff and Sam,” suggested Rojjan.That gave him the idea. He should find that girl so he could have a chance to escape what they set up for him. But he did already set her free. He even said that they should part ways.Maybe he could ask someone
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