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He will live forever, hunting the undead…. Aaron McReynolds is born in an Ireland where vampires reign and humans rely on secret pacts to keep themselves safe from the ones they dare not speak of. When those promises fail, he takes it upon himself to do whatever it takes to protect his family from the monsters that haunt Killarney. Transforming into a Guardian gives Aaron enormous power, but it also comes with a price. Live forever, but never rest; seek out those who would destroy mankind and terminate them. Discovering the one he loves most of all has turned, Aaron is faced with the ultimate question. Can he destroy her in order to save humanity? Follow Aaron’s journey through the ages as he and his team of Guardians and Hunters take on legendary creatures of the night such as Jack the Ripper and Dracula himself. He’s there when the Titanic flounders and for the bombing of Pearl Harbor--and so are the vampires. A Vampire Hunter’s Tale is a new series based on The Clandestine Saga. Fans of the series will love learning the origins of their favorite characters. If you haven’t read The Clandestine Saga but love alternative history interlaced with bloodsuckers, then Aaron is the book for you!

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Gold Daniels
Incredible story
2021-04-03 05:22:56
56 Chapters
Chapter 1
Killarney, Ireland, 1837Voices from beneath the loft, off in the corner by the hearth, awoke him, and Aaron stilled himself to see if he could tell exactly what his mother and granddad were talking about. They were whispering, but in his eight years, he’d become an excellent eavesdropper. Though his older sisters and brother snored next to him on the mat they shared, he was closest to the ladder, and so he could easily lean just a bit over the edge, and with some concentration, make out what the hushed voices were saying.“That makes half a dozen this week,” his mother, Bree, was saying as she leaned in next to the elderly man who sat in a rickety chair next to her. Her hair was a dark auburn, curly, and unkempt. Though she was only in her late thirties, she looked tired. Her face was gaunt, and her shoulders stooped, even when she wasn’t leaning forward as she was now. Birthing six children and taking care of the four that survived pa
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Chapter 2
Killarney, Ireland, 1840Kian O'Braonain was the best friend anyone in the world could ever have. He could run as fast as lightening, climb like a cat, and hit a bird with a stone from twenty yards. While Aaron seldom had a chance to play with his friend now that he was older and had more responsibility, his Ma usually didn’t mind if he walked home with Kian after mass, and the boys would spend several hours running around the base of Torc Mountain, tossing stones in the lake, or running through the village scaring the chickens and the cows.Today was a bit different. Last night, there had been several taken from various homes around Killarney, and though the village was rather large as such towns went, the numbers were starting to dwindle. Not only were people being taken in the night by the Dark Ones, rumor had it that some of those who had been claimed were members of the Order, ones that were supposed to be left alone according to the agreement. Aaro
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Chapter 3
Over the next several days, the Dark Ones went on a spree that left many homes missing loved ones, a few of whom would return in nights to come to other homes nearby to make their own claims. And as each day went by, Aaron became more and more concerned, not just about the welfare of his own family and Kian’s but of Aislyn’s as well.One afternoon, while working next to his granddad to clean the potatoes they’d just gathered, he decided to broach the one topic he was forbidden to discuss. At this point, it seemed like it just might be a matter of life or death.“Granddad, can I ask you a question?” he asked as he brushed the sod from the brown vegetable.“I think you just did,” his granddad replied, smiling at him through several missing teeth.Aaron laughed only slightly at his grandfather’s attempt at humor. His heart was heavy. “I mean, I’d like to ask you a question, though I’m afraid y
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Chapter 4
Killarney, Ireland, 1846Aislyn was standing next to the well, the one that most townsfolk used to water their animals when they were out on the commons as her family’s sheep were now. Though he had no animals and no reason to be congregated near the watering hole, he realized he was approaching, and there was nothing he could do to prevent himself from doing so.At fifteen, she was just as lovely as ever. Her hair was longer still, and she almost always wore it in a single braid down her back, though he still liked it best free and billowing in the wind. She had the loveliest green eyes and the kindest smile. Her porcelain skin looked soft and creamy, and though he’d never run the back of his hand down her cheek, he’d imagined doing so would feel like touching fine silk linen.He’d taken to speaking to her whenever he could, and he was beginning to think perhaps she fancied him, though he knew she couldn’t be nearly as fon
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Chapter 5
It seemed like a thousand years passed before Sunday finally arrived, and while Genty was nearly as excited for Aaron to attend the cross-roads event as he was himself, his mother seemed apprehensive. With Channing off with his new wife and Genty promising she’d only stay at home as long as Aaron was there, Bree seemed in no hurry to see her youngest off and wed.He wouldn’t go far, though. His granddad had arranged for him to rent a plot of land a bit closer to the mountain but within easy walking distance to his mother’s home. The land would need cleared, which would take time and effort, but everyone would join in building a new home and removing the rocks and other debris; in Killarney, they each took care of one another the best they could.“Look at you!” Genty exclaimed as Aaron made his way outside to meet her. “You’ve pressed your trousers and patched your shirt!”Aaron shrugged as if he didn’t feel t
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Chapter 6
The fiddler had been joined by a drummer and harpist, and the first song was a joyful jig. As they began to do the steps together in sync, the rest of the dancers melted away, and Aaron found himself entranced by those green eyes and jubilant smile. The touch of her hand, the feel of her in his arms, the way she twisted and turned, had him completely enthralled, and as the night wore on, he wondered why he had never attended the cross-roads before. Aislyn was an angel, floating around him on gossamer wings, and he felt as if he were the luckiest lad in all of Ireland, perhaps the world, to have the honor to be her partner for the evening.Though others had tried to come betwixt them, the only time they left each other’s side was when the set called for it, and even then, Aaron kept his eyes interlocked with hers, only losing sight of her in a turn now and again. There were other young men who clearly had their eyes on the lithe beauty, but he was certain now that Aislyn
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Chapter 7
Nothing seemed out of place in the nightscape around them. There were a few trees and bushes, but nothing peered out from behind them, and the clearing on either side of the road seemed unthreatening as well.“What was that?” Aislyn asked. Aaron could feel her heart beating so quickly it reverberated in his own chest.“I’m not sure,” he managed. “Hopefully, whatever it was, it keeps its distance.”“Do you think it was a…”He cut her off, “Don’t say it, Aislyn,” he warned her, looking into her green eyes, which were narrowed in fright.She nodded in understanding, fully aware that many believed speaking of them aloud would bring them in. “We should go.”Aaron agreed, and as wonderful as the evening had been, he would feel much better once Aislyn was in her home where at least she would be indoors and probably safer. He wrapped his arm around her shoulde
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Chapter 8
The walk home shouldn’t have been long, but he was reveling in his thoughts and the memory of her body pressed against his. It was almost impossible to believe that Aislyn had agreed to marry him. How had he become so fortunate to have the most beautiful lass in the world as his own?Soon enough, he found himself standing outside of his own door, and he realized he was also quite lucky that nothing had snuck up on him out of the shadows as he made his way home since he was paying absolutely no mind to his surroundings and would have been an easy target should anything, earthly or other worldly, chosen to claim him.He was still soaring when he quietly opened the door. However, he needn’t thought of disrupting his family members’ sleep, as all three of them were up, and clearly something was not right. Genty sat in a chair near the unlit fireplace, her mother on the floor beside her, holding her hand while Granddad stood behind her, his hands pressing
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Chapter 9
Killarney, Ireland, 1847The potatoes were nothing but black mush. He’d spent hours tilling the ground, removing the rocks, tending the soil, planting the seeds, and now, all he had to show for it was a handful of black death. While he’d had the forethought to plant a few other crops as well, the potatoes were the only way they had to make any money, and with the little home the villagers had helped them build at the end of last year when he and Aislyn had tied the knot, needing a bit of repair already, he could have used the money. Now, it would be nearly impossible to even buy seed for next year’s planting.“What you got, lad?” Kian called, stepping through his acreage to Aaron’s. “All rot?’“Yes,” Aaron assured him. “Nothing but stink and filth. You?”“The same,” Kian nodded, his hands resting on his hips. “Shannon will have a conniption when she hears.&r
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Chapter 10
There were a few locations in town where one might seek out knowledge, but the best place was the tavern, and so they decided to try their luck there. Despite the early hour, the doors were open, and more than a few citizens gathered inside, their complaints and worries reaching the ears of the newcomers before they’d fully stepped inside.Many spoke of the rotten potatoes, how there was no end in sight, how the Englishmen refused more than a token show of help, and how the Irish were left to starve or forced to move away. Only a few hinted at the rising death toll in the village attributed to the others, and no one dared speak those words. One man, who’d clearly been there for quite a while, was crying about the death of his son just a few days earlier, and while his friends attempted to console him, it was the mead that began to quiet him after some time.“There’s nothing that can be done, then, to save the crop?” Kian was asking a group
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