Abducting The Mafia Romance Author

Abducting The Mafia Romance Author

By:  Aysel Inara  Completed
Language: English
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Aysel Saat, a struggling webtoonist gets kidnapped by a powerful man on her date with her newly found crush. One mysterious name which could shake up the whole Europe _ Triple E boss. The man was unknown but the intimate touch between her thighs felt familiar. "W- what do you want from me?" She quivered while questioning him. "My dear, you have committed a big mistake by depicting me as an incompetent man, who couldn't even satisfy his woman." He trailed thumb on his lips as something evil flickered in his sharp silver orbs. "I want you to experience the truth, to write it accurately." Ekai stepped forward towards the wrist tied woman. (Completed) - Check out, Alpha's Wrong Mate Mark

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ghost the gray
writen beautufully, with an interesting start, but a little too narrative for me, getting hooked on the 1st chapter and will be back for more :D
2022-07-04 12:08:01
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I rarely read books in GN since it takes my attention off of my books, but this just caught my attention. Looking forward for this one.
2021-05-12 21:50:39
68 Chapters
Prior Notice/ Must Read
Here are a few things to put you at ease (mainly confusions and insights). Moreover, the beginning chapters are longer to keep you hooked and to let you decide easily. • Insights: 
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Rich Shark Reading W*****n
Chicago●She's not the usual type with ponytails  Spouting lovely and narrating puny tales Holding booze, whip, taking a naughty sip Seductively cooking, stirring the mushroom tip
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Seemingly Perverted Triple E boss
Aysel whispered to herself in utter nervousness because this was the first time the triple E boss had visited the company and she could not wake up earlier. The anxious lady walked towards the arcade and the loud unorganised tick sound of her black heels was audible enough to indicate that she was done for the day. "Come on. Come on!" Pressing the elevator button she was getting impatient for its arrival, Aysel glanced at the end of the corridor thinking that whether she should take the stairs or not.
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Don't Touch Devil's Woman
'W- what is he doing?' Aysel Saat was taken aback with his advancements that she could not bring herself to retort. A battle was initiated between her heart and brain causing an endless storm of questions.'Why is Owen not doing anything?' Sure enough, like every Cinderella she also wanted the knight to save her from the beast, who was bravely coming to get her but perhaps Mr Owen was not in position to revolt.
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Kazen MacNarma aka Aysel Saat
[Somewhere in Russia]Meanwhile Aysel Saat was having trouble in dealing with the newly risen issue, she wanted Ekai to clear up the misunderstandings so that she could have Owen back; someone was having other thoughts regarding the lady.
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Future Carving Kissing Scene
Ekai Enzo lifted his head up and snapped open his dazzling orbs which had a glint of a mischievous expression, the man detached his back from the chair and responded to the woman in a frosty tone.
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Page Turner Erotic Scene 1 (18+)
"Erm...so, the scene after editing should be-"
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Page Turner Erotic Scene 2 (18+)
'Fuck! No, no. This is not going in a right direction.'
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Removing The fingerprints And Lipstick
●Next Morning● Aysel Saat stood in front of the soaring glass building with a stern expression worn over her face, she cast a thoughtful look at the building precisely on the certain floor which gave her goosebumps. 
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Skylar Kisses Ekai
●Australia● Ekai Enzo Enrique crept out of the car with a smirk and a proud  smile which had put a charismatic aura around him, sure enough the man had already had a reputation of being the most desirable bachelor. 
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