Accidentally Marked By The Alpha King

Accidentally Marked By The Alpha King

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Harlyn thought her life would finally change for the better after a night with the alpha king who marked her, claiming her to be his. If only she knew what awaited her. She was supposed to be a quick lay, to satisfy his urge but it felt so good to be with her that he lost his senses for a moment and sank his fangs into her neck, marking her and accidentally claiming her as his. But he couldn’t keep her, she was of no use to him socially, she was a lonely orphan who wasn’t able to fully transform after she turned eighteen and therefore had no place in his elite life. He was the alpha king and he could only pick a mate that matched his status. There was only one thing to do. Reject her. That didn’t play out like he had imagined. And just like that, a whole new journey begins for the both of them.

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Moni Begum
day by day it's become more Interesting ......️...️
2024-07-11 17:58:34
user avatar
Moni Begum
I'm feeling that Harlyn's sister will be Alpa Hillan's Mate ......
2024-07-02 01:15:07
user avatar
Chichi Onyeyiri
Very interesting. love it
2024-06-07 01:23:17
user avatar
Rosemary Jojo Kallukaran
nice and twisty
2024-05-24 04:19:43
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
60 chapters 5-20-24
2024-05-20 22:58:31
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Jennifer Hendrick
Love this story
2024-05-15 09:33:23
user avatar
Moni Begum
the chapter is Amazing ... ...
2024-05-05 00:55:55
user avatar
this novel is so interesting
2024-04-23 05:04:39
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I’m enjoying this thoroughly, I need to find out what happens next
2024-04-20 11:52:43
user avatar
Tasha Maslinski
love it it is amazing
2024-05-12 21:07:00
138 Chapters
Chapter 1
Harlyn I rushed down towards the main palace in fear of what might become of me. I made a mistake today and it might lead to me either getting scolded which would be the lesser punishment for what I did or getting sent to the dungeon to receive at least ten lashes of cane. It was a horrific experience that I never wanted to happen to me. That's why I always made sure to do all my work on time and make sure to answer as soon as I am called but today, I made a mistake. I was called to the king’s chamber but before I could go, Princess Sophie, the alpha king’s younger stepsister called me and made me wash her feet which took longer than I expected. I thought she would at least tell her brother that she was the one that requested for me but she didn’t say anything and now I am going to face a very angry alpha king. Alpha Benardo is the alpha of the crimson moon pack and is known to be ruthless and unforgiven. Not only was he an alpha but he was king too. Many years ago, his forefathers
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Chapter 2
Harlyn “Your Highness,”I managed to say. He looked at me, maybe trying to figure out who I was. I couldn’t say anything else as his hazel eyes searched mine. I was drowning in those eyes. He was beautiful. I knew this was the only time I would ever be this close to him so I let my eyes wander around his handsome face. Taking every feature of his godlike face in and marveling at how someone could be so beautiful. “Harlyn? Are you there? Hey?”I came back from the trance his heavenly face had sent me to and heard him calling out my name. He knew my name. “Your Highness,”I managed to say. He finally let me go and I put a distance between us to enable me to think. “You called for me,”I said while bowing down. my hands were shaking. This was the closest I had ever been to the king. “I called you hours ago, why are you just showing up?”I felt the fear rise in me as he spoke. “I, I, I am sorry my king, I was doing other chores,”“What chores are more important than coming to see me
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Chapter 3
HarlynI couldn’t think straight anymore and my wolf wasn’t helping either, she was so ready to give in. If she could come out, this was the moment that she would have shown up because she was fighting so hard to surface. I sucked in a breath as he pulled me closer to himself and his lips landed on mine in a hungry, wild, uncontrollable, and uncultured manner, feeding at my mouth and demanding entrance. I opened my mouth and his tongue entered my mouth and our tongues danced together. This was my first real kiss in the twenty-something years of my life, the only time I had kissed someone before was when I was seventeen and it had ended horribly, now the alpha king was doing a good job erasing the horrible first kiss experience and replaying it with a steamy memory of the pressure of his mouth on mine as his hands tore the clothes I had on off my body and soon I stood before him, naked. He took a step back to look at me and I heard his intake of breath. I couldn’t believe I was the on
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Chapter 4
Harlyn “Why are you still laying down there?”His voice got me out of bed. He sounded harsh which was shocking. Why was he shouting at me after what happened last night and a while ago? “My king,”“Get dressed and get out of my room,”He yelled. He was angry but I couldn’t tell why. “But my king,”I tried to protest. “Don’t call me. I want you out of my room right now. And forget everything that happened here last night and this morning,”he warned me. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. He slept with me, took my virginity, marked me as his, and now he wanted me to go away and forget any of it happened. How will I ever be able to do that? “But my king, last night, you.”I let out and had to stop talking because I was almost in tears. This wasn’t what I thought would happen. He was supposed to tell me I was his mate and tell me that he accepted me and wanted me to be his forever. That was the whole point of the mark. His mark that I now carried on my body. That I will carry for
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Chapter 5
Harlyn“Why do you look so down? Did something happen to you?”Ava asked. She was acting like she was concerned about me but I knew better than to buy her fake concern that was as fake as her nails. “I bet something did. You spent the night in my brother’s chamber, didn’t you? You sneaky piece of shit,”Sophie let out. I looked at her in shock wondering how she found out and then I remembered the guards at the entrance when I followed the king in and they were there when I left this morning. They must have told her. I couldn’t lie because I knew that would lead to me getting punished. “Yes, my princess,”I told her. “What were you doing in my brother’s chamber all night long? Were you fucking him?”Sophie questioned. I thought of lying and telling her no but when I looked into her eyes, I realized she already knew what happened and was just asking me questions and if I lied, she would probably punish me. The last thing I wanted right now was to be punished. I still felt sore from t
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Chapter 6
Harlyn When the guards and the driver dropped me off, it was already dark. “I did you good by picking a hotel, just go in and book a room for the night and then from tomorrow, you can find your way. I should warn you that they are humans as you are currently in human territory. You can barely see any shifters around here,”The driver had said right before he zoomed off into the distance. Even though I wanted to get in another car and drive back to the pack, I couldn’t do it. it would only cause me trouble. If I go back, I might end up being thrown into prison and I didn’t want that. As much as I didn’t know how to interact with humans, I summoned a little courage and looked ahead to see the hotel that the driver had been talking about. I walked towards it in fear. My wolf was still silent, she hadn't spoken since we left the king’s room and not even on the long drive to where we currently were. I understood her but wished she would speak to me. It would be nice to know that I am no
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Chapter 7
Harlyn It was late but people were still walking around. The only place I had a little fear about was the alley I passed when I was looking for a place to eat. Because of that, I retraced my steps and started walking back to the hotel. “Hey, beautiful, want to spend your night in my arms? I promise that I will treat you right,”A drunk-looking man said, stopping me on my track. I tried to avoid him and moved to the other side of the road but he followed me. “Don’t look so scared, I don’t want to hurt you I just want to pleasure you, I know you would love it,”He tried, I looked around and there were few people walking around and the man didn’t really look like he could harm me, he just looked drunk and out of his mind. Plus, he was human. I could tell because I couldn’t feel any kind of divinity in him that I would usually feel to distinguish between humans and shifters. I don’t know how I could tell but I just could. “Why? Don’t you want me to give you pleasure? I promise I will
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Chapter 8
Bernardo “Fool,”My wolf called out for the hundredth time that day, about one thousand times since I sent our mate away. I agreed that I was a fool. I hadn’t been thinking straight when I told her that I rejected her. how could I be thinking straight and say something like that? I regretted it almost immediately but still, I watched her leave my room in tears. I was an asshole who rejected the one woman that was made for him. “You are more than an asshole, find her,”My wolf growled. “You are not the boss of me,”I argued. I control my animal side because if I don’t, he would take over and do some shits that I would never approve of even though sometimes, he tries to fight me for control like right now. It was a war between the both of us and I wasn’t winning as it stands. I should have gone to see her. I shouldn’t have let her leave my room in tears. Grandma would roll over in her grave if she ever found out what I did to her goddaughter. Yes, before she died, Grandma had told m
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Chapter 9
Bernardo“But my king,”“Take me to Harlyn,”I let out. but fucker just stood there fidgeting. “What’s going on? Where is her room?”I asked impatiently. I tried to make out her scent but couldn't, which got me worried. “My kingdom, the young maiden hasn’t been in the palace since yesterday,”I stared at him in confusion. What was he talking about, why would she not be in the palace? For as long as I remember, everyone who works in the palace lives within the palace. “Yes, Your Majesty, the princess sent her away according to your command, yesterday, and I was told to find a replacing for her,”He was crazy. He had to be because what nonsense was he even talking about? I never gave any command. “What are you on about? What command? Why would I give a command to the princess?”I asked. “My king, the princess said you asked her to send the maiden away and she left yesterday, she didn’t even get to pack her stuff. No one could say anything because the princess said they were your wo
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Chapter 10
Harlyn It felt like my head was going to split in two, not just that, I felt like I had been floating and now I was starting to sink. I tried to open my eyes but I couldn’t because I felt like if I did, I would actually die. Also, I felt like if I kept my eyes closed, I could die. It was a war deciding what to do and my headache didn’t help the situation. I tried to remember what happened to me that my head was aching this much. But I couldn’t recall anything and slowly, I let the darkness swallow me again and when I got myself back, I was back in Bernaldo’s room. I looked around, wondering how I ended up in the alpha king’s room and on his bed. I was naked, I sat up just as he walked in. “Bernaldo,”I called out. It was the first time I would ever say his name out loud. I didn’t know what gave me the mind to call out the name of the alpha king and he didn’t look pleased about it. “What are you doing in my bed and why are you still naked?”He yelled at me. I quickly got up and out
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