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When May gets pregnant for Edric at a young age, her wealthy father feels deeply hurt and humiliated. In a moment of anger, he disowns her. Upon the disown, May is left with no choice than to go with Papa Edric, her lover's father to join the middle class life. What could possibly go wrong? She had found love or so she thought. She was able to experience some major changes. But was she strong enough to pull through it? Follow May's journey of pain, betrayal and how she finds true love amidst all odds.

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May bowed her head down in shame. Her coffee, doe eyes were filled with tears of pain,immeasurable hurting. She was trying hard not to let the tears fall as her dad's words pierced into her heart like a sharp knife."You're a disgrace to this family." he proclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at her. "Just look at yourself. Do you see how much of a mess you are? Your mom and I gave you everything you ever wanted!"She fiddled with her wrist band. Her grandmother, Ese, had given it to her as a present. She couldn't look at her dad's face nor could she talk back. She wouldn't dare."We've only wanted the best for you, your mom and I. We gave you everything you needed and you pay us back is by getting pregnant from an ordinary gatekeeper's son?! At this age..?"A
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Chapter One.
"Do you think daddy will come home today?" May looked up from the Daily Times newspaper she was holding her lips curled into a thin smile. "He will," she stated softly, but her voice didn't hold enough certainty to assure her
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Chapter two.
The doorbell rang, waking her up from sleep. May, already knowing who her visitor was, scrambled out of bed to get the door. "Efua!" May exclaimed after she had opened the door, pulling her friend into a bone-cracking hug.
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Chapter three.
Pacing back and forth in the kitchen, May felt restless. She was debating on how to start the clean-up. Efua had left after encouraging her and making her promise that she was going to do better. She said yes because it looked easy to do. Now, looking at how unkempt the house was, she didn't know where to start and this worried her. 
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chapter four.
May frowned at the beautiful, melanin-dripping figure donning a plain short red gown indicating danger standing in her doorway. She was about to speak when her daughter shouted, "Aunty Bella!" 
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Chapter five.
The road that led to the market was muddy. There were annoyingly large potholes almost everywhere and the water that filled them made the air feel stagnant. May had to clutch the end of her long basket gown so it didn't drag on the muddy floor while she walked and jumped over the shallow pits. Not to mention the sand pieces stabbing her feet and clinging to her gown. As
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Chapter six.
If someone had told May that another woman would take her place in her own home, she would have laughed. But here she was, reluctantly massaging another woman's shoulders because her husband instructed her to. Maryam was already sound asleep so she didn't get to see her mother's shame.
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Chapter seven.
Everything seemed blurry when May finally opened her doe eyes. Her head felt too heavy for her neck to carry and the sharp pain throbbing from her jaw didn't help. She groaned, rubbing her eyes until she could see clearly, clumsily massaging her jaw. 
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Chapter eight.
The wooden door gently closed behind her. She bent down to sit on the floor while resting her back on the door. 
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Chapter nine.
May began to explain things to Mama. She didn't forget to add Edric's affair with Bella. She didn't go into detail, but she still managed to express how she felt. 
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