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**Her Rock Sequel** Agape: noun. 1. The highest form of love. Selfless, sacrificial, and unconditional love; persists no matter the circumstance. One year later Ella and Declan are seniors. One year later Julian is locked up and Hayes is nowhere in sight. One year later Ella and Declan believe they can breathe again without having to glance over their shoulders every other second. This year Ella Emerson has rekindled her love for soccer after facing her past that tragically tore her apart. She has Declan Anderson by her side, the boy who mended her shattered pieces, and the same boy she's given her whole heart to. At last, life is safe again, their love is growing by the second, and now all they have to worry about is loads of homework. Or so they thought. As days pass, peculiar things begin to happen. But when these peculiar things become a pattern can they really keep brushing them off as coincidences? It doesn't take long until the past they thought they conquered sneaks up on them and begins to fiddle with their relationship. Lies arise, fights kindle, tension flares. Will they be able to take each individual punch thrown at them? Or will they crumble when things surpass the limits of difficult? * He then looks into my eyes, his face displaying all kinds of emotions. "Thank you," He whispers. "You're my Ellie, you know that right?" His thumb brushes along my face, setting fire ablaze wherever he touches. "Always my Ellie." My Ellie. Words don't seem to come out, my mouth agape. Always.

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36 Chapters
You drive me crazy
AgapeAgape: noun. 1. The highest form of love. Selfless, sacrificial, and unconditional love; persists no matter the circumstance.Chapter 1
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I was uhh h-hot
Chapter 2Ella:My eyes are closed but I'm awake. I'm ready to sleep but my brain doesn't seem to want to shut off. Thought after thought circles around like a cycle wi
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Grumpy goose
Chapter 3Declan:Have you ever met someone
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Nobody fucks with my Ellie
Chapter 4Ella:How is it that people actua
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Little D is such a bully
Chapter 6Declan:In the rain we stand, our
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Chapter 7Ella:Well, it’s official,
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You're so sweet to me
Chapter 8Declan:Ellie’s head rests
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What in the world
Chapter 10Ella:"Ella are you ready yet," Olivia calls from my bedroom.
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