16. Lies Unseen

Megan's eyes slowly opened, along with her last memory of falling into the river. Surprisingly, she didn't feel her body or clothes were wet. Soon, she was trying to get up and had found herself in the castle room of Eden.

"How did I get here?" She murmured, then saw next to her already had her sash bag.

Megan almost surged in delight, before finally opening the contents of her bag. But the smile immediately faded, as soon as she saw the contents of her bag was empty.

The sound of the door was heard and Megan's attention turned to the front. Finding Eden had stood staring at her deeply.

Megan immediately hid her bag under the pillow. "Did you bring me here?"

Eden sighs first, then begins to step closer to Megan. Sitting on a bed with probing eyes. "Of course. What did you do last night? Play with the water, then sleep by the river?"

 Megan fell silent. Thinking that maybe Regar took her to the riverbank after falling. "Do you think like

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