17. Two Stories, One Purpose

"I found Luna from Elden," Perol said, approaching Eden, who was on top of the castle tower.

Eden turned around. "Where is she now?"

"Child shelters of war victims. It looks like she's been volunteering all along to help the victims," Perol said.

"We're leaving this afternoon. Meeting her sooner would be better."

Perol nodded quietly. "Besides...." His words were cut off as if hesitant to say so.

"What's wrong?"Eden asked, catching Perol's face.

"It looks like the attack in Dasford yesterday was an experiment. They are Rogues who have a special change," Perol explained, making Eden's forehead wrinkled.

"Do you mean someone deliberately made rogues like that?" Eden asked, analyzing it.

 Perol's head nodded. "It seems that someone already knows the Werewolves, and they are trying to take advantage of it. I heard there were similar cases, so Alpha Oiris of Nugzhal had requested a meeting."

Eden was well aware of the problem whe

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