Alpha King's Human Mate.

Alpha King's Human Mate.

By:  AstreaGounji  Ongoing
Language: English
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She was a girl with many secrets, came to a small and unknown town by herself, then started her life there, with two friends. He was waiting for his mate for years, even though he was disappointed many times, but he never loses faith in waiting for his mate. And once, maybe God listened to his prayer and allowed him to meet his mate. But what made him disappointed is his mate is human, or he thought like that. But even though he was disappointed, he didn’t disdain her, and other than the mate bond, he also felt the love for her the first time he met. So how will they meet each other? So how will he bring her to his world? Will they have a love story of their own? Will they be happy forever, even if there is a difference in their lifestyle? What would happen when the secrets, even if they aren’t aware, came to light? Will it break them or make them even stronger together? In the end. Will their life and love have a happy ending or tragedy? If you guys guessed that this is Alpha’s story, then bingo, you guys are right. Alpha King and our girl is a human. And above that, he also has another identity: he is one of the famous CEOs of the country’s enormous empire, and she is just the owner of a small dessert shop in an unknown town.

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Alpha King's Human Mate by AstreaGounji is a fantasy romance novel. Isabella is the daughter of business tycoon Anna Davis. She has no siblings, so she values friendships a lot. One of her precious friends is Mia, an energetic and free-spirited lady. Bella and Mia often go to a fair held in Penshaw. Mia would mysteriously disappear on every visit. Bella has no idea why. Bella is losing her patience in trying to understand her friend. What is Mia hiding anyway?

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Laura Brunson
good so far
2021-07-21 02:28:26
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Author has done a great job writing this book...must read👏👏👏
2021-06-23 16:25:38
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Hello Everyone, Author here, I hope this book will be as per your taste, and I also hope if you guys saw this, then do give it a shot; as an author, I think my story; actually, my first story in GoodNovel, is good, and I also hope You will also like it. Thank you.....
2021-04-18 21:29:59
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Lilo Diores
The story seem to jump from one subject to the other. It also goes on and on about why it happened, how it happened, etc deviating from the story line I suppose it can be good if it can stop dragging along the story at how it should trail along. Good Luck to the author.
2021-07-06 03:02:49
18 Chapters
Chapter 1
 "Bella, love, my darling, please, this will be the last time, pretty please" Mia used her most lethal weapon, her puppy eyes, and Bella couldn't say no.   "Okay, then this will be last time, but you have to promise me that this is last time" Bella's melodious voice came,    "Ah..." Mia stammered a little bit, "This, Bella..." Mia acted like a pitiful little puppy, acting all cute to gain Isabella's sympathy.   "Hahaha,” Isabella laughed loudly, Then Isabella continued, "Really, Mia, I know that you want to go to that fair; I want to know whenever we go to the monthly fair, you will disappear and leave m
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Chapter 2
Mia felt a sense of crisis because Bella is the one of the and true. Real friends, she has other than her another friend Olivia, she ever had, and now she doesn’t want to lose the friend she has due to her silly mistake, and she doesn’t want too much, because she can feel that if she followed like this, then she feels like she will lose her trustworthy source of light in this world. She entered the kitchen and saw Bella kneading the dough, and she didn’t look different from ordinary time. Mia also knows that Bella is a person who is very composed and calm; she never shows displeasure openly, she will always face everything calmly. Because of that, Bella didn’t burst out every time Mia vanished because she is a very patient person, and she will always wait for other people to realize their mistake if they didn’t. She would never look at that person again. But today, seeing the anger in Bella, Mia knows that Bella is giving her another chance. M
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Chapter 3
But deep to the bone, she is stubborn, and no one knows how deep her thoughts and heart are. Mia and Olivia know they both have secrets, and just like them, Bella also has her own secrets. They never peeked into another’s personal zone and to see the secrets. Because the truth is, if they want to know others' secrets, then they have to be bare of their own secrets in front of another person. But still, when Olivia saw the calm and serene look on Bella, she felt astonished; how is Bella able to regain her composure? Hearing Mia’s description and knowing that whatever Mia did isn’t a day or two days. It has been happening for two years; Mia disappointed Bella. [Author Note: You guys may be wondering, is there any person who has the patience for two years? For your question, I think many people have astonishing patience, I believe] “Bella, aren’t you angry? After all, you have tolerated it for two years….” Olivia trailed
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Chapter 4
Bella went outside of the kitchen to see, there was only one couple present, so other than the whole shop, it looked deserted, and the waiters were just cleaning the table. So Bella called one of the waiters and ordered him to close the shop and go to the fair after that couple went out. After that, she and her two friends went to their house, they all dressed up in everyday wear they usually do. They didn’t dress up, especially just a pair of jeans and a top and some flips, with some gloss on the lips; they are all ready to go. Mia has much tension because on this day she has to go, but at the same time, she doesn't want to go and makes her friends sad. Today, she is determined that she will not disappear even if she has to go against nature, at least not today. She is already feeling uncomfortable, but she is just trying to ignore her unease and trying to cheer herself up. After that, they all went in a tiny car they bought a
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Chapter 5
"We.... we will wait for a few minutes, then we will go find her, maybe she will come back here," Bella said, unsure. Even though she knows that her words aren't true, after all, she can't tell a hundred percent sure that Mia will come back here; still, she wants to wait here to see if Mia will come back here or not. She knows Mia isn't an irresponsible person; even if she is mischievous and always acts careless, still, Mia knows where to stop things. Today, maybe there is a slight crash between her(Bella) and Mia, but that is nothing after all; they both reconciled. Now, this thing is something unexpected, and she also felt something is amiss. So she just wants to wait, she may not know what really happened here, but she was also afraid if something happened to Mia? In her mind, many bad thoughts are running, and she is trying not to fall into the traps of those thoughts because if she wants to remain calm and collected and to think c
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Chapter 6
She didn’t know why? But, suddenly, three wolves went into the woods, just like that. But when she looked at them in confusion, why these animals were going back without making a fuss, the honey-eyed wolf suddenly turned around and looked at her with straight eye-to-eye contact. Unknown to her; a word slipped out of her mouth, “Mia…” That honey-eyed wolf stiffened, then some emotions passed through the eyes of that wolf filled with guilt, despair, and even slight remorse. Bella didn’t understand why that wolf was showing those emotions, even a little unbelievable that animals also show these emotions, which are different from anger or greed for food, typically seen in animals. But she didn’t have the time to think, she heard some roars and howling of the animals in the forest, And without waiting for a second, she drives the car away from the forest directly into town. Because of that, she didn’t see those three
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Chapter 7
“Anna, nothing happened to Isa, she is fine, it’s just what I … [taking a deep breath] for what I fought against the destiny of her which is already written and set on the stone,  now everything becomes useless.   I was delusional that if I can predict the future, I can change, but now, hahaha… I lost. Hahahahaha, I lost, lost thoroughly…… She met that person, her destiny, but I couldn't do anything [looking somewhere far as though she can see the future] now where I lost the fight in stopping my Isa from meeting her destined one. The only way to protect our Isa is,  assist her in
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Chapter 8
When Circe woke up, it’s already the afternoon of the next day,    She was extra happy and excited; she was glowing with happiness; maybe this is the first time she wasn’t cranky or sulky… she was fluttering like a butterfly, packing all her belongings and trying new dresses to see which one best suits her.   She was acting like schoolgirls who are getting ready for their first date.    Anna already sensed her sister was already awake from downstairs, but waiting for more than an hour, she didn’t see her sister coming down, so she came up only to see that her sister’s room was messy.   All Circe’s clothes were almost flying around the room; everything was thrown on the ground.
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Chapter 9
 But she never let her thoughts out,   Both of them silently ate; after cleaning plates, they bid good night to each other and then went to their own room.   Bella again looked at her mobile; she felt a little worried, wanted to talk with her mother about her aunt, but seeing it’s already night and so talking will be a problem so pressing down the worry; she laid on the bed, her mind was filled with many things, because of today’s incidents.   Slowly sleep consumed her with the black eyes staring at her.   ------   In the forest named ‘Land Of No Return.’   Three wolves were staring at each ot
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Chapter 10
Noah understood the truth, Even though they both are brought up in rich, they weren’t really spoiled as both haven’t had the time with their parents to spend, as their parents either busy with work or visiting packs all around the world, so in the childhood and were raised by nannies after they start to understand things, they took care of each other. So they both are close to each other; then with their parents, but still they both yearn for someone to love them, His wish comes true when he finds his mate, Sophia, as they both are so loving that they both still have the same love for each other even
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