Alpha Lucious

Alpha Lucious

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Kira, I can hear myself again!!' She squealed happily. All the pain she felt from the beatings the rogue gave her didn't matter anymore. She finally got her voice back. ' Your voice is back!' Kira said almost immediately. ' Now we can finally talk to our mate' She squealed happily too. All the excitement Haven had felt a moment again dissipated into thin air. ' Mate?' Her eyes immediately flew to the man holding her. She had completely forgotten she was in the arms of this .. This ' Man'. Haven looked at him in disgust. His hands were still hovering in the air as he looked at her, a blank expression on his face. " What do you think you're trying to do?!" Haven could feel the rage locked up within her for all these days started to surface. Just looking at his face made Haven want to kill him over and over again. What sort of a sick joke was Selene playing with her? How can the one person she hated turn out to be her fated mate?

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Chapter 1 BETRAYED MELucious opened his eyes slowly as rays of the morning sun reflected on his face. He closed his eyes again not ready to get up. "Arghh is it morning already? Why didn't you wake me up? " He groaned as his hands slowly reached for the person beside him. ? His hands landed on the soft bed, he felt nothing. He quickly opened his eyes as he looked over at the place she should have been.It was cold and empty, indicating she had been gone for quite a while now. Lucious narrowed his eyes. He couldn't even pick up her scent. He stood up as he headed to the bathroom to freshen up. Done with his bathing, he put on some clothes then grabbed a small towel before heading out.His floor was silent as always. No one apart from his wife and and a few trusted people actually had access to the Alpha's floor. He walked into his elevator, pressing the ground floor as he tried mind–linking his Beta. " Have you seen Natasha?" He asked hurriedly, startling the Beta.
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Chapter 2 FEMALE ALPHA" What do you mean by that ?" Haven turned as her eyes landed on Tristan's face looking for answers. Tristan looked away unable to meet her gaze.It was Mika, her best friend who answered her , a defiant look on her face." Father said you have to leave the pack, girl" She smirked as she crossed her hands over her chest. Haven turned to look at her father's old Beta which was also Mika's father." How could you do this to me?" She growled===============Haven was the only daughter of Alpha Brian and Lucia of the Silver Moon Pack. The old Alpha never had a son, so he had train his daughter to be a very strong young girl. At the age of 17, she was basically the strongest of the werewolves in her pack, with Alpha blood running through her veins. Haven lost her parents in a fight that broke out between her pack and some rogues. She later took control of her pack becoming a female Alpha. " Haven when do you think we'll finally get our mates?" Mika her childhood b
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Chapter 3 THE ROGUERaphael's brown wolf finally burst into an opening clearing. He shifted back to his human form, looking around for his Alpha. He was sure this was the place Lucious had told him.The beta had been in the pack house, doing some work when he received an emergency message from the Alpha. He dashed out into the forest, mind–linking other warriors to follow suit.Raphael didn't have to look around for long as he soon sighted the Alpha. Bit what he saw made him let out a small growl.Not too far away, Raphael could see the Alpha lying on the ground with a " not properly dressed " girl beside him. Raphael face soon pulled into a frown as he saw the girl's hand seemingly roaming over the Alpha's.Raphael's blood began to boil. That girl was most definitely a rogue. His brown eye's turned black as they darted between the girl and his injured Alpha on the ground.Thinking it was the rogue girl who had attacked the Alpha , the beta let out a low snarl as he stepped forward ,
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Chapter 4 IMPRISON HERHaven felt her hands ache from the bound the stranger put on her. Her legs already ached from all the walk through the forest.The stranger walked in front of her while his so called " Beta" was behind her, pushing her to hurry up every now and then. They stepped out of the forest, passing by some guards at the entrance gate as they headed in.Haven gasped as a beautiful view greeted her eyes. The sun was already setting, illuminating the beautiful pack village before her. Various men and women walked around doing one thing or the other. Young children ran about playing and shouting as they headed home. They all bowed their heads, a sign of respect as the stranger kept walking deeper into the village.Occasionally , some would stop to stare in disgust at the girl behind their Alpha. They knew she was a rogue by her scent as she passed by.The pack members all stared at the beautiful rogue girl their Alpha brought with him. Why had their Alpha brought along with
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Chapter 5 STAY WITH MEAshley stomped angrily into the the dark dungeon, her heels clicking on the floor. Her footsteps echoed as she walked towards a certain cell.Who was this woman who wanted to take her Alpha away from her? How dare this bitch!She was definitely going to teach her a lesson.Ashley was Beta Raphael's only younger sister. She had always had feelings for Alpha Lucious, but he never gave her his attention.In fact , he despised women. His Luna was the only exception. Now that the Luna was gone, it was her time to shine. Lady luck was finally smiling upon her but now this stupid rogue had to come and ruin everything.Holding a bucket of water in her hands, she appeared at the rogue's cell and immediately emptied the content, drenching her.The rogue woke up with a start. Her expression soon turned to that of anger as she growled at Ashley." Wow...she really is beautiful" Ashley murmured to herself as she saw her. No wonder the Alpha didn't want to kill her." How dar
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Chapter 6 NIGHTMAREIt was already evening when Lucious arrived at his floor after he was done with his work for the day. He walked into his gloomy apartment, heading straight to his room as usual when he suddenly stopped. His nose picked up a foreign scent.He scrunched his eyebrows, as he kept walking, his instinct leading him to one of the rooms in the floor.Lucious unlocked the door, pushing it gently as his eyes landed on someone curled up on the floor in the middle of the room. It was the rogue girl.How could he forget? He had been so caught up with work that he forgot he had asked for the rogue girl to be locked up in his floor. Without realizing it, his feet moved on it's own as he walked towards the girl.He crouched down beside her as his hands gently reached out, brushing aside the silver hair which had covered her face. Her sleeping face came into view, with her lips slightly parted as she breathed. A few bruises were visible here and there on her face and she looked re
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Chapter 7 KILLED HERLucious looked down at the girl beneath him as he saw the life slowing leaving her body.He had been asleep, caught up in his own nightmares where his wife betrayed him over and over again. He re lived that horrible scene over and over till the pain turned into anger. He wanted to kill her. He wanted to kill them all.His wolf was livid as he opened his eyes, picking up a rogue scent. His eyes landed on a rogue hovering on top of him. His hands flew straight to the rogue's neck. Natasha must have sent the rogue. He won't spare them.He pinned the rogue down as his hands clamped down on her, squeezing her neck as she struggled beneath him. She gasped, scratching his hands viciously, as she tried to escape but he didn't let go. He pressed harder, slowly squeezing the life out of her.Her efforts became weaker and weaker as she soon stopped struggling. Her weak hands fell to her side as she gasped for air loudly, her chest rising and falling heavily as tears began
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Chapter 8 YOU'RE AWAKE" She's still alive" The healer finally said as Lucious let out a breath he didn't realize he had been holding. He felt like he had been standing there for ages, waiting for the healer to tell him the rogue girl was okay." Will she be fine?" He suddenly voiced out before he could stop himself.Lucious wanted to face palm himself immediately the words left his mouth. 'What the fuck is wrong with me?' He said to himself as he looked at the two people who stared back at him with eyes full of surprise.Raphael and Dayna's heads swiftly turned to look at him, eyes wide with surpriseDayna blinked her eyes a couple of time trying to make sure she hadn't misheard him.Since when did the Alpha start expressing his feelings openly?She looked at Raphael who stood there, surprise equally etched on his face . His lips were slightly open as he looked at the Alpha.'What the fuck was happening right now?'Lucious had always been the "no nonsense type of Alpha" . He was so
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Chapter 9 WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ALPHA?Today marks the fifth day since he had her to the healer. She still hadn't opened her eyes even once.Lucious had been with her throughout the first two days, refusing to leave her side even for a minute.Raphael had finally gotten him to leave as he had lots of work to do.Reluctantly, Lucious left the healer's house and came back. He still went there every night to checkup on the rogue.Lucious spent these last few days asking himself why he suddenly felt that way towards her.What was this feeling he felt when ever he looked at her?Why couldn't he take his eyes off of her?Why did that rogue girl affect him so much?He had so many questions but he couldn't find even an answer to anyone of them.He hated himself for inflicting so much pain on her.Lucious yelled in frustration as he banged his hands on the table before him. A huge hole was formed as he fists connected on the table." Dammit!!" He cursed as he saw the damage he had done.Lucious
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Chapter 10 COULD IT BE ?" What do you mean by you can't find her?" He growled at the warriors in front of him who all had their heads bowed." Alpha, we had searched the whole forest. We couldn't find a single trace of her. They was no scent too" A warrior said earning a snarl from the Alpha." Do you want to tell me she just disappeared into thin air? Is Haven some sort of magician or something?" Tristan growled angrily at them." Find her, else I'd have all of your heads!!" He banged the table before him.Warriors shuddered as they head this. Their Alpha was certainly going berserk.=============" So you're telling me she has lost her voice?!" Lucious asked, shocked at what Dayna had just told him."Yes Alpha, Her vocals has really been damaged and her being scared only made matters worst. I don't know if she'll ever get her voice back again" Dayna replied her eyes on the girl who was sleeping peacefully on the bed.' Poor girl' Dayna thought. Lucious stood there in silence as he
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