Sebestian pounded his pillow into submission, trying desperately to sink into the exhaustion that wanted to claim him if only his brain would let it. He ran through the days events for what felt like the hundredth time, Dell dragging him into the shower, Rose turning up at is office, club, his ma... Allen in his arms, Allen stripping his clothes off.....

That was the problem, every time he tried to close his eyes and sleep all he could see was Allen body, the way he had tried to flirt, the way he had gone for the waistband on his boxers! It didn't help that he was still blanketed in the Omegas scent from when he had carried him or that he kept inhaling it where it clung to his arms like a second skin.

Sebestian shook his head, trying to shake the images that arose again from his mind before it drove him crazy. He desperately tried to stop the automatic reaction of his body as he tried to push away the thought of his... The omeg

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