A Place To Call Home

A Place To Call Home

By:  Addie Bell  Completed
Language: English
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Cailen has only one wish. To have a family he could belong to and a home to call his. ***** At thirteen, Cailen had been to different foster homes, each of them returning him for one reason or another. His heart had already taken so much rejection that hopelessness had set in, giving up on himself and shutting down, that even when a family does welcome him and love him, he still has his doubts. When Cailen returns from University to visit his family, he finds himself struggling to keep a secret that he knows will make him lose the only home and family that he has. Will Cailen lose himself? Or will he lose his family?

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Iwa Ro Mola
The best of all
2023-12-01 00:48:29
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very nice story ...️
2023-08-17 12:03:55
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Tanya Gencheva
So I finished the book and I started again. I just wanted more of the story. It is captivating and different, and the writing is amazing.
2023-06-22 14:51:01
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Tanya Gencheva
I am so excited to read this book. Believe me, I read all your books in the app several times, even recently 14 days to forever, not to mention that Kari is my favorite Omega character, and I am in love in Milan. But about this book,i can't stop reading. I am excited for the journey ahead of me.
2023-05-24 15:26:18
121 Chapters
Arabella hurried down the sidewalk, her bag strap digging into her neck, the crying newborn baby a heavy weight in her arms.She herself was crying, silent tears that ran down her cheeks and froze there. Her feet were sore, her body exhausted, her head ached and she really just wanted to lay down right there in the middle of the sidewalk.She didn't care that it was the middle of the night, she didn't care if it was snowing, she was tired and she wanted to sleep, but she couldn't.She had responsibilities to take care of.She was almost there, to the orphanage. Once that was taken care of, then she could sleep. She didn't really have a place she could sleep, but she didn't care.She would find the closest dumpster and sleep there.Arabella stumbled a bit when her foot hit a crack in the ground. She held the baby tighter so as not to drop him and continued on her way.She didn't want to do what she was about to do.She had already become attached to the little blue-eyed bundle of joy t
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Chapter 1 - The Orphan Boy
Cailen sat on the hard chair that is outside Ms. Willow’s office, his little legs hanging off the edge, not even coming close to the floor.His arms were crossed over his chest, his face pointed at the ground in a scowl. He was listening to the words that were currently being shared between the adults inside the office because the walls of this place were very thin."He's too much to handle," the familiar voice of his current foster mother said.Cailen huffed, he was not.Everyone who was interested in adopting a child first went through the phase of being a foster parent, mostly to test how well they could take care of a child so the child wouldn't be left to an unsuitable home, but also to see how well they meshed together.So far, he wasn't very good at that part."He's always getting into trouble at school and I can't afford to leave work every day to go and get him."It wasn't everyday, Cailen thought to himself."What are you saying?" Ms. Willow’s voice asked, sounding very tire
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Chapter 2 - At The Starting Point
Two years later, Cailen sat in the exact same spot.This time his feet just skimmed along the floor, his face in a scowl again, his hands clenched the ends of the armrests in frustration as he listened in to the newest addition of the list of reasons why no one wanted him."He's just so different," the man said.He heard Ms. Willow sigh."He's not like other boys.""Okay," Ms. Willow cut him off.She sounded fed up which only made Cailen feel worse.Ms. Willow was a nice person, the only thing even remotely close to a parent he had and he was causing her distress. But it wasn't his fault. He was only being himself.He couldn't help it if he didn't like toy cars and baseball. He couldn't help it if he didn't like playing with the other boys at school. All they talked about was baseball and other sports.He liked playing with the girls at school. They did more stuff that he was interested in. He couldn't help it."I'm sorry, but he's not normal," the man said.Cailen didn't even bother
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Chapter 3 - The Curly-Haired Boy
Cailen sat in the corner of the playroom, not really playing but watching other kids play.The other kids who were now several years younger than him.The average age of a child at the orphanage was six to nine years old. Once you hit ten years of age, people tended to stop looking at you. Everyone wanted a younger child, someone they can raise from as close to scratch as they could.Being adopted after age ten or older was a rarity and he was now thirteen.He hadn't been to a new home in two years, and before that, it had been a year.This was just fine to Cailen because he always ended up back here anyway. Might as well save himself the trouble.Cailen didn't enjoy playing like he used to. He didn't see much of a point to it anymore.It seemed like a waste of time. He didn't have anyone to play with anyway since none of the younger kids wanted to play with the older reject kid that nobody wanted.No, he was sitting all by his lonesome, waiting for the time to pass so he could have s
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Chapter 4 - Untying Ties
"Cailen, they're here," Ms. Willow said from Cailen's doorway.Cailen sat on his bed, his small bag stuffed with his few articles of clothing sitting beside him. He raised his head when Ms. Willow spoke, suddenly feeling nervous. He nodded anyway and stood from his bed, grabbing the strap of his bag.He shuffled past Ms. Willow and down the hall where he saw Eden, William and a girl standing, waiting for him. When William saw Cailen, his face brightened and he took off at a run towards him.It startled Cailen, making him stop in his tracks."Cailen!" William shouted as he barreled into Cailen, throwing his arms around the older boy. "I missed you," William said squeezing Cailen tight.Cailen was unsure of what to do. He hasn't received a hug in... Ever.He's never been given a hug. He quite liked them, he decided.He dropped his bag and awkwardly placed one arm on the younger boy's back. He saw Eden smiling at the two of them standing just a few feet away so he tried his best to retur
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Chapter 5 - New Home
He was laughing and running, his heart pumping fast in his chest.He was smiling from ear to ear and was almost disappointed when Eden called to them telling them that their food was ready. But then his stomach grumbled and he was actually happy it was time to eat.Stella and William ran off, grabbing their shoes and slipping them on and running towards their mother.Cailen took his time, letting himself catch his breath because he honestly can't remember the last time he's run around that much. Once he had his shoes back on, he made his way over to the table the three of them were sat at.He wasn't entirely sure if it was okay to sit with them. He knew he had come here with them and everything but it still felt weird just walking up and sitting down."Come on, Cailen," William said and pulled out the chair beside him for Cailen to sit in.Cailen smiled and took his seat across from Stella and waited patiently for Eden to hand out the food."How old are you?" Stella asked, biting into
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Chapter 6 - Fun-Filled
As promised, Eden woke Cailen up the next morning and told him to get dressed to go shopping.Cailen was tempted to argue that she shouldn't waste the money on him. But figured it was futile, so instead, he crawled out of bed and sleepily shuffled his way into the bathroom, quickly doing his business and washing up, then meeting Eden downstairs by the door.Cailen had enough time last night before bed to look around. William had taken him on a tour of the house, showing him where the kitchen was and all six bathrooms. He showed him the basement which had a recreational room in it that had a pool table and also had another room with a couch and a television along with the laundry and one of the six bathrooms.Cailen had a pretty good memory so he pretty much remembered where everything was.Eden smiled at him as he put on his shoes, waiting patiently.Cailen was a little hungry since he just woke up and hadn't eaten yet but he didn't want to be a bother and ask for some breakfast. He s
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Chapter 7 - Meeting People
Cailen made it to the first day of school, to his utter surprise.This family hadn't returned him yet but he still had his doubts. It was only the fourth day and they hadn't sent him to school yet.School and Cailen didn't mix well. He got bored easily and tended to entertain himself much to the teacher's dismay. Surely Eden would be called down to the school in no time and that would be the end of this.He hoped he could pay attention and not get bored though. He liked this family. They treated him nicely but he figures that's only because they don't know the real Cailen yet.Cailen was nervous when Eden dropped them off at school.He always got nervous when he started a new school because everyone would look at you, everyone wanted to know your story, who you are, where you’re from, why you moved, but Cailen didn't like his story.He hated telling people he was an orphan. They either gave him that sympathetic look that he hated or they avoided him like some kind of disease.Either w
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Chapter 8 - Immiscible
The three boys split apart, looking behind them and shutting up once they saw a new person had entered the washroom.It was Asher, William's friend from lunch.He looked confused for a second, taking in his surroundings. He looked from the three startled boys to the scared looking boy that was fighting with himself on whether to look at the ground or at Asher."Come on," Billy spoke and soon, Cailen heard them shuffle out of the room.It was quiet for a moment. Cailen thought maybe Asher left with the rest of the boys because why would he want to stick around with him?He was nothing special. Just an orphan who nobody wanted.But soon he felt a small hand on his shoulder and then Asher was bending down a little and sticking his face under Cailen's so he could see him.Cailen turned away, ashamed of the tears evident in his eyes."Cailen, are you okay?" Asher asked, his voice soft.Cailen sniffled and brought his hand up to his eyes to wipe at them.Asher backed up a step as he did so,
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Chapter 9 - Fears Coming Alive
"Cailen?" came a voice from somewhere in the washroom.He didn't look up, he didn't respond because he didn't want to be found.Not like this. Not crying in a corner surrounded by paper towel that had fallen from the holder he had stumbled into.Not with blood and snot dripping from his nose, not when he looked so gross and pathetic."Oh my gosh, Cailen!" they said more urgently and soon, there was a pair of hands on his shoulders, pulling him up right from where he was leaning against the wall into a sitting position."What happened? Are you okay?" Asher asked as he frantically moved the hair from Cailen's face to see where the blood was coming from.Cailen pulled away from him. He didn't want to be seen like this but he couldn't make the tears stop. He couldn't make them stop because he was a pathetic excuse for a boy.Only girls cry. That's what the boys had told him and Cailen knew they were right but he couldn't stop them."I'm gonna go get Eden," Asher said beginning to stand. T
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