Alpha's Hate Bond

Alpha's Hate Bond

By:  Reet_Amber  Completed
Language: English
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I pick up a bouquet of red roses and read a note attached to it. In neat curly handwriting.... “Congrats my love, I’m proud of you my Queen. And always here to protect you.” No name mention, no need. I know who send this and why... Devil--- It's a story of 'Alice Michaelson, hybrid (werewolf and lycan) blessed with a special gift by moon goddess, powers called Spirit! Soon to be the queen of werewolves and lycans realm.' Wanna join in her fight to escape, the darkness of her past. With her continuous growing hate with her own fate....... And her Fated Mate!

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65 Chapters
Chapter- 1 " Spiritual Dream "
Alice P O V *** In the darkness of night, city lights shone brighter, like stars in the universe. Normally it was a pass for girls to hang out, parents hardly allowed late nights out. Call that my lucky day. There was a huge line for party-goers outside the club. Fits of laughter and chattering of the crowd hit my eardrums. The smell of alcohol and cigarettes passed through my nostrils, making my wolf scrunch her nose at my choice of place. The famous nightclub among us shifters. I was on a double date with my new boyfriend, Vick, and my high school bestie, Nathan, and Kara. Hottest & cutest couple, according to our college gossip groups. They were dating each other for 2 years and were serious about them. Serious relationship mess. It was all just a waste of time and energy. I preferred to chill out. That was the sole reason I was only interested in casual flings. It was safe, with no feelings, no attachment, and no need to carry the baggage of a relationship lifelong. Tonigh
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Chapter - 2 " Devil Return "
Painted in orange and blue, teamed up with the golden rays of the emerging sun. The sky looked promising enough to offer freedom to fly high. Driving in the sea of people in Manhattan is quite a challenging task, but it also gives me an illusion of normal life. I know it was stupid of me to hope to have something like this because my life was anything but normal. Not a chance. *** I’m Alice Michaelson, a royal member of The Originals. Originals were the first family of werewolves, or, as some people say, wolf-shifters on the earth. As the first creation of the moon goddess, royals were blessed with special gifts combined with the strength of werewolves.
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Chapter- 3 "Glimpse of Past (Part- 1)"
Alice P O V *** I finished my meetings, managed my schedule for next week, and sent an email with all details to Max, (Prince of Dragomair, the dragon’s realm). We have been best friends since childhood, and also business companions. He was the only person I trusted after Dad and Ellyn. We were leaving for Entalia tonight, for tomorrow night’s ritual. By the time I exited the office building, it was dark outside already. I made my way towards my car in the parking space. I opened my car door, and a sweet scent filled my nostrils. My wolf relaxed with the pleasure of the sweet rich scent of earthly forest rain mixed with the masculine smell of men’s cologne, but my mind went on alert mode. My wolf, Rhea, and I both recognized this scent very well. It was him.
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Chapter- 4 "Glimpse of Past (Part- 2)"
Alice P.O.V *** I went downstairs and met my two best friends, Nate and Kara, there waiting for me. We hugged each other. They both turned out to be mates, which they found out a few days ago, and the good part was that they were happy with that latest update.  Nate was looking handsome in his black tuxedo, which perfectly fit on his tall and well-built frame like a second skin, styled dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a wide grin plastered on his face. And Kara goes for a knee-length baby pink dress, which compliments her olive-colored skin, and light blue eyes, light make-up, silver-colored high heel, shoulder-length blond hair which hangs down, straight. Both asked in the union when they noticed my nervousness. “What’s wrong?” I shrugged and replied, “Just nervous, and as you guys know, MATE is not my thing.” Kara stepped towards me and tapped my shoulder, while saying with a wicked smirk, “Don’t worry babe, I bet moon go
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Chapter-5 "Entalia"
Warning: This chapter contains sexual content and abusive behavior! *** Beautiful high mountains covered with greenery, river water looks as lustrous as a mirror, illuminated with golden and blue beams of Entalia’s Sun. Outskirt of the entire realm surrounded by dark & thick forest; sky-high length trees, and shiny magical protection fence. The entire realm’s landscape contained four main areas- Royal-high, Downtown, Officials quarters, and Royal Courtyard. Royal high, where royal members live in a luxurious and beautiful palace, a glass castle, at the top of black mountain heights. And they had servant quarters, for royal servants there as well. Surrounded by the endless beauty of nature, with waterfalls and greenery.
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Chapter- 6 "Revenge Game"
Warning: This chapter also contains sexual content and abusive behavior! I tasted a metallic liquid in my mouth- My Blood, and I lost the last bit of control I was hanging on. I bit his lower lip with equal force and was soon rewarded with a taste of his blood. My wolf took over my human mind. She couldn’t discriminate between right and wrong, because Rhea knew nothing more than that she wanted her mate. Now! She wanted to touch him, feel him, and seal a mate bond with him. I couldn’t blame her. It’s the primal need of a wolf, survival, and breeding. She couldn’t help her wolf nature, her possessiveness, hunger, lust, and her dominant side. It was in our blood. And that stupid tingle and the sexy sound of his growl only make it harder. He groaned in front of my lips
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Chapter- 7 "Alpha Gabriel"
Gabriel P.O.V I popped open my eyes, panting heavily. My hand automatically reached the other side of the bed in search of someone. My mate! It was a habit of mine. But I found nothing there. It was empty. She wasn’t there. A sudden panic gripped me at this. A sigh passed my lips, and I kept my eyelids shut. I sat straight and turned the lights on and leaned my head back on the headboard before taking a deep breath in her heavenly scent to calm my nerves, which was still lingering in her entire room. Yes, I’m in her room, in her bed, more specifically. A failed attempt to calm my anger and my wolf, with her mere essence. Yeah, I knew she’s not here. Because she was out there somewhere, escaping from the monster of her ni
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Chapter- 8 "Undeniable Love"
Alice P.O.V Warning (18+) scenes, this chapter contains hot sexual content...... leave if you are not interested... Just kidding... Enjoy! Consequences! One threat, every day of my escape, I prepared myself for this moment and always thought, how bad could his punishment go? Because I was not that stupid who thinks that a mere dungeon cell was strong enough to keep him locked for that long. Yeah! I was the one who drugged him with a wolf, spun, and locked him in a dungeon cell. Or what do you think? How I had managed to escape that hell. And now here I was, in front of the devil again and on the verge of death, but still stupid, stubborn, me not ready to lose. “Oh, don’t you
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Chapter- 9 "True Soul-Mate?"
Alice P.O.V By the time I finished my hot bath, it was already dark outside. I stepped inside my room with a towel wrapped around me securely and noticed a beautiful emerald color dress laid proudly on my bed. I guess it came from Ellyn. Who knows my taste so well? It was a beautiful dress, a floor-length gown, shoulder-less with golden embroidery and crystal work on the top. I quickly dressed, set my hair in loose curls, wore a diamond necklace and white gold, sapphire ring. I was no fan of jewels; it was just to maintain a royal status. I checked my reflection in the mirror. Impressed by my job with my hair and light makeup, I applied with the help of one servant. Although with this dress, everything turned out perfect.
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Chapter- 10 "Queen of Entalia"
Gabriel POV She stood in the middle of the river, bathing in the glory of the moonlight, looking like a fucking goddess. Vision. Undeniable beauty. I wanted to hide her in my arms to save her from other wolves lusting gazes, who were watching her with wide eyes. I wanted to beat the shit out of them, who dare to check -out what’s fucking mine. ‘Mine!′ A growl leaves me, and all heads bend down, who are watching my mate with their lustful wide eyes. She raised her right hand to her mouth to bite into her palm. I could smell the sweet taste of her blood in the air. Blood was dripping from her palm into the water whilst she raised her palm toward the moon and said her vow. “I, Alice Amelia Michaelson, royal heir of the late
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