Alpha's Regret After Her Rebirth

Alpha's Regret After Her Rebirth

By:  Aurora Starling  Updated just now
Language: English
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When Hannah finally marries the love of her life, Noah, she never imagines it marks the beginning of a nightmare. The return of Noah's ex, Zoe, to their pack ignites gossip and brings unseen chaos into Hannah's life. Noah's coldness and Zoe's threats shatter everything Hannah holds dear, culminating in the loss of her life and her unborn child.But then, the Moon Goddess grants Hannah a second chance, sending her back to the day before Zoe's return. Armed with the knowledge of what's to come, Hannah is determined to change her fate. She vows to reclaim her father's pack with her child, but leaving Noah won't be as easy as she thinks...

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182 Chapters
Chapter 0001
The thing I regretted most was taking that last diet pill. It took my baby—followed by my life. Yet I wasn't fat by any standard. The source of my diet pill abuse: my husband and Alpha of the Nightcrest Pack, Noah. He was also the direct cause of my death. As the daughter of the Silvermoon P
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Chapter 0002
I spun around and attempted to push past Noah. He would not move. “Get out of my way,” I commanded. At the sound of my tone, Noah stepped aside. I stormed out of our en suite bathroom and into our bedroom. Noah followed closely behind me. “What is wrong with you tonight?” he demanded. I st
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Chapter 0003
In my first life, Zoe’s appearance at the Acceptance Ceremony caught me completely off-guard. The media had a field day over the reunion of the so-called “star-crossed lovers”, leaving me floundering like a fish out of water. All I could do was force a smile and evade everyone’s questions, which onl
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Chapter 0004
Noah stared in shock as Zoe glided across the stage towards him, a young boy in tow. The other new pack members instinctively parted for her, like a pair of hands parting reeds in a river. Paparazzi clambered to the front of the audience as they tried to be the first to catch a picture of the reunit
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Chapter 0005
“Thank you, Luna Hannah,” Zoe said with more sincerity than I had expected. “Thank you for choosing us as your pack,” I said in an almost sickeningly sweet tone. I turned my attention to her son. “Tell me, how old are you, Adam?” Adam shyly held up four fingers. Zoe smiled and ran her fingers
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Chapter 0006
Noah stared back at me, as though he could not comprehend what I had just told him. Scott’s gaze alternated between the two of us, his expression remaining neutral. “Explain,” Noah said simply. I glanced at Scott, looking for some support, but he subtly shook his head. Now was not the time for u
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Chapter 0007
I was drained just listening to all these events. I used to love the spotlight and the exposure, but that was back when I loved Noah, when I wanted to stand by his side, proclaim him as mine to the world, and relished the envy of other women as they basked in our glory. But now I knew that was all j
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Chapter 0008
I put my hands on my hips. “The fact that I rejected you on our intimacy day says it all.” “You clearly enjoyed yourself before,” Noah sneered. I flipped my hair, as though to show Noah that his words did not even phase me. “Seventy percent of all women fake their orgasms,” I countered with
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Chapter 0009
“What is it?” Noah asked. “Just name your condition.” “After the one month ends, you must divorce me,” I replied, “and I get to choose anyone or anything from within the Nightcrest Pack to take back to the Silvermoon Pack. You must never interfere.” Noah arched his brow at me. I could tell that
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Chapter 0010
Viona turned around to look where I was staring. “Huh,” she said, “I think that is. I wonder what he’s doing here.” “I don’t know,” I replied. “He’s acting rather sketchy, though.” “What do you mean?” “Just watch him.” We watched as Scott continued to stare at us, failing to be surreptitio
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