Alphas and Demons

Alphas and Demons

By:  Kolbe Nna-agozie  Ongoing
Language: English
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When Alpha Jason unexpectedly mates Omega Lucia, he is faced with opposition from his family, peers and is subsequently hunted by Demons. Will he be able to protect his surprise mate and face very bad challenges? Find out!

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5 Chapters
In the dark shadows of the deep old wood full of rustic charm, an hour or two before sunrise, they speared through the air slobbering, sulking, seething in synchronized gait and footing. Soon the longest day would become the shortest night of the solstice. It was the earthly order of things and they worked as they were bound. ‘Is there no other way for us?’ Jesse looked straight ahead. He stood, slim and straight. There was sorrow in his eyes, but behind it lived a firm purpose. He shook himself hard and set about sniffing the ground. ‘It is because of our way there is no other. If the demon eventually gets away, he will come back for us and hunt us like thieves and brigands, murder us, as he would murder that poor innocent priest’  Jake returned
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At noon, Stella’s friend drove her to the airport with the windows rolled down. In tropic Massauchettes, the noon sunburst was overhead at 34 degrees, the sky was quite gloomy, and was bereft of cheerful clouds. She was in a sexy red velvet gown. Her carry-on item was a backpack and a suitcase. Massauchettes was like that-always under the constant cover of clouds and it rained most here than any other place. And it was here that she had come looking for her sister. She found her at last but it learned an unprecedented dimension. As she stared out to the outside, she still heard her crying as she begged. ‘I am sorry, just this once. Let it slide just this once for me’‘ Don’t come looking for me Laura.’‘ Don’t come again, please’ After that, she ran away. Laura went after her but was soon out of breath. Her prospective chase took t
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The air seethed with magical energy, and it was quite dense with a somewhat mix of moisture and static electricity. The hooded shapes of the druids were lit up by the dim and glowing log and flaming torches which seemingly glimmered from a direction to the other while casting shadows across the cobblestone walls of the enormous cave. Their chanting was eerie and it broke into a lively tune sometimes, but if one picked the low voices as they wove through the chantings, one would see sorrow and grief there. Their voices were genuinely concerned, much as they were. It was morning. But that morning the voices of children were not heard. The paths were empty. Omegas did not meet in secret enclosures to mate. Young men who were always abroad kept to their houses. Their manly voices were not heard on the paths as they went to visit their friends and lovers. Greenville was like a startled animal with
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arched right over the path as they passed. It was like a tunnel. And again, enormous frowning rocks guarded them on either side. Even when they had camped, they heard the rising wind which moaned and whistled through the rocks, as branches of trees clashed together while they trudged along. The temperature continued to fall and fall till they were covered by the powdery snow.   The moon sailed through the dark clouds and appeared behind a beetling, pine clad rock. Immediately, wolves began to howl as if the moonlight had some peculiar effects on them.   ' There must be rouges ahead, pray we meet them' Sleamann, who at this time was cheerful and jocular, broke the silence. 'Surely began shapeshifting newly'   'Sure' Lockwood replied 'I remember it as though it were yesterday. The ecstasy of howling on jagged rocks just in front of the full moon. Very patronising' his words
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Stella was walking down the lighted street which was heavy and animated with street lights, neon,  people chatting as they mingled. It was the day of heat and the urge had not come. She prayed silently in her heart that it would not find her at that point in time. A sports car pulled up just beside her and a voice came out of it. She seemed to be stung by the voice as she turned. Her eyes widened in surprise. It was Jason! She did not realise that she had been stariing vacantly and stupidly at him until he spoke. ‘Seems you have no place to go.’ His voice was cool and smooth as every girl who died for an Alpha would want them. ‘Will you like to come to my place, I have something important to discuss with you’ Her heart leapt frantically. She continued staring into his face until she resolved to repress the reflection that
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