Midnight Feast

Midnight Feast

By:  Theoria  Completed
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Layla was one of the so-called ‘meat’ to be served at the ‘demon’s table’. When midnight came and the howling of the king resounded in the woods, she knew she would die. With strong determination to fulfill at least one of her lifelong dreams, she ran her mouth and desperately asked her predator a favor in exchange for her complete submission to death. In the eyes of the powerful beast, she was nothing but a talking flesh and so her wish was granted. Little did she know, her life was about to change.Under the moonlight glow, two creatures are fated to meet. It's the fateful encounter that would turn the world filled with traitors of own kind upside down. With hatred and vengeance as the core of the bloody havoc, only those with power can survive.Will the burning love and developed compassion be enough to remedy the pain and anger buried deep in one’s heart? Or would it turn into sharp fangs to destroy those who were against the sheer glow of the light?Perhaps it was Layla’s fate to meet the beast who’d change her life or was it the beast whose life going to be ruined with her fatal schemes.Midnight Feast is now serving…Theoria~

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144 Chapters
Chapter 1
*cough* *cough* Layla couldn’t stop herself from coughing as she walked under the scorching sunlight, almost naked and barefooted. Her throat was dry, and she wished to have at least a drop of water but there was none. All she had taken after a few miles of a walk from dawn until dusk was nothing but a slash of whip each time she fell on the ground when she stumbled. The juicy sound of the leather slapping on her skinny body was all she could hear as a response whenever she begged for water to quench her thirst, hoping she would be granted a little amount to keep herself alive, another scar was imprinted on her. “Move! Quit slowing us down, little bitch!” One of the men accompanying her to the western borders of the kingdom yelled at her when she began walking slowly due to exhaustion.
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Chapter 2
“AH!” Layla cried when a sharp object was stuck on her side. She wasted no time and grabbed the thing only to pressed it harder instead of pulling it out. With her everyday life of beatings and maltreatment, she learned to handle physical damage on her own. *cough* She coughed out blood and knowing she wouldn’t be able to survive with too much blood loss, she swallowed it like naive she was. The thick fluid blocked her throat but it made her feel ‘better’ than leaving it dry any longer. “Spread out! Don’t let the bitch escape, or we’ll get our head off by sunrise,” she heard one of the men say. Layla guessed it was already nightfall since they didn’t easily find her. She was tempted to remove her blindfold to free her eyes, but she was scared she wou
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Chapter 3
The sky was a vast sea of darkness illuminating the kingdom of Liore. Thick clouds were scattered and even thicker ones gathered around the moon which could barely illuminate the world with its faint, serene glow. Everything was ruled by the dark and the lightning strikes drawn on the sky seconds after seconds brought terror instead of the hope of light. Thunder roared like an aggravated demon of the sky, sending shivers to the lowest of the low creatures underneath and on earth, waking up the devils in hibernation underground. It was a fateful night in which the rules of darkness would change; the ultimate collision of natural evil and an immortal hatred. A young lady wearing a white satin dress was bounded on the stone altar in the middle of the woods. She was barefooted and her feet were filled with callouses and cuts she got from walking a distance to get to the unfamiliar place. Her vision was the same as usual, dark th
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Chapter 4
The sky was slowly clearing up as the clouds moved away from the moon. The gentle moonlight gave hope to those in darkness and Layla was one of them although she couldn’t comprehend the faint light she thought she had a glimpse of. Thunders and flashes of lightning also disappeared and left no traces except the terror it brought just a while ago. It was like a nightmare that no one ever wanted to experience again. Yet fate had something in hand. Just when everything became silent… a new disaster was about to be witnessed. Not by everyone but only those who were chosen by fate. “You’re the first one to ask me a favor without bowing your head. Well, not that you can bow at your current state. Since you decided to offer your life with no resistance, I might as well listen to your wish. But you have to answer my question first,” he said. Th
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Chapter 5
It was bizarre for prey like her to thank the predator before getting devoured. For Layla’s case, it was counted as ‘normal’ since her wish was granted. In a few seconds, she was able to see the light which she dreamed of. She was glad her eye worked just fine and let her glanced at the beautiful scenery in the midst of the night, although the other one also opened up, she could tell its function didn’t work as it should. “Insane. You’re insane,” the beast said while holding in his laughter. Layla’s gesture was something he didn’t expect. He saw countless women offered to him but not someone like the one who was hugging him tightly while whispering her thanks with all her sincerity. “No, I’m not. I’m just grateful,” she responded before pulling herself away from the huge, white beast. &ldqu
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Chapter 6
The sun was beaming yet the radiant sunlight couldn't get through the thick lush forest on the East side of Loire Kingdom. The unusual growth of the trees, wild plants, and tall grasses kept anyone from the kingdom away from the forest. There was no doubt that ravenous beasts were lurking in the shadows beneath the green leaves clinging on the strong twigs and branches of gigantic trees. The Loire Kingdom was infamous for being surrounded by forests on all sides. However, despite the wide range of forests and the possible danger it could bring to the citizens, nobles would still choose to live in the kingdom as its economy was far greater and advanced than the neighboring countries. While the war was going on between different kingdoms- fighting over small pieces of land just for the benefit it could offer, famine and various epidemic spread in the whole continent. The only place that could be considered safe was the green l
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Chapter 7
Zev Wesley stared at the young lady who was keeping a confused look on her face. He was amused at how she could forget something so important that happened the previous night. In all years he was trapped in the heart of the forest where he could only live his immortal life, Zev had never encountered such a disastrous ritual like when his supposed prey turned out to be more ferocious than he was. If not for the curse cast on him, he would have been already killed. And looking at the lady’s innocent expression made him want to kill her. He despised her… particularly those pair of green irises she had. It was no doubt, the lady’s eyes were his biggest weakness as it reminded him of his past… the past he always wanted to forget. “Keep your mouth shut and don’t make any noise,” he ordered after pushing a pillow on her face. Zev stood up from the round bed and walked towards the window t
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Chapter 8
“Um… what are you doing?” Layla asked the man who was not saying anything but bumped their foreheads and that’s it. “I thought you’re going to tell me what happened?” Zev opened his eyes and moved away. “I changed my mind. It’s better if you don’t know anything,” he replied although deep in his mind, he was wondering why it didn’t work for the lady. Bumping their foreheads like that should allow them to exchange some particular memories and that’s what he did. It didn’t just turn out like what he expected. “As a punishment for breaking the deal which you proposed, you will be my companion from now own. If you don’t understand what it means to be a companion, then let me put it simply for you,” Zev held her chin and looked at her face thoroughly. “You have to s
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Chapter 9
Zev Wesley was the strongest of his kind. And his kind was superior to any other races. He was born a king. A ruler. A god. A demon. Feared by many until a curse ruined his plan to rule the world. The curse that forced him into isolation. It was a tragedy that he learned to get over with for decades, something he’s supposed to accept but that was no longer the case. The deity’s astral appearance tickled his frozen desire for revenge. And there was Layla, a newly-found companion he got. The young lady was not only fierce, but her lust was fueled with madness lurking within her. If he couldn’t achieve his goals, having someone do it for him was more befitting for a king like him. However, to have someone beside him would mean he was no longer capable on his own. Zev would rather be called a ruthless demon than a merciful king. He wanted to rule the world on his own without relying on anyone. But what could he
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Chapter 10
‘Shit!’ Layla slowly opened her eyes when she felt a various presence surrounding her. Her hairs stood up from her pores when the hungry wild animals were watching her as she crawled on the ground. She laughed, pathetically. The burning feeling she had in her chest kept boiling the blood to fuel her already mad system, turning her madder than she could ever be. Just like that, the pain and uneasiness were gone. All she felt was hunger. Layla was thirsty for cries, woes, and agony. She wanted them all together at once. “Grrr!” The lascivious pack of wolves was carefully watching her every move. They were starving, and she was their target; A piece of fresh meat to be grounded in pieces into their mouth. With the saliva hanging from their darkened fangs, Layla knew she had to be extra ca
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