Alphas war

Alphas war

By:  Meme morgan  Ongoing
Language: English
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Death and war, two things that always chased Haley around. The last war tore up her family, forcing her to kill her sister to save the world. Knowing the rogues' plans too well, they won't stop until they find the imperial phoenix pack, a rare pack of shapeshifters who vanished long ago. Haley's sister was just like them, and she guessed her niece was the same. So, to avoid history from repeating itself, Haley gave away her niece to a human couple where she will have a normal life. Ten years went by, filled with peace, or that's what Haley thought. Behind her back, the rogues were plotting the upcoming war after they knew about the young shapeshifter. Haley watched the man who helped her during those ten years die because of her mistakes. The rogues killed him as they did with her parents. And when she needed help, only five alphas stood by her side. With an upcoming war and the destiny of the goddess pack in her hands, Haley had to wait for the alpha's son to take his title, not knowing he was her destined mate.

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Thomas Gallagher
Great book
2020-09-25 01:16:24
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great story! by the way, do you have any social media to discuss your story further? if you have, please let me know. thanks in advance :)
2021-07-10 11:24:11
17 Chapters
Haley’s POVThe scent of death filled the air, blood staining the green leaves and barks of the trees, and lifeless bodies scattered in the forest along with shredded parts of humans and wolves.It was a nightmare.I shifted back to my human form and hid behind a tree from the unleashed killer.“Haley, I know you are here. Come out.” her voice came as whispers holding death threats.I turned my head to see her looking through the dead bodies, my hands clutched on the dagger as my life depended on it.“Hales, you know I won’t kill you if you give me what they want.”I squeezed my eyes shut, stopping the tears that threatened to spill out. Killing my sister was my only option to save everyone else. I kept reminding myself.My eyes flew open as a body flew across the trees. I stared at the deformed body with horror, afraid I was next.“I remember when we were kids,
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Haley’s POVDead bodies everywhere. It reminded me of what happened ten years ago, the same scene, the same scent of death. A feeling was telling me the rogue king was behind this bloodbath.I shifted back and someone handed me spare clothes. I wore them and walked to Ashton, who was staring at the horrific scene. “Are those rogues?” Ashton asked as he tried to catch a scent over the heavy smell of blood.“I don’t know,” I mumbled. I just hoped it wasn’t them. I still didn’t want to believe that my time was up.A familiar scent passed through my nostrils. “Look for any survivors,” I shouted.I pushed a few of the dead bodies, and my eyes landed on the owner of the scent. “He’s from Tyrone’s pack,” Ashton said, standing right behind me.I got on my knees and moved my shaky hand to his neck, checking his pulse. I sighe
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Scott’s POVI cracked my apartment door open and frowned when I heard voices coming from the inside. I pushed the door and found the TV on some news channel.My poor memory, I was away for two hours and forgot I left the TV on. If I wasn’t in a rush, I could’ve saved some from the electric bill.I was running out of supplies, so I went to the supermarket downtown and brought things I needed. I carried the bags and stepped inside the apartment, but dropped them as soon as I entered.My hand grabbed my chest as an intense chest pain plastered through. I fell on my knees, then crashed into the ground, trying to inhale air, but nothing came in.What was happening to me?The pain became worse. It felt like my soul was leaving my body. Soon, the darkness engulfed me, welcoming me with open arms.I don’t know how long I passed out, but I opened my eyes, staring at the white ceiling.
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Haley’s POV“I’m Hayden and this is Jayden. And yes, we are twins.” The grey-eyed alpha on Chris’s left spoke, introducing himself and saving me the time of asking about his twin, who was on his right.I studied their appearance. Both of them had the same set of grey eyes but different hair colors. Hayden had short-length jet black hair, while Jayden had medium-length hazel brown hair.“He’s the alpha of the lotus pack, and I’m the alpha of the blue moon pack,” Jayden added to his brother’s words.Twin alphas, that’s cool. I nodded with a smile, then pointed at the person on Chris’s right side.The redhead guy moved uncomfortably in his chair, muttering something under his breath, which made Chris elbow him in his side. “What the fuck, Chris?” He grumbled.“Watch your language around the lady,” the guy next to him scolded, then lo
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Scott’s POV Everything around me stopped at once. My gaze locked with her mesmerizing hazel eyes. I was lost in her eyes, feeling the bond already working at its finest. “Isn’t she beautiful?” Ambrose murmured, trying to move closer to her, but my voice stopped him. “What are you doing? You are acting as if you have never seen a woman before,” I scolded him, clenching my hands into fists, also not breaking eye contact with her. “She’s different from the other women you bring each day, she’s our-“ “Mate,” I interrupted him, completing the sentence as I stared into her hazel eyes, feeling my heart pound faster. Those captivating eyes. I couldn’t bring myself to stop staring into them. It was as if our souls were speaking to each other. Her wolf finally responded as her hazel eyes melted into gold streaks. This made Ambrose excited, also making it hard for me to control him. He wanted to touch her or take
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Haley’s POV   “I’m not opening the door, so quit it and leave me alone,” I shouted as I laid on my bed, staring at the white ceiling.
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Haley’s POV   I touched the piece of glass and closed my eyes, feeling a wave of power wash over my body. I flattered my eyes open and glanced around me. That was odd, I was still in the office. I got up, opened the door, and headed to check the place. No single person was in the packhouse or the whole territory.   So, this meant I was in the alternative space. But where’s Lily? “Haley,” Lily’s raspy voice broke into the silence. I turned my head to the sound and saw her running towards me with her arms open. She collapsed onto my body, pulling me into a hug. “I’ve missed you, sister,” Lily whispered as she buried her face in my neck. I wrapped my arms around her and cried, feeling her body warmth, smelling her scent. “I’m here with you now.” Sh
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Scott’s POV “Are you sure about this?” I asked Ashton, and he nodded his head.  
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Haley’s POV I stood in front of the huge mansion and sighed. Only a few rooms had their light on. I reached in my pocket for the black box and glanced at it. I had to give him the red stone; it was the only way t
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Haley's povWe called off the meeting and on my way out Scott grabbed my arm and pulled me to God knows where.I was having a lot of sparks from his touch and tried to ignore this strong feeling of the bond.He pushed me into my office and locked the door behind him. I was furious as he embarrassed me with his actions in front of everyone.When I looked at him, I noticed he was shifting. His canines were already out and his face was becoming hair."Help, please," he mumbled as he fell to the ground.My eyes widened as I stared at him, his bones breaking and groans of agony escaped his lips. I got on my knees and tried to calm him down, but it was no use."Don't fight the pain, let your wolf out," I said, brushing my hand over his head. He looked at me and his eyes changed to dark blue, he was breath
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