And Then Came Love

And Then Came Love

By:  LeemaLiyu  Completed
Language: English
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There's one word to describe Sabeerah AbdulMalik and that was beautiful. The rest like self-centred, proud, rude, intelligent and ruthless comes later. Sufyan Khalid is a sweet man, caring and sees the world with a positive outlook. He sees the best in everyone, never been married or in a relationship with any lady.Join this two polar opposites and read about how they navigate through life trying to dodge what life throws at them which looks eerily similar to love.

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Can I just say I am in love with Sufyan. Where do we get ourselves some of those? Thoroughly enjoying the story, the characters are relatable and it’s a delight seeing their growth
2023-01-10 02:45:22
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2021-02-01 19:19:45
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I've just started reading this book but I'm really loving it.😍😍 I'd like to see more of your works🤗🤗
2020-12-01 14:33:34
37 Chapters
Chapter One
On some days Sabeerah couldn't recognize faces, faces she's known for years will morph into a stranger's, and only then will she begin to notice their features, how their lips was stretched to their cheeks, or how full it was. How large their nose were or so pointy, she didn't think they could breathe well... All these she noticed when she was tired and just wanted to travel to somewhere like Mauritius and spoil herself silly, it's been ages she'd travel for a vacation, maybe during her teenage days."So we told the owners of the property that we won't be able to buy it and they've refused to reduce the price..."Her assistant's voice jolted her to the present where she was seated in her vast office and the girl droned about whatever she was droning about. She'd been staring at her intently as if she was listening meanwhile she was studying her face and wondering how she never noticed one of her eye was larger than the other.
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Chapter Two
Sufyan frowned his face and folded his arms around his chest when he saw her coming, he was trying to fake anger."I'm so sorry." She said in her tiny voice before stretching to kiss his cheek. He almost smiled, even on heels, she had to stretch to reach him... Short girls were the cutest just that his sister wasn't among, she was as annoying as every little sister."Haba Maryam, for one hour, a whole hour. Do you know what I could've done with my time?""I know and I'm sorry Brother Sufyan, but guess what?" She asked excitedly."What?" He asked in a bored voice, he'd been waiting for her outside the mall and now he just wanted to go hangout with his friend and his family, most especially his little cute twins."Don't freak out but I just met Halima from our former neighborhood, she's making her payments, I told her you were waiting for me outside and she's so excited to see you."
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Chapter Three
"I'm worried for her, she's twenty eight and married to her job. You know this is entirely your fault." His wife said folding her veils in accordance to color on her wardrobe."I don't get how it's my fault your adult daughter isn't interested in getting married." He said rolling over to look at her."Well you caused it, it's always Sabeerah acquire those buildings, Sabeerah make sure construction starts today, Sabeerah why hasn't the roofing equipments been delivered?" She said turning to look at him with accusing eyes."Well the family business must move." He said shrugging."Yes but she needs to be married AbdulMalik, these men are even intimidated by her, why don't you reduce her workload?" She asked softly."I can't do that, Sabeerah is useful to the companies.""But you don't appreciate her enough and Aakhil works less, he's the one who's going to be in charge one day, why don
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Chapter Four
Sufyan had an impish smile on his face as he drove to Asokoro district. His friend, Hassan was in the passenger seat looking terrified."The girl is scary man! I haven't met her but I feel like pissing my pants already." Hassan said."How can you be going to meet a girl for the first time and you're this scared? Why'd you even agree to it?" Sufyan asked."It's all my mom, she wouldn't stop bugging me about the whole thing. Apparently the girl's mom is her friend's cousin and they're worried she isn't married since she's old and all that."Sufyan honestly was tired of family members pushing for someone to get married."If she's as old as you say, isn't she supposed to be desperate to marry anyone? I mean most people tend to be, it's just humanly." He hadn't met this girl but he was intrigued by the whole situation."She definitely isn't, you know Shar'ib real estate and construction
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Chapter Five
Sabeerah intentionally took her time before coming down, she didn't bother changing out of her casual wear. She just wanted to get this meeting over with, if he was who she wanted, let the marriage whatever begin.She headed into the mini parlor and as soon as she stepped in, her eyes met with a man seated on the couch.He had smooth dark skin and beautiful face, her lips involuntarily lifted up in a smirk, she'd met different men from different places, very handsome ones, princes who'd been interested in her so him being good looking wasn't endearing, it was just a bonus.Her mother expressed her distaste in Sabeerah's outfit and tardiness with her eyes.With a tight-lipped smile she said, "Sabeerah, come and sit."The other man probably her to-be husband's friend turned to look at her, she saw him gulp before smiling at her awkwardly.Sabeerah sat next to her mother."You could've dres
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Chapter Six
It's been three weeks since Sufyan had seen Sabeerah and it's been almost impossible to not think about her. He'd had a huge fight with Hassan about his behavior and he was still apologising but Sufyan wasn't ready to rekindle their friendship.Sufyan had found Sabeerah smart mouthed, intelligent and stunningly beautiful. He was trying his best to get her out of his mind, there was no way anything would happen between the both of them considering the way they'd met. It hadn't stopped him from stalking her on her social media pages though, she didn't have much pictures of herself but she posted everyday, about her job, motivations and advices."Dunce what are you thinking about?" Zubayr's voice snapped him out of his thoughts as he stalked into his office."You're here again?" Sufyan whined."It's not your fault." Zubayr rep
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Chapter Seven
On days Sabeerah spend with her brother at the office, she was almost tempted to let him head the companies so that he'd run it down with his lack of knowledge and her father would see how much of a complete idiot his favorite child was.She couldn't though, Shar'ib would keep getting successful as long as she was her father's daughter."Why would you ever talk to them like that? You're supposed to be gentle in your dealings." She chided.He rolled his eyes at her. "Gentle with them? They need our help, not the other way around.""No that's where you have it all wrong Aakhil, we need them to sell their land to us so we have to persuade them that we're the best among all the other offers they've received.""Fuck them! We're the best, we're offering a whopping sum of fift
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Chapter Eight
Sufyan didn't hate Halima but he didn't like her either, he honestly still couldn't fathom how he'd gotten tangled with her but he was sure this was all Maryam's fault."Brother Sufyan just give it a little while, you'll love her, you'll see." Maryam said serving him a glass of juice. He was at her house visiting, her husband was out if town and her daughter was taking a nap."She's good but I'm just not feeling the whole thing, she does everything just to please me, I want a partner not a servant." He said running his hand through his hair, Halima was driving him insane, two months of being with her and he was so stressed.She always wanted to talk to him, hear from him, do things to please him. He couldn't even have a normal discussion with her because she always agreed with his views!"I don't see a problem with a woman
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Chapter Nine
"Hajrah don't you dare take another step!" Her mother's loud voice stopped her at the foot of the stairs."Umma I'm done talking about this with you." Sabeerah said with an edge to her voice."No you're not, what's with this obsession about your job? I'm tired of watching you do this to yourself." Her mother's voice broke and Sabeerah rolled her eyes before turning to her mother."I'm not doing anything to myself Umma, you're the one bothering yourself with something totally unnecessary.""Not being rude Addah but it's not unnecessary, I mean...""I will walk over there and hit you if you say another word." Sabeerah interrupted glaring at Huda who flinched before picking up her phone and giving it all her attention."Sabeerah it's high time, don't you
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Chapter Ten
Sufyan's cheeks were begining to hurt from how much he'd had to fake smile, at this point, he wished he could disappear from this moment.Hadassah gave him a sympathetic smile. "You look tired Brother Sufyan and I'm sure we're all boring you."Two pairs of eyes belonging to Zubayr and Halima turned to look at him."Eh, just a little." Sufyan said with a little laugh. Somehow Halima had blackmailed him into having to bring her along to a dinner invitation from Zubayr and Hadassah, and now he wasn't even enjoying himself.Halima looked at him with worry and he felt his heart clench with guilt. "Should we leave?" She asked."No, no. I'm fine." He said immediately, he wasn't ready to be alone with her."He has to be." Zubayr said thro
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