Give Me A Second Chance

Give Me A Second Chance

By:  AnishaxAhsinashi  Completed
Language: English
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Riya and Kayish were madly in love, so deeply that everyone believed that they would end up in a happy married life. That's how he loved her. He was very possessive of his property, especially when it comes to his girl.On the other hand, Riya was blindly in love with him. She left her parents because of him, she found her happiness within him and was ready to start a new life but an unexpected tragedy happened in their life that no one could have predicted.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~She had good news for him. She was so happy. After all those things that she has been through, finally, their family will be complete. She already waited a whole day and she now she just couldn't wait to share her happiness with him. But just as she was about to tell him, he broke her fragile heart into a million pieces and left her saying it was all just a drama he played with her all along; The marriage which she preached was just another key to win her trust and to fulfill his vengeance. He dumped her that day without knowing that he left a piece of him growing inside her.Does he get the chance to know about his child? What will happen when these two cross their paths in the future? Will they let go of their revenge and ego and hatred to get back their love? Or will it be too late for him to realize his mistake?Read to find out what happens. : )

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default avatar
Great book easy reading
2023-11-09 02:00:02
user avatar
loves it ..
2023-11-02 15:25:44
user avatar
Moon Fairy
lovely.. worth of time
2023-08-19 01:28:10
default avatar
Shubha Manohar
Good novel, enjoyed reading it
2022-10-09 04:05:38
user avatar
Feriha Laraib
some chapters are missing
2022-06-17 06:18:10
user avatar
Catherene Aparo Ra
I think it good story , I just started to red this come the chapters is so expensived? the flashback makes confusing...
2021-09-04 16:04:58
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Cres Suello Calesa
why this have no free into other app no ned to purchase coin its 100% free?
2021-08-31 07:11:40
user avatar
Lou White
Loved it all the way to the end! Great writing!
2021-08-07 08:54:04
user avatar
Easy, good, quick read!
2021-08-04 20:50:32
user avatar
short and sweet
2021-07-30 02:05:11
user avatar
Rushell Mae Urquiola Caballero
good novel😘
2021-07-10 00:48:58
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Ann Marie Garza
Enjoyed this story very much! Great book!
2021-07-01 09:05:52
user avatar
love the storyline
2021-06-27 03:01:08
default avatar
The story is okay but not that intense to the point that i wont let go my phone to finish it.
2021-06-25 00:54:28
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Danielle Tyrrell
Great story with lots of twists.
2021-06-22 11:28:18
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74 Chapters
    Finally, after days and days of hard work, our senior year exams were over. We are free from what we call hellhole. I was so excited to see him again and tell him the news that would change our lives forever.   We had absolutely no plans for the future, not yet at least. All this time our main focus was only on our upcoming exams, which thankfully ended. But in the end, things turned against our wish and God blessed us with a baby, and now just a little bit of patience and then a little bundle of joy will be joining with our little family.   I am seven weeks pregnant with a healthy baby. At first, I thought that I had some viral disease. Don't blame me! The dizziness and nausea made me think that way up until yesterday.   Me carrying his child inside my womb made my heart jolt with happiness. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs saying 'I am officially going to be his. We are going to w
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Chapter 1
    4 years Later........     Riya's POV:     "Miss Kader, you have been selected as a Project Manager at the Global Institute Of Technology at NYU. They are providing a good salary. So, what do you say? Are you going to accept this offer or decline it as you have before?" My boss asked me.   He was a man in his mid-fifties and was like a father figure to me. When his son found me, lying unconscious on the road, he took me to the hospital and his dad insisted that I come to their home and he treats me as his own daughter til now. He even offered me a job at his company. I couldn't be luckier to find a family like this, even after losing everything I had.   He has three sons, all of them are older than me. They get really overprotective over me and Sweety.   Mr Smith is so professional when it comes to his w
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Chapter 2
    Note: guys! Please don't skip the past wind. It also plays important role in this book and will give the satisfaction once you come to the end of this book. If you skip the past wind (As many of you are interested in reading the present terms) there would be a chance to hate the main characters not knowing how they were before.      ~~~Past Wind~~~   As I was walking through the hallway ridiculing Claire about her previous encounter with our English professor along with my friends, out of nowhere, someone shoved me hard on the wall by my shoulders and crashed his lips on mine against my will for what seemed like a whole fucking minute.   I struggled out of his grasp but he had a strong grip on my waist, stopping me to move further. I tried to
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Chapter 3
  ~~~Past Wind~~~   "Gotta say this girl, you've got a lot of guts in your spine." Claire teased me as I was trying to put the ball into the court but alas! Failed once again to do so, because my stupid best friend was distracting me and not letting me concentrate. If only she stopped talking for once.   We are currently playing basketball and she wouldn't shut up about today's god damn incident with Kayish.   "For fuck's sake can you please just shut your mouth and let me focus on the game for once?" I scolded her as I caught the ball my teammates passed on to me.   "Okay! But I better get an explanation later," She yelled before leaving the basketball court and finally giving me a chance to breathe.   Though I have to admit, I was kinda hurt by her reaction towards the incident. Ever since that episode happened, she kept on asking me to give her all the juicy detai
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Chapter 4
    ~~~Past Wind~~~   Today March 8, we are going to celebrate Women's day and we all know It's solely for girls and all the girls are dressing up like a princess.   I am wearing a baby blue dress which ended up just below my knees. A thick, yet, the fancy belt was wrapped around my waist adding more beauty to my costume.   The black 3' stiletto has excess the beauty of mine and my dress. Totally I look like an angel. Letting out a sigh of relief, satisfied with my outlook, I grabbed my purse before climbing out of the car.   I started to walk towards the campus, plastering a huge smile on my face. Dylan Bryce, the senior from our college is going to propose to me.   He said he has planned the biggest surprise for me and I wonder how exciting it could be. I'm so eager to see him.    Speaking of him, he's almost 6.5 ' and has cre
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Chapter 5
    "Mom! A boy named Karan pulled my clip from my hair..." With the continuous hiccupping Sweety is complaining about how awful her day turned out at her school. "He stole my lunch box and even made me fun infowntt of my fwwnts."  She continued the story and ended up crying very louder.    Time like this, always make me feel like I'm the worst mother to her, especially when I can't even take her to school on her first day. And to acknowledge that she's more mature than other kids at her age, makes me feel responsible for her emotion as well.   "Sweety, baby. It's okay. He might only want to be your friend and want to taste your lunch." I attempted to give a goo
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Chapter 6
    ~~~Past Wind~~~   "Kayish enough!!" I cried loudly but he didn't stop punching the guy hard on his stomach. I tried to stop him but he shoved me away and continued his attack on the guy over and over again.   "Leave it Kayish, Please!! He’s not worth it." I begged him to let that poor guy go and sunk to the floor feeling defeated when I figured that he is not going to listen to me. Finally, he met my eyes and his features soften a bit. He let the poor guy go and walked towards me. He kneeled beside me and the angry gaze he had on his face was replaced with pure worry.   "You okay?" He asked while cupping my cheeks in his hands. I managed a nod but flinched slightly when his finger barely brushed my lips. In an instant, his features changed and he tried really hard to control them. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before opening them with hurt and worry
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Chapter 6a
    "Dad! I didn't expect this from you!" The angry voice roared from behind me that made me freeze on my spot once again.   Mr. Miller went towards his son and tried to embrace him in a hug so I moved left side a little to give them some space but Kayish shoved his hands away. How rude? My beating heart became lauder and my worries became worst. If I stay here Kayish will figure out who I am, and he probably will start a scene.   I know him well, he’s the type of person who doesn't care much about people around him except himself, and I don't want to involve in any scene at this moment, especially in front of Mr. Miller.   I took this time as my cue to leave and prepared a better excuse to face Kayish in another moment. I know it will be soon but not at this moment. When I was about to turn my heels Mr. Miller called my name.   Oops!   "I'm not fin
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Chapter 7
    Right after the meeting, everyone has been told by the host to go to the hall where the lunch is being served. I headed to my office to relax and I just sat in my chair and slumped my shoulders.   My mind wanders to the way Kayish looked at me a moment ago. I can't deny that the way he sent the message to me made my worries rise. "You have to be strong, Riya. You can't hurt yourself now, not physically nor mentally. Don't allow him to rule your world again, no more hiding and afraid of him." I said to myself and repeated it like a mantra to make myself stronger.   "Hey, you there! I'm looking for you everywhere." Juliet's voice snapped me out of my reverie. She peeked his face at my door and gave me a worried look once she saw my uncomfortable face.   "Hi, Juliet. Are you not joining the lunch?" I gave her a tight smile and tried to make the conversation neutral. Guess she already has anothe
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Chapter 7a
    "Call me Kayish, please. No formalities. After all, you are my...hmp..." He cleared his throat just to swallow whatever sinful comments he was about to pour.   "After all you're the project manager and the daughter of my dad's friend." He then gave me a knowing look but a bit of confusion twinkled across his face for what seemed to be a rare second.    Bang! He got the point.   "It means you are a friend to my family, no formalities between friendship. Right, dad?" surprisingly, he managed a good answer and it impressed his dad more.   Good actor. He could have got a good chance in Cini field if he had tried once.   "Yeah! Her dad is my close friend. It's an honour for me to have his daughter working for us, please do me a favor Kayish, you need to take care of her, my friend always said that she's a gem to his family, and we will not break a ge
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