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What do you desire? Wealth, Fame or Women? Anything you desire can be fulfilled in The Great Black Sea. Set in the medieval period, six friends depart on a journey after their friend gets diagnosed with an unknown disease with no cure. They need to search for a fish which is in a holy pond on an island and has power to fulfill any wish. But what lies for them are the hardships and challenges in the form of cannibal tribes, hungry fairies, ball munching mermaids, pirates and even genies. Will they be able to reach the island and save their friend? Will they be driven by their own desires and betray each other? You have to read to find out. This is an epic ride which will make you delve deep inside yourself in a fun way.

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29 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Ahh, ahh, you are going too deep," She moaned, leaning by her chest on the wall. "I know, no one can resist my thing," Subham said, pushing it into her from behind. Subham, 22-year-old, was the son of a rich merchant. He did nothing but f*ck. A f*ckboy who only thought that women were only meant for sex. He had small black eyes, pale yellow skin, half bald head with short brown hair, thin body and a humongous d*ck. You think that how did I know all this? Well, I watched him doing all those things which I always wanted to do. "Ahh, deeper!" She said with her eyes rolled up, sticking her tongue out. Both reached their climax in a blink. "Ahh, I can't hold it in," She moaned. "Let's release it together," Subham said, and came inside her. He stood there, leaned his upper half body on her back and panted. And here I was, standing beside them while holding their clothes. He made me a hanger for his clothes whenever he made out with someone. I could not count how many girls
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Chapter 2 (Introduction)
I and Subham were childhood friends. When we were young, we used to play together. His father didn't like it and always scolded my father for this. He always believed that the lower class were meant to serve the upper class. So, they could never be equal. My friends arrived at the doctor's place after hearing the news about Subham's condition. They also used to play with us. We lost touch somehow as we all went to our separate ways to fulfill our dreams. I never had one. Watching them together filled my eyes with tears. "Hey, is this true?" Rahul asked in a tensed voice. Rahul was a huge guy with a height over six feet. He was dark-skinned and had big bulky muscles. He worked as a cart puller in the Royal capital of Bambai. His short black hair, triangular face and small black eyes made him look quite dashing. Despite having all the features of a muscleman, he had a kind heart and never hurt a soul in his life. He was wearing a full-sleeved t-shirt like something which was lookin
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Chapter 3
Subham's condition was getting worse with each passing minute. We could hear his moans coming from the doctor's chamber, which indicated to his suffering. As his moans got louder and frequent, we got more and more worried. His father could not stop himself and tried to get inside. We tried our best to stop him but he still pushed the door and went in. We also ran into the room and were shocked to see that the doctor was shaking Subham's weewee!? Nope, he did nothing like that. At the moment we entered, we found Subham lying on the bed, unconscious, covered in sweat and moaning in pain. The doctor looked at us. His anger was clearly visible on his face. He was sitting beside Subham, placing a wet cloth on his forehead to control his fever. He wanted to vent his anger on us, but he chose not to. The reason was clear, there was a patient in the room. "Doctor, how is he?" Subham's father asked, almost whispering. Doctor looked at him. "Not good. If his condition gets worse, we might
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Chapter 4
I could not believe my ears. This old man slept with a fairy? Unbelievable. "What is 'Ichha Matsya'?" Surya asked. I too wanted to know what exactly that fairy wanted him to find. "If you translate the words, it will be 'The Wish Fish'. This word came from the foreigners," The doctor replied. I looked into his eyes. "One more thing, what was her name?" "Pallavitra," He said softly. How could mythical creatures be real? I could not believe his words. Everything he said, seemed like a made-up story. But his eyes... his eyes were not lying. "So, did you get your answers?" Ashok asked him. "No, I never set sail in the seas. After her death, I returned to my parents. They forgave me and took me in. I started working as a doctor in the village. And when they passed away, I came back to my sweet home. The bed you are sitting on is the one on which she took her last breath. This small shabby looking house was once a house of my dreams." I noticed he had a lot of wealth. He owned
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Chapter 5
Next day, we were standing in front of the king in the royal court. Subham's father used his influence and made us enter the court as early as possible. Of course, why wouldn't he? His son was dying. We were standing in a really large hall with huge pillars. Many soldiers were standing here and there guarding the royal court. The King's throne was higher than the ground. Almost ten to twelve feet higher. They studded it with gold and gems. The ministers stood on both the sides in queues. King Rajavarma was sitting on that throne. I was stunned after seeing the shine in his eyes. He was wearing a golden crown with gems studded in it. He had yellow skin, black eyes, dense moustache and beard. He must be in his forties. He was wearing a red surcoat, gold belt and tight stockings. I was sweating from my forehead and my palms. I had never met a king in my life. "Tell me your problem," He said, sitting proudly on his throne. I was looking at Bhaskar, hoping that he would be the one t
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Chapter 6
Next day, a wooden ship was prepared for us. We were ready to depart. Thousands of people came to see us off. I did not know that the word will be spread like a wildfire. How the hell they all came to know about our departure to the great black sea in just a day? Anyway, I felt overwhelmed. We were at the Bambai sea port. My friends were saying their last goodbyes to their families. I didn't know how they managed to convince them to go on a suicidal journey. Well, I don't care about that. The king was also present there with his minister Induvir and his bodyguards. I went to him, touched his feet, and asked for his blessings. They kept food and resources worth a month in the ship's storage. They gave us weapons like swords, bow and arrows and even spears to counter any kind of danger. They even gave us a sailor who was convicted of a crime few years ago. The king promised to set him free if we all return alive. He was an old man, must be in his sixties. He was wearing a green fur
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Chapter 7
It had been two days since we left. I and Surya observed the sea from the upper deck. Rest of them were sleeping in their rooms. The cold wind and the deep fragrance of the sea were making me enjoy the journey. The weather was not as cold as I thought. The warm sunlight falling on my skin made me have orgasms. "It has been two days now," I mentioned. "Yeah, still a long way to go," Surya said. "I don't know what we are going to face there. We not only have to be careful in The Great Black Sea but also around that old man Ghosavasu." I looked far in the sea. "He has not done any suspicious activity yet. Let's see what he does when we reach there." Surya picked up the spear which was kept leaning by the wall. "If he tries to do anything, I will shove this right into his ass." He showed the tip of the spear when he spoke. Surya was a childish guy. He always tries to have fun in any situation. Despite being an adult, he loved to play with toys. He was the mood maker of our group.
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Chapter 8
I almost peed in my pants after witnessing that pirate's strength. Bhaskar was lying in a pool of blood. Pirate Agnitejas was having a smirk on his face. "Let's see who is next." "Stay back!" Ghosavasu shouted to us. "He is more dangerous than you think!" "Do I know you?" Agnitejas asked, looking at Ghosavasu when he heard his warning to us. "No, but I know you," Ghosavasu answered. "I once fought you and your crew while travelling in the sea." "Oh, then I must have massacred your comrades," Agnitejas said with a smirk. "You..." Ghosavasu looked furious after hearing this. His red face and clenched fist were clearly showing that. "Hah, it seems I was right," Agnitejas grinned. "I must have tasted their warm blood too." "Stop..." "You were not able to save your comrades back then. I will massacre your comrades again. And you will not be able to do anything again." "Stop..." This was bad. I could sense Ghosavasu's anger. I knew Agnitejas was trying to provoke him, and he wa
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Chapter 9
It was night time. I, Surya and Rahul were tied together to a mast, while Ghosavasu, Ashok and Govind were tied to another. Agnitejas and his crewmates were drunk and were having a party on our ship. Seriously? And we just watched them eating away all our food and resources we from the king. "We have to think of something to get out of here," I whispered. "And where would we go? We are in middle of the sea," Surya said. "There is no way we are getting out of here." Whatever he was saying was correct. There was no way for us to get out of there. Still, I did not want to lose hope and die a miserable death. "There must be a way." "Arsh is right." Rahul agreed with me. "We should not lose hope. We should think of something." I was the one who had the most negative thoughts a while ago. Now, I was the one motivating my friends to not lose hope. I did not want to die... Not yet... Not like this, at least... They were singing, dancing and jumping here and there. Agnitejas sat on h
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Chapter 10
I still could not believe that it was happening in real. She was still holding my thing. But now... She was headless. I was terrified as hell. I could not think straight. It took me moments to realize it happened in real. Agnitejas removed her body that had dropped on mine. The feeling of her hand leaving my thing gave me chills. The smell of the blood was turning my mind blank. "Men!" Agnitejas shouted. Two of his crew members came running. They also got a bit scared after looking at the situation in the room. "Dump these in the sea," Agnitejas ordered, throwing her head on the floor. They picked her body and head and went out of the room. I was still lying on the bed with a terrified look on my face. The moment when her head fell on my chest revolved around my eyes. Agnitejas walked out of the room with his women. Pirates came to the deck with a head and a torso with them and my friends spotted at them. "Oye, isn't that head..." Rahul mentioned with a shocked look on his
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