Sold To The Vampire Prince - Awakening My Darkest Desires

Sold To The Vampire Prince - Awakening My Darkest Desires

By:  Lexi  Completed
Language: English
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‘It’s a fucking diamond ring! Why is it on your finger?’ I roared she looked up at me, strands of her hair framing her face her tear-soaked face making her skin look blotchy. She whimpered as more tears rolled down her face. ‘Weak and pathetic! How is it that he wants you over me!’ I glared at her, lowing my head so that we were eye to eye. Fear filled her face tenfold when I showed her my fangs. She gulped. ‘I don’t know Zac gave it to me, please,’ I slapped her again, I didn’t want to hear this. I heard her cry out again. ‘What do you want’ she begged. ‘I want you gone,’ I raised back up, so I was standing over her, she cowered back into the chair. ‘I can’t leave,’ she whispered helplessly. Zelda is a Siren captured from the depths of the sea at a young age to be sold as a sex slave to the Vampire Prince. Zaikai is an arrogant entitled Vampire who needs an heir in order to become King of the realm. After the two meet they find themselves drawn together with an intense chemistry. Both uncertain as to what the future will hold, trouble is always around the corner and before they are able to change the dynamics of their relationship disaster strikes causing everything they had hoped to unravel. Will Zaikai's past cost him his future? Can Zelda claim her freedom? Will the two get past the hurt and betrayal and find love?

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Angel Smrekar
This book was very well written, had the least amount of comments per paragraph that I’ve ever seen. But it was fun to read and follow. Looking forward to the next in the series.
2024-04-11 09:17:28
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Vikki Lee
This book was hands down the best read! I could not put it down. Can't wait for the next book
2023-11-01 07:26:53
default avatar
Please update ...️!
2023-02-15 23:49:57
default avatar
Becky Sophie
Pleas leave a review if you enjoyed this book. Part 2 will be coming shortly.
2023-09-12 20:48:45
99 Chapters
Thirteen years ago Zelda The morning was like any other, snuggled up with my pillow and teddies. ‘Good morning munchkin,’ as I kiss his little button nose. I’ve had munchkin for as long as I can remember and never sleep without him. ‘Zelda! Are you awake yet?’ mum is always shouting to wake me up in the morning, she thinks I can’t get out of bed for anything. I just sigh and roll over she will be pulling my fin out of bed in no time. I’m not sure why she is in a rush this morning its Sunday! No school or anything planned as far as I know. I can hear my sister Carabella singing in the next room, probably bushing her hair and admiring herself in the mirror. She is considered the beauty of the family, at only two years older than me seems a little unfair as I’m still growing into my features, so what if my nose is a little big for my face, I’m 5, I’ve got more important things to worry about. Although, when you have a sister who seems perfect in everyway people can’t help but compare
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2. Sold
Present day Zelda I jump up in bed with a start I haven’t dreamt about that night in such a long time. It doesn’t even feel like it happened to me, but it did, I know it did. I bring my hand to my chest and place it over my heart and breath in and out over and over until I can feel calm again. I release one last drawn breath. And look up around my room. Today is my 18th birthday and instead of doing whatever fun things I would like to do, celebrate with my family, friends even a boyfriend. Today is the day I am to be sold. From one capture to another. In the end this one wasn’t so bad, the first few years I missed my family like crazy, still do but the hole in my chest doesn’t feel so raw anymore. I used to fantasie about the door being broken down and being rescued but I gave that dream up after the first 5 years of being here. No one is coming. As I was deemed pure when I was captured all those years ago, I was inspected by some doctor when I arrived at the facility. I was placed
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3. Caught in the act
60 years ago Zaikai ‘God Zac you animal, harder,’ Laelia is screaming underneath me. I pound my dick inside her as she holds onto the sheets like her life depends on it, her juices are flowing freely, coating my dick, balls and thighs I can’t imagine anything feeling better than this. This is the fourth round now and I’m still hard as anything, I pushed Laelia to her limits and I still am and not satisfied. I’m not too sure what is missing, it feels amazing she is squeezing my dick and juicing all over me as I fuck her from behind. Grunting I flip her around and drive into her with her legs over my shoulder going as deep as I can and its still not enough. I push down into her and suck on one of her tits that has escaped her corset. I bite down hard, and she screams my name clenching around me. She is close to cumming I can feel it, the way her back arches off the bed, the look she gives me begging me not to stop, begging to push her over the edge. I pinch her clit and smirk up at h
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4. Father and Son
Zaikai I emerged back into my quarters and my father was nowhere to be seen. The room smelt heavily of sex and sweat. Rumpled sheets and pillows strewn everywhere, I smirk kneeling down I pick up what’s left of Laelia’s crotchless thong and bring it up to my nose to sniff. Smelling her arousal is going to get me going again so I shake my head and walk to my dresser and put on some joggers and t-shirt on, stuffing the remnants of her thong back in my pocket, I’ll return them to her later …. I’m sure she will have got over the incident with my father by then and be desperate for me again. Just how I like it. I head over to my study where I find my father staring out the window waiting for me to emerge. He doesn’t even look my way as I enter. ‘Take a seat.’ ‘This is my office; you can’t tell me what to do here.’ At that point he turns towards me, the look on his face is one I’ve not seen before. Strike that, its one I’ve not seen directed at me before, normally that look is given to
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5. Preparations
Thirteen years ago Zaikai I wake to hear my phone ringing; I reach over the body next to me to answer. ‘Hello?’ ‘Good morning your prince, I have just received word that we have found what you were looking for. She’s too young to be given to you at this moment but in a few years, she will be ready for you. I suggest you make your preparations for her arrival; I will send her details over to you once we have done a full physical check on the girl so you can confirm she meets your requirements. I’ll be in touch.’ I sank back down in my pillow, honestly a little dazed as I really didn’t think this day would come. I gave such specific requirements that the odds of anyone meeting that description just seemed mad. I don’t even know which facility contacted me. Just must wait for the details to come through. I know which one I’m hoping for, although I wasn’t species specific, I was more of a precise aesthetic. Which I partly picked because it would be amazing and because I have yet to f
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6. Journey Home
Zelda The man holding my hand is gorgeous, I’m beyond relieved he isn’t a wrinkled prune I didn’t want my first time to be like that. My body seems to be having a meltdown and I’m struggling to keep a coherent thought, my facilities’ are all over the place. I hope to make good impression, it’s been so long since I’ve seen another being let alone touched one my emotions are all over the place. Zac smells delicious it’s a masculine heady musk that I can’t quite work out. He seems kind with his gentle smiles but there is a hunger in his eyes that is driving my body wild. I keep trying to take centering breaths, but I keep inhaling his exotic scent. In the end I focus on his hand holding mine where is thumb is drawing small circles, its soothing and I imagine his hands rubbing circles else where on my body. I stumble in these dame heels and his arm reaches out to grab my waist bringing me flush against his tall toned muscular body, I can feel all the ridges of his muscles through his sh
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7. Expectations
Zaikai I had been watching her the entire journey here, I was shocked I was already feeling possessive of her I couldn’t stand my driver looking at her. One thing about vampires is that we have addictive personalities, we can become obsessed and focus in on one thing. Depending on what it is varies from each vampire, most having this with the hunt and feeding, although we have a constant supply of blood at the castle there is no need for it, some do it for sport, other get obsessed with money, status, lust, rarely is it focused solely on one being, though I was starting to worry that might be the case for me, I had the need to constantly be touching her, its why I held her close as often as I could and reluctant to put her down. I had to though I am just a stranger still and don’t want to overwhelm her too much. ‘Zelda, I have a few expectations of you, and although some might seem odd, its how things need to be for me to trust you and you me.’ I cleared my throat trying to think th
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8. First time
ZeldaMy body was quivering and withering in pleasure, a pleasure I had never experienced before. I was nervous and excited when Zac began to touch me and when he was sucking and flicking my nipples, I almost lost my mind. As soon as he ventured lower, I thought I was going to pass out with how much pleasure he was giving me, I peered up at him watching him devour my pussy, he was holding my hips in place to stop me from wriggling away. I had never been so turned on in my whole life, every now and again his handsome face would look up at me and giving me a mischievous wink and then assault my clit until I could hardly breathe. I could feel my body tighting pressure was building, I was going to combust at any moment. He was relentless I couldn’t stop myself from pulling at the covers and the moans that left me were getting louder and louder soon the whole castle would know what was happening.‘Zac, I can’t …. Nhaaaaa,’ I was breathlessly pleading with him.‘You can, and you will take i
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9. Ambushed
Zelda It had been several weeks since I arrived and Zac and I were getting along, the only rest I got is when he had to leave to handle his duties as prince. Which I was grateful for as when he was here, he was either on me or in me. He had such stamina I guess being technically ‘dead’ meant you didn’t get tired and as much as I loved it, I was always relieved when he would have to leave as I could rest. The soreness between my legs was a reminder of that. Sleep wasn’t always guaranteed, Zac liked to snuggle up to me with his head on my breast and his leg over my hip with his hands pulling me close. It was nice to be held and I found the hole in my chest start to close when he held me. There were nights I dreamt of being taken and he would sooth me back to sleep kissing my head and holding me tight. Of course, he was insatiable and didn’t need half as much sleep as I did there have been several times, I have woken up to him playing and teasing more body. Waking up with an orgasm is
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10. A Drink
Zaikia Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I was foolish to think Laelia wouldn’t try something. I didn’t expect anything so soon. That was not how I wanted them to meet. Honestly, I NEVER wanted them to but that was stupid it was inevitable they would. But Zelda, to see her wet, naked looking as beautiful as always but so vulnerable whilst Laelia said all those vial things to her. She remained composed but I could see in her eyes the confusion the hurt the betrayal. Honestly, since Zelda arrived, I haven’t thought of anyone else, as soon as I had a taste of her she has been a drug to me, I can’t get enough of her, she consumes me, the feel of her body, her taste, her sounds I find myself just gazing at how utterly beautiful she is. She has no idea the power she holds over me. I don’t feel sane unless a part of me is touching her. She’s taken over me I crave her almost as much as blood. It actually hurts to be away from her. I’ve never pleasured any women before. Would have them pleasure me and use th
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