Alpha Enforcer: Damon

Alpha Enforcer: Damon

By:  BurntAsh3s  Completed
Language: English
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Damon Woods is the next Alpha Enforcer. They are jaguar shifters and the law keepers of the supernatural world. Damon lives through his own betrayal and loss when he's tasked with babysitting a human writer.Finley Blake lives in a world where her fantasy novels are seen as a threat by the wolf packs. She has no clue that what she writes is actually the truth. She doesn't like people and she's also not really Finley Blake. She's in hiding from her husband and when her neighbour worms his way into her life, she feels her walls crumble.Join Damon and Finley on their journey where he tries to keep her safe, breaks the laws and also breaks her trust and heart. Finley struggles to accept the truth, even when it literally stares her in the eye. Will fated love prevail or will the hurt of the past be too much for them?

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Nihilett Blackman
Awesome read loved every minute of it!!!
2024-01-22 12:34:40
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Loved the story, the characters and the concept. Well worth the read! Well done. ...
2023-12-12 04:38:17
default avatar
Fantastic story, lots of character development and super interesting plot. Well worth the time! I could not put the book down.
2023-11-11 23:23:19
user avatar
Very Unique Style and Love it
2023-08-22 02:48:40
user avatar
Thoroughly enjoying this book so far! Such a unique take on the supernatural genre and captivating storyline. Highly recommend!
2023-08-08 06:21:37
61 Chapters
There are things in life that can’t be explained. Why me? Why do we live and go through all these horrific moments just to die at the end of it? My life seemed right on track. My father was the Alpha of our clowder, the lead Enforcer, a loving husband, a good Alpha and a great father.On my tenth birthday Oracle Bloom appeared at the gifting ceremony, I would finally find out where my place in this world would be. I had prayed and prayed to be an Enforcer like my father, to successfully lead my people when my turn came. Only an Enforcer blessed by an Oracle could be the next Alpha and I wanted this more than I’d ever wanted anything in my life.“Damon Woods, step forth child,” she said as her eyes glowed.I took a step forward, my soul brimming with confidence. Tonight I would also be able to talk to my beast for the first time. My father looked at me proudly, he always looked at me proudly and I wanted to be him when I grew up.Oracle Bloom touched my forehead and I felt something po
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Part One
Four years later… “You can’t cancel your own birthday celebration,” Jared said to me.“Why not?” I asked him. I wasn’t looking forward to it. I would be twenty-one soon and be able to meet my bonded half, or my mate, the one meant for me, the one that would calm my anger and soothe my troubles, the one made for me for eternity.“Firstly, you’ll give Elder Isaac just more ammunition against you and secondly, think of all the girls from sixteen to twenty who would be heartbroken if you did,” he said to me and I laughed at him.“I hate this,” I said to him.“I know but unfortunately this is how it works, you’re an Alpha so everything you do is public knowledge and cause for a celebration, especially if you find your mate on your birthday,” he said to me.“I don’t know if I’m ready for that, a lifetime commitment, settling down,” I said to him.“You don’t have a choice, that bond does the magic for you, once you meet her, you’ll want all those things,” he said.“Please don’t let her be s
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Part Two
“How long will you be gone?” Iris asked me as we stood in my bedroom.“A few days,” I said to her.“Will you miss me?” she asked with a sly smile.“Of course, will you miss me?” I asked her as I placed my arms around her waist.“Not even a little bit,” she said and chuckled as I pushed her backwards until her back met the wall.“Are you sure?” I asked her as I started kissing her.She pressed herself against me and I almost groaned at her teasing. We had another month to go before she turned eighteen and the past eleven months had been pure torture for me since she lived in the packhouse and I saw her all the time.Her scent was intoxicating and the need to spend time with her was just ridiculous. I took more and more assignments just to try and clear my head because I wasn’t sure how long I could keep my hands to myself.“Now I’m sure you’ll miss me,” she said as her hand strayed down my side and she lingered at the top of my jeans fiddling with the button.“You’re a bitch,” I whispe
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Part Three
I showered and dressed in jeans and another t-shirt for lunch and the inspection meeting afterwards. Jared was waiting for me in the hall and we entered the dining hall together as many heads turned towards us.“Good afternoon Alpha Damon, I’m Winston,” the young man said as he stood up and shook our hands.“You can call me Damon, how was your training?” I asked him as he led us back to the Alpha table.“Is that a trick question?” he asked me and laughed.“Who is in charge of training?” I asked him.“I am together with the Gamma, Bruce,” he said and nodded his head to a man sitting at the end of the Alpha table.“Your border guards are lax and unprepared for an attack,” I said to him as his eyes darkened.“They’ve reported the matter to me,” he said.“A suggestion if I may,” I said and looked at him.“Of course, that’s why you’re here right,” he said and I knew he didn’t like this. Alphas liked to think that they were mighty rulers and nobody could teach or tell them anything.“Border
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Part Four
I sent the Omega, whose name was Catherine, with Max who would take her to the Council for relocation and also inform them about our recommendations with regard to the pregnancy and the penalty I had already imposed.“You were very lenient today,” Jared remarked as I drove towards the next location on our list.“Not in the long run,” I said to him with a smile.“What do you mean? You gave him a pass,” Jared said.“Did I? He’s going to pay for the next eighteen years and if that baby’s a boy he can challenge Winston for the Alpha seat one day,” I said as Jared looked at me.“Do you think he realizes that?” he asked me.“Not yet,” I said“Are you going to tell the Omega that?” he asked me.“She has a name Jared. I will most definitely be seeing Catherine again and I might even extend her the courtesy of visiting our pack to train that baby if he’s a boy and reaches the age of ten,” I said to him.“You really don’t like this guy, do you?” he asked me.“Not in the slightest,” I said.“Nei
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Part Five
Two weeks later…We had visited almost all the assignments on our list and we had one last pack left to visit. We were tired and irritated and by now both Jared and I just wanted to go home. I had left Max and Justin with Catherine to help her get settled with the Council and help her choose a new pack.We were driving down a wooded lane but Axel suddenly flicked his tail and sat upright in my head. I caught their scent a moment later and I turned to Jared who had fallen asleep with his head against the window.“Jared,” I said loudly.“What?” he asked me with his eyes still closed.“I’m going to pull off in a clearing up ahead, get ready to shift, we’re being tailed by rogues on both sides of the forest,” I said to him.“Shit,” he said wide awake.It was seven pm at night and we were about five miles from the packhouse of the Goodwin pack. I had no idea why rogues were following us and if Goodwin’s pack had already been attacked. I took my shoes off as I kept driving and threw them on
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Part Six
Iris and Charlotte stood on the steps in front of the packhouse as Jared parked the car. Charlotte ran down the steps and into Jared’s arms as she hugged him tightly and he’d barely had a chance to get out of the car.I walked up the steps as I looked at Iris. Today was her eighteenth birthday and acceptance ceremony. She didn’t look like someone who hadn’t seen their bonded half in three weeks and I wondered if something had happened.“Happy Birthday Iris,” I whispered as I reached her and she finally smiled at me.“Welcome home Alpha,” she said and then she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me hello.She followed me upstairs to my room where I unpacked my suitcase and then lay on my back on the bed next to where she was sitting. I was utterly exhausted and I knew Jared was too. We hadn’t slept much the last week as we rushed to finalize things to be back in time for tonight’s ceremony.“You should rest before tonight,” she said as she gave me a kiss on the cheek.“I’m plann
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Part Seven
“Good morning Alpha,” Jared said as he breezed into my office looking a bit surprised to find me there. Usually newly mated couples didn’t leave their rooms for at least two days as they became acquainted with the strength of the bond.“Morning,” I said somewhat rudely to him. What happened wasn’t his fault, but Iris was his sister and I had to wonder if he knew about this other guy.“I’m surprised to find you in the office already working,” he said as he picked up the landline and ordered coffee for both of us.“Work waits for no man,” I said to him.“Damon… what’s going on?” he asked me.“Did you know?” I asked him. He was my best friend and I had to know the truth even if I had to make him submit.“Know what?” he asked me with a frown.“That your sister is in love with someone else,” I said to him.“Bullshit,” he said with a laugh.I kept quiet and just looked at him trying to read his emotions and the expression on his face which was one of disbelief. I wanted so badly to believe
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Part Eight
The following morning I felt like a different version of me, the me I used to be before imprinting on Iris and playing nice for a year just to be duped. I had a smile on my face as I got dressed and so far I had successfully ignored Iris’s phone calls and texts.I walked to the Council Headquarters again and this time the man behind the counter just waved me through and I took the elevator up to the nineteenth floor again. Natanya stood on the other side and welcomed me to the Council.“Good morning Alpha Woods, Miss Catherine is in Conference Room One awaiting your arrival,” she said like we hadn’t done a few inventive things the previous night.“Thank you Natanya,” I said as she showed me to the conference room.“Miss Catherine, Alpha Woods is here to see you,” she said as I followed her into the room.She gave me another smile and then left us alone. Catherine was standing by the windows looking out over the city of New York and I could tell she was very nervous.“Good morning Cath
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Part Nine
“Tell me about your pack,” Catherine asked me.We were driving out of New York and it was eight am. The Council had tried to stop me but in the end with Catherine saying that she wanted to go with me, it sealed the deal.“Firstly, we don’t have a pack, we’re called a clowder,” I said to her.“Sorry,” she said and I laughed.“Don’t worry about it. You already met Jared, my Beta, and then there's Connor who’s my Gamma, the rest of the clowder are warriors and members. We don’t refer to people as Omegas and we function just like a normal pack would. People have jobs and houses and our territory is enclosed like a gated community,” I said to her.“And what about the Alpha family?” she asked me.“My mother’s still alive, her name’s Sara and then I have a younger sister Kat,” I said to her.“I’m sorry,” she said.“For?”“The loss of your father,” she said as she quickly glanced at me.“It was a while ago, but thank you,” I said to her. “What about you?”“I don’t know who my parents were, I
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