Love's incandescence

Love's incandescence

By:  Queasy-author  Ongoing
Language: English
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Nadea, a red witch, journeys to the ice castle alongside her caste witches and council in a bid to contest with other covens to attain the royal witch station. The castle is rife with events and secrets, threatened by an age old evil and ruled by a reclusive ice prince. A centuries old prophecy determines the balance or destruction of every kingdom, and it's up to a witch to defeat death and restore peace and balance to the ice kingdom... But then, life never escapes death.

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Julia Nora
this is pretty good. i can feel myself enjoyed reading to this book. so please, keep going? by the way, if you have any social media to keep up with your readers, please let me know :) thanks
2021-07-14 13:53:48
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Pat Rick
Oh My God. This is the best witch fantasy book I've read, you really have a sense of humour ?? Please update soon ?
2020-08-14 23:57:11
user avatar
Your description is apt and of course will complement the sewn story line.....
2020-08-13 18:20:50
14 Chapters
Nary a soul walked through the streets of willows bark, the red witches were soon to begin their 'ceremony' as it was.The street was cloaked in darkness and hung heavily with an eerie silence; red glows from lit torches penetrated the endless black.Amidst dead trees and rocky grounds stood a huge brick house built with careful gloom and precise misery.Through unrestricted windows on the ground floor, twelve figures cloaked in black stood in a dark --save for the hearth-- bare room to carry out a coven ritual. Two figures within a human circle of ten stood by a boiling cauldron filled with unknown liquids.Huddled in a corner of the room sat eight children, the glow from the hearth outlined their faces, all young faces varying with expressions of; confusion, attentiveness and intrigue.Seated between two young witches, or rather squashed between, was six years old Nadea, the flames from the fireplace outlined a young transfixed face with fragile features; a pert nose, little rosy lip
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Chapter 1
It was a known saying that the sound of children's voices were music to the ears.Perhaps the lovely soprano could be heard as Elise shrieked inhumanly as snow was shoved down her woolen trousers, maybe the undertones leading to the mounting crescendo was visualised as Braille gathered heaps of snow that increased with each patch.Perhaps the caesura came to abruption when the snow reached its pudgy aim and said aim let out a deafening shriek.Perhaps the--perhaps Nadea had finally had enough."Stop!" She ordered. Eight pairs of guileless eyes centered on her."Now," she continued, "off you go to Elder Zelda."She waited till the last child had rounded the corner before letting out a deflating sigh.Who said charity was easy? She mused, helping Zelda watch over the witchlings was no task for a weakling. The old Elder was everything one would expect a witch to look like; a hunc
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Chapter 2
Making her way through familiar rocky paths and wilted trees ladened with snow, but never quite leaving the coven grounds, she finally came across her haven. A glaring contrast to the dead trees and dried grounds, her little garden bloomed with life and greenry. From where she was, she could smell the delightful mix of fragrance. Nearing the garden, an array of heady floral scents wafted through her nose, small evergreen topiaries greeted her sights, yellow daffodils and red petunias a beautiful contrast. Going over to the wooden bench on the small lawn, she sat and absently watched as furry little birds fluttered round the flowers.A peaceful sigh escaped her lips, all her creation. She didn't know how long she sat like that, inhaling the fragrant air and watching the beautiful vitality of nature  Before she died, h
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Chapter 3
The next day came with rays of sunlight pouring through the windows and burning at her eye lids, it came with birds chirping melodiously. Noise.And it also came with head witch Astra's unholy shrill voice, which pierced through the sweet lull clouding her ears, if the catastrophic voice didn't scatter her eardrums, then the pounding on the door would."Nadea! Wake up this instant!" That did it! She rushed to her feet and headed for the door, then.... Then with a ferocious swivel she took a precised right turn towards the bath that was already filled up by an eunuch.Then she proceeded to wash and rinse off precipitately. But no matter how much she tried, she dozed off a few times. Breakfast, as it was. Was ruled,forthwith, out of option, as headmistress Allegra bundled them all outside to wait beside a large worn coach.While their trunks
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Chapter 4
The throne room, just like the grand hall, was anything but warm, walls of pure ice and windows covered with dark pleated drapes stretched to high vaulted ceilings, connecting to archways and fluted columns.Furnitures were meted out in pale shades around the room. And it was just her luck --which was often bad-- that they were having a meeting.Beneath the ice throne where the king sat, were ice aristocrats. Immediately, she fell into a deep curtsy, she was surprised she didn't topple over her feet. "Rise!" She rose to meet the King's unfriendly scrutiny. For a moment, she stood there dumbly, quaking in her boots. "I." She finally spoke up. "Have come to make a personal request,
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Chapter 5
The next day didn't come with head witch Astra's shrill voice, neither did it bring with it Meredith's annoying spells or the disastrous shrieks of witchlings.It came with cold, fresh wintery air and a gentle waking from Marah, followed by a hot bath in jasmine scented water.Then she stood still as Marah fussed over her, muttering about befitting gowns and going on and on about coifs and fastenings.The only time Dea moved was to stop the enthusiastic maid from giving her an updo, and instead requested for a bonnet to cover her hair--which Marah had surreptitiously ignored. Immediately frantic fingers stilled, Marah looked at Dea's hair like it was made of twigs and molasses. She heard faint snorts of laughter from Imogen.While Marah sputtered, "bu-but... You needn't wear a bonnet to breakfast when you can powder your hair."Dea was already shaking her head before Marah was done. "I'm af
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Chapter 6
A loud sound cut through the noise, reducing its volume. Everyone went quiet The class doors were pushed open and Keira walked in. "Alright girls, that's the lunch bell." She called amidst the resonating sound.The girl's all stood and pushed towards the dinning hall, by now already knowing the way.Lunch was neither quiet nor tense as it was before. All the witches had acquainted themselves and were connoting freely.When lunch was over, she made her way to her room with Ochen at her side. They had not mastered the way to their rooms yet so they followed behind Keira, passing through the maze of corridors and hallways that was the right wing. "I can predict the days ahead of us." Ochen whined."What?" Asked Dea."I fear I might die of boredom as it is. I spoke with my maid and she said the stable master might allow us a horse or two to go ridding with, but she also sai
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Chapter 7
When she saw Ochen the next day, after her meeting with the prince and breakfast, she blurted the first thing that came to her mind--which was the only thing on her mind."I saw the way you were looking at the king yesterday, is there anything you're not mentioning to me?" And that was when Ochen grew distant. Not speaking to Dea or anyone else throughout the morning classes. Dea felt Ochen's silence wasn't because she was affronted but rather, because she was... scared.Ochen remained impregnable, not even when a pea bounced off her head during lunch, Dea shared a worried look with the girl who threw the plant.Lumi shrugged hopelessly. * * * * *That morning, Icarus strode through familiar opulent halls. Servants and guards stopped to bow and curtsy before him, he nodded at them curtly, his shoulder muscles ached from the rigorous traini
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Chapter 8
Throwing her hood over her head she rushed to the door, the tiny creek it made as she opened it echoed through the empty hallway.The night hid her clandestine movements but unfortunately, didn't mute the hurried patter of her footsteps. The candles in sconces attached to the walls illuminated the way. After misplacing her way a good number of times she skittered into the grand hall and headed for the blue hall.Sure enough, a cloaked figure came rushing towards her. Ochen grabbed her hand and led her through the hall into the last door,and then they climbed an extremely long staircase.Just when Dea was starting to think there was no end to the continuous stairway they entered a hall.The candles on the walls revealed the red carpets which they strode upon. There was a point where the hallway branched off at both sides, Ochen led her through the right opening.They walked hurriedly, trying
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Chapter 9
The next day, she stood inside the spacious room that was the King's office, the solarium incident still fresh in her mind.The prince went about his usual activities which, was; bending over his ledger and paying her no attention.When she spoke he still continued to ignore her."The first reason I have, your highness, is; witches are a very caring specie, our coven is otherwise known as a caring facility. Exiled witches also include children, we take care of the witchlings till they're of age to fend for themselves."The prince still hadn't looked at her. She cleared her throat loudly."You don't have to dehisce your throat to get my attention." The prince said, lifting his eyes to hers.Dea's face burned, she continued amidst her mortification. "By sending a warlock to our coven we would be able to take care of so many children." Dea cleared her throat once more, "the second reason. Not only do we take ca
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