Awakening Powers: Divorced Jade Queen

Awakening Powers: Divorced Jade Queen

By:  Bailey C  Ongoing
Language: English
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Isabella Hart, who was once abused both physically and emotionally by her ex-husband and driven out of her home, miraculously regained her vision after being reborn. What's even more mysterious is that she can now see jadeite inside stones! A stone she bought for five hundred bucks turns out to contain jadeite worth millions after being cut. Expected to end up in the streets with no achievements, she surprises everyone by standing in front of them triumphantly! She tears apart her scumbag ex-husband and steps on the mistress. A powerful counterattack, exposing and retaliating against scum. * An unopened jadeite raw stone, no one knows what's inside. Only by cutting it open can one see if it's jadeite or just ordinary rock. A stone, sudden wealth, bankruptcy overnight – this is a game only dared by madmen.

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Shania Hayes
Is the person she gets with her abuser?
2024-04-09 01:50:05
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shamaila suhail
interesting story, well described characters especially the main lead has unusual fate seems in favour of her despite the past
2024-02-26 17:01:17
88 Chapters
Chapter 1
Isabella Hart heard faint murmurs around her and felt a sharp pain in her eyes, causing her to momentarily freeze.Wasn't she supposed to be dead?She recalled being blind, guided by her nanny for a sunlit stroll, and then the jarring sound of tires screeching. In the next moment, amidst her nanny's terrified scream, Isabella hadn't even fully experienced the crushing pain that almost obliterated her body before losing consciousness.Had she been saved? But why did she feel no physical pain, yet her eyes were throbbing intensely? She distinctly remembered the accident impacting her body, not her eyes.A series of clicks nearby brought Isabella back to her senses. She recognized the sound as camera shutters snapping and held her breath, eavesdropping on the conversation."Send the photos to that woman; are her eyes confirmed blind?""With injuries like that, how could she not be blind?"Eyes? Her eyes were blinded ten years ago, a case still unsolved—wait! Isabella tensed, realizing so
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Chapter 2
"This... This shouldn't be right. When she was brought in, her eyes were injured by a sharp object. Cornea penetration, anterior chamber disappearance, lens puncture with opacities, vitreous body stinging..."Henry Sullivan looked at Sebastian Knight, who stared expressionlessly at him. Knowing that he probably didn't understand, Henry cleared his throat and said, "In simpler terms, the injuries from last night were severe. It's uncertain whether her eyes can be saved. In the worst case, we might have to remove the eyeball and replace it with an artificial one."However, he reviewed the diagnostic report he just generated: the vitreous body was intact, the lens had minor damage, and the cornea was more affected, but not critically...If it weren't for him personally examining Isabella last night, knowing the extent of her injuries, Henry would never believe that the diagnostic report in his hands and the person he saw last night were the same.How could such serious injuries heal to t
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Chapter 3
Underneath the bandage were Isabella's eyes, as dark as stars, remarkably unharmed.Isabella, who had initially appeared pale due to significant blood loss, now exhibited a delicate flush on her face. The days of good food and care in the hospital had bestowed a subtle rosy hue, enhancing her already captivating beauty. However, the most striking feature was her glistening eyes—long, jet-black lashes framed them like black pearls, capable of entrancing anyone who looked into them.After observing for a few seconds, Henry, covering his chest, felt a palpitation, taking a moment to remember his role as a doctor. "Isabella, how do you feel?" he asked, a hint of nervousness in his voice."Feel pretty good," Isabella hesitated in her response, her eyes adjusting to the relatively bright surroundings upon opening them.Having not seen the world with her eyes for a very long time, the unfamiliar sensation brought a slight moistness to Isabella's eyes. However, she soon sensed something was a
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Chapter 4
Isabella Hart entered the shop and noticed a thin man in his fifties, wearing a suit, approaching. He welcomed Sebastian Knight, "Hello, Mr. Knight, it's rare for you to come by today. My shop is truly flourishing!""Mr. Wellington," Sebastian nodded slightly, exchanging pleasantries. After a brief chat, Mr. Wellington summoned an apprentice to attend to them and went to deal with other matters.In the center of the shop, Isabella observed two stone-cutting machines, where people were purchasing raw materials for cutting. Most onlookers gathered around a stone weighing over twenty kilograms. The grinding wheel of the stone-cutting machine made a slightly piercing sound as it rotated against the stone.The experienced craftsman carefully controlled the cutting process along the marked lines on the stone. An apprentice held a basin of water, occasionally scooping some onto the stone. Nearby, a plump man with a beer belly nervously wiped sweat from his forehead. On closer inspection, Isa
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Chapter 5
Isabella Hart wanted to get a closer look but was stopped by Sebastian Knight. Puzzled, she turned around, only to see Sebastian offering safety goggles."Be careful," Sebastian cautioned.Isabella looked at the stone dust and small rocks flying from the cutting machine and nodded. She put on the safety goggles and approached.As the stone was cut into two halves, the onlookers couldn't resist peeking. The first to notice the result was the old craftsman , who grinned and exclaimed, "Jadeite with a vivid green center!"The cut was perfect, avoiding any damage to the jadeite, revealing a delicate and vibrant green shade."You've got a keen eye, Miss! Your line was spot on!" praised the old craftsman , impressed. On the side, Julia Reed was bewildered, struggling to find words as she looked at the green shade. Sebastian, too, was somewhat surprised, watching Isabella's proud and triumphant expression with a hint of amusement.The craftsman took a grinding tool and gently polished the su
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Chapter 6
"Cut it again. How can we know if we don't cut it open completely?" Hearing Isabella's words, hope flickered in Carter’s heart, but he quickly suppressed it. He feared that nurturing hope would only lead to greater disappointment.Yet, looking at Isabella's bright eyes, he hesitated, not wanting to dismiss the goodwill of this young person. Reluctantly, he nodded, allowing Isabella to pull him back into the shop.Seeing Carter return, the people around teased, "Oh, Carter, still want to gamble?"Carter silently squatted down, picked up the white stone he had just thrown away.Others were even more surprised, "You're not planning to cut it again, are you? This stone definitely won't yield jadeite. Why torment yourself?"Picking up the discarded rough stone again, everyone thought Carter was behaving somewhat abnormally, imagining that cutting it again could turn his luck around.Ignoring the scornful, mocking, or comfort
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Chapter 7
"Great figure..." Isabella mumbled and couldn't help but glance a few more times.Sebastian put on a silk pajamas, walked to the mirror, and dried his hair. The slightly lowered eyelashes covered the laziness in his eyes.The layout of their rooms allowed for a mirror-to-mirror arrangement, making it seem like Sebastian was standing right in front of her, almost within reach."I didn't mean to look at him; he just happened to stand here." Isabella whispered, her gaze wandering, occasionally glancing at Sebastian.Sebastian had flawless facial features with a lingering taste of charm. Isabella noticed his deep brows and eyes, a well-defined nose, and even in the vintage-style silk pajamas, he didn't feel out of place, revealing a warm temperament.Do all mature men have such charm? Isabella blushed slightly.The thick wall was like a pierced paper window. Isabella struggled to watch him for a while, seeing Sebastian put down the c
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Chapter 8
Not long after Sebastian Knight left, Isabella Hart packed her bag and departed. The July weather was sweltering, and beads of sweat formed on Isabella's nose shortly after she began walking. Wearing oversized sunglasses that covered half her face, she attracted many glances, but she paid no attention. She found a coffee shop and sat down to escape the heat.Feeling more comfortable in the air-conditioned space, Isabella ordered an iced coffee and checked nearby hotels on her phone. Finding a place to stay was her immediate concern."Hey, Isabella, what a coincidence!" A hand suddenly pressed on the table in front of her, interrupting Isabella as she scrolled through her phone. She paused, lifting her head.Adjusting her sunglasses with two fingers, Isabella looked at the person who appeared before her. It was Oliver Carter, a stylish and slender young man, who stared at her with an unfriendly expression. His eyes were narrow, and his high nose seemed to c
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Chapter 9
The Jade Dynasty recently acquired a lot of raw materials, categorized into several piles based on their quality. The stones on the ground vary in color and size, ranging from half a person tall to fist-sized. The price tags differ significantly; the cheapest pile had a sign next to it indicating one hundred buck.This pile, regardless of size, was priced at one hundred buck each, with minimal chances of containing jadeite. Consequently, even though it was inexpensive, few people lingered. Other piles were priced higher, some per kilogram, and others individually.Isabella stopped at the pile with the least number of raw stones. The quality of these stones was the best in the shop, having undergone screening and initial identification. Each stone had a label indicating the price and origin. Prices varied widely based on individual performance, with some basketball-sized stones priced at thirty to forty thousand, while smaller ones the size of two palms could c
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Chapter 10
In a moment, sudden wealth turned to poverty. Such events were common in the jade gambling industry.Jade gambling is almost the most crucial aspect of the jadeite trade. It's an industry of highs and lows, filled with heart-stopping moments. Yet, it's this rollercoaster nature that adds an incredible allure, attracting countless individuals who become captivated by its charms."There's a saying that even immortals find it hard to predict the fortune in a piece of jade. That's what jade gambling is all about. However, it's not entirely dependent on luck. Many people in Myanmar have accumulated rich experience in jade gambling. Their ability to judge the rise in value is much higher than ordinary people. Over there, they even have a recognized Jadeite King with top-notch jade gambling skills."Isabella Hart, while turning the stone in her hands, paused at Warren Carter's words.The initial wealth of the Stone family, under Dominique Stone's grandfa
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