The Mafia Twins Woman

The Mafia Twins Woman

By:  CityKim  Completed
Language: English
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Identical Mafia Twins are different.Mirror Images.Handsome and Deadly.Who do everything together.Especially women.The Duchess is young.She is innocent and beautiful.The Twins want her.They always get what they want.But the Mafia is watching.They want her too.She is clever and must learn fast.Hit the ground runningFiguring it out as she hides in plain sight.She is a prize worth having.Captured for love?or slavery?

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A great story
2024-02-21 02:15:11
78 Chapters
Chapter One
*Note to all my readers:- Some of this book is written in Italian with the English explanation in brackets next to it. The reason is simply that the Mafia are from Italy and Sicily and as it is their language it makes their conversations more authentic. I hope you enjoy the book. Manchester is a large industrial city in the northwest of England, it is the main city in Greater Manchester County consisting of 2.868 million people. A huge metropolis of kind, friendly people who have always opened their homes and lives to those from all other countries and cultures. In the nineteenth century, this included Italians from the province of Caserta, Campania emigrated to Ancoats in Manchester to settle, they also came from Lazio and were known as Neapolitans, Naples being in Campania. Manchester at that time was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution and very attractive to emigrants. There were strong regional differences between the immigrants, the Northern Italians looked down on the So
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Chapter Two
On their eighteenth birthday, they told their father to step down but he refused and had them whipped for their insubordination. They did not forgive him and on their nineteenth birthday they shot him, both of them with two bullets, killing him instantly, and when some of his Capos objected they killed them too. It was a lesson the ‘family’ learned quickly, that these two were not to be crossed, they were brutal and heartless expanding the ‘family’ until they ruled from Birmingham to Newcastle and held the respect of the other ‘families.’ If any challenged them they were dispensed with quickly and efficiently they ruled their patch with fear and that brought them to the attention of the Mafia Council in Sicily. They were getting too big and too powerful they believed they were untouchable, the Council decided that a lesson needed to be taught. The Twin's favorite haunt was their exclusive club in the heart of Manchester Town Centre, it was the height of luxury, and only the cream of
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Chapter Three
Tash was very apprehensive at the beginning still grieving for her lost parents and the life she had known she was withdrawn and uncommunicative. When Kelly’s parents agreed to foster her, it was new to all of them so Social Services thought it would be for the best to put them on a three-month trial. It was standard procedure for new foster carers to give them the chance to adapt to having these 'problem' children in their homes. It made it much simpler so that if either the Carers or the Child had an issue that could not be worked out they did not get attached and could be moved on without a fuss and upset for either side. Tash was very lucky, Kelly's parents were wonderful and she soon grew to love them dearly. Kelly’s parents were patient and kind and they did not push the frightened young girl to do anything when she first arrived they just showed her to her room and told her gently that when she was ready to talk their door was open. For the first few days, Tash stayed in her ro
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Chapter Four
At the same time when a girl was forced to perform sex acts and then raped but they had missed it for whatever reason they would call in the Police and hand over the CCTV footage along with any of the names and addresses of the culprits. Kelly was a looker though and Conner found himself aroused as he watched the man kissing her pull down the front of her dress so he could play with her breasts. Without knowing it Kelly was in full view of the Twins and almost naked and they thought she was hot too. Pressing his earpiece Conner gave the order to his Capos, ‘Jim, get the men down to corridor five and get rid of those two idiots molesting the brunette but bring the little hot chick up here to my office’ Callum turned and raised his eyebrow at his Twin, ‘Fancy a bit of fun Brother?’ ‘Why not Brother? She’s a sexy little thing and as she’s obviously up for it so might as well be our dicks slamming into that eager wet pussy of hers rather than theirs’ He rubbed his crotch which
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Chapter Five
These Twins had huge cocks and she was enjoying them fucking her pussy but the thought of their huge cocks in her ass made her struggle a little, ‘No, please don’t. I can't, I've never.’ She whimpered stumbling over her words in fear and Conner slapped her ass hard, ‘Tis obeying us you will Colleen, we don’t take kindly to being told No’ His Irish accent became thicker as he spanked her while Callum fucked her pussy harder, ‘Now spread those cheeks and take my cock little Colleen or ye’ll be punished’ He picked up a riding crop and winged it across her ass making her cry out, ‘Is this what you want pretty Colleen? I'm happy to give it to ye if it's what ye want.’ He slapped her ass again and she gasped out loud, ‘Ye'll have to speak up now, is it the crop ye’ll be wanting or my dick?’ Kelly had no choice she knew it was not an idle threat, these two also had a reputation for enjoying BDSM and she was not into that at all. She did not mind the spanking, that was something she
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Chapter Six
Tash sat at their table unaware of what had happened to her friend and after an hour of waiting she grew bored and picked up her bag, ‘Screw you Kelly, I’m not coming here again to be dumped while you have a quick fuck’ She thought to herself sulkily and finished her drink then handed her glass to the barman, 'Hey, can you do me a favour please.' He nodded with a grin, 'If my so-called friend turns up can you tell her I went home?' The barman smiled back at her and nodded, 'Sure beautiful but only if you give me your number.'
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Chapter Seven
She wriggled and cowered against the headboard her eyes huge with unshed tears, when he went to touch her she flinched away closing her eyes in fear. 'Please don't.' She whimpered and the Twins were horrified, something inside them clicked she looked so beautiful and vulnerable and they wanted her more than ever. The trouble was they wanted her to want them in return, it had never been a problem before. Girls like her friend Kelly had been easy, fuck them senseless in every hole then send them to earn their keep but they did not want to do this with Tash. They were shocked to realize they wanted her differently they wanted all of her, they were completely intoxicated by her and Callum tried to make her understand, ‘We are so sorry baby girl, come on, lie down and rest, we won’t hurt, we promise’ He helped her get into the bed and covered her up gently strokin
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Chapter Eight
Once the Twins had Tash’s address they let Kelly go back to the apartment but then they changed their minds and followed her. Frustrated because they had not got the relief they wanted from Tash they decided a session with Kelly was just what they needed. As soon as they walked into the apartment Kelly knew what they wanted and turned to face them, ‘Take off your clothes and get on your knees’ Conner ordered and she obeyed without question, she knew what they wanted and began sucking them both, she had no choice but to let them deep-throat her until she gagged and then rode their cocks managing to perform them for them willingly. They hurt her deliberately, letting her know they still owned her even though she was with Luigi, holding her down they both rammed their cocks into her pussy and fucked her hard, then did the same to her ass. Kelly had to bite her tongue to stop from crying out they hurt her so much, but she knew if she protested they would do it again and again. They made
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Chapter Nine
‘Sweetheart, I don’t have time to wait please, I am sure you can do something to help me’ The woman blushed and looked around her she quickly called her replacement and then let him lead her over to the bar where he introduced her to Conner. The Booking Clerk could hardly believe her luck, one of the Twins was a delicious treat for any woman but the two of them equally gorgeous was every girl's wet dream. It was all too easy for the Twins, with a little insistence from Callum the woman had found them a private room and with the help of their money, they persuaded the shop's owners to let them use it for what they needed. Once they had locked the door they worked their charm on the woman and they soon had her stripped and begging for their cocks. They both fucked her, it was an easy way to empty their balls and relieve the pressure caused by not having Tash, and they used her mercilessly. The Twins had no real interest in the woman and they did not attempt to please her, they held her
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Chapter Ten
Tash could not help herself, she was so frightened and so alone that the whole horrible experience spilled out and the tears fell down her cheeks, and just as she expected she could see the couple was appalled by her story ‘I’m so sorry, it's a nightmare for me but it's none of your business.’ She said quietly, ‘I’ll go back to my room and collect my stuff and you can get my bill ready. I’ll just leave quietly you don’t need my problems, these are seriously scary people.’ ‘Now you just sit back down there and wait one minute Missy’ Marianne stood up and walked around the big kitchen table toward Tash, ‘You are staying right here and John-Joe and I will look after you, no one deserves what you have gone through. Seems to us you could use a little Mothering right now and we’d like to offer ourselves for the post’ She smiled and then held out her arms enveloping Tash in a tight hug trying to reassure the crying teenager, rubbing her back as she broke into sobs ‘Why are you doing t
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