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One night of unbridled passion changed his life forever. Now years later he's back to claim his woman and take back everything that's his.BAD Boy is created by Jordan Silver, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

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Great story there! Your characters and plot are awesome, keep reading it until the end.
2024-01-15 01:43:45
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Heather Long
This book is so good. The details make you feel like you are there.
2024-01-14 22:40:42
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Well written. Good story.
2024-01-14 09:41:14
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Jane Murr
Every thing this author writes is AWESOME
2023-11-14 01:53:42
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Awesome story. Loved the central characters. What do you have to do to get a man like that?? We could all do with some loving like that.
2023-01-24 23:34:26
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I love this. I couldn’t stop reading till I fonished
2022-12-06 00:21:27
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Love this so much. Such a good read and well written I love that bad boy/true angel at heart ...️
2022-12-05 08:13:59
default avatar
Great super good Very good read
2022-12-04 03:24:24
33 Chapters
Chapter 1: Jake Summers
JacquelineI've had it with this shit. No more doormat, no more Ms. Goody Two Shoes. I picked up my phone from the mattress beside me. Only one person I know who will understand how I'm feeling without judging me. Without bringing up my past like a mallet to beat me over the head. One little slip in judgment when I was eighteen years old and I have to live like a nun forever. Well fuck that the habit's coming off. I'm lonely, horny and pissed the fuck off. No almost twenty two year old is supposed to feel like this.I'm not a bad person. I mean I have done some fucked up things in my life but who haven't? So why does that one little mishap get to rule the rest of my life? Meanwhile Jake Summers gets to go on with life as usual. So what I lost my cherry in the backseat of his mustang on the football field? Big deal. And so what if deputy Smalls caught us and made a big stink about it? So what if mommy and daddy had to hear about it along with half the town? Who then felt it ne
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Chapter 2: She's mine
Jacqueline "Who's your friend Mindy?" His voice had been rough and smooth at the same time, which made no sense. All I know is that his sweet timber had sent shivers down my spine and since he'd said it while still staring at me like he wanted to eat me in the good way I was all but vibrating. Mindy had been giggling as he tickled her, school work forgotten at the sight of her big brother who'd come home for the summer."Oh sorry Jake this is Jacqueline we call her Jackie for short. Jackie this is my big brother Jake." I'd blushed bright pink and stuttered like a ninny, wishing the floor would open up and swallow me whole. It was the first time I'd realized the affect my parents' strict upbringing had had on my existence. I had no social graces outside of eating with dignitaries at state dinners. In short I hadn't the first clue how to react in the social setting of boy meet girl. And this should not have been my first foray. He was way too much man for my little heart to take.
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Chapter 3: Jacqueline
I'm going to do it, no more stalling. Lately Mindy's been a lot more persistent than usual as if she were on a mission of some sort. She knew better than anyone else what my life was like. She also knew that there was only one thing that would fix what ailed me. Tonight I'm going to ask her, tonight I'll find the courage to bring up his name and see what happens? With any luck she won't tell me that he's married and happy somewhere with some other woman. I rubbed my tummy where the dull ache begun, it was always that way whenever I thought of Jake with another girl, loving her the way he did me. "I can't go on like this this is nuts." Jumping off my bed I headed for the door to assess the lay of the land. All was quiet out there but you never know where daddy might be lurking, he's weird like that. I tiptoed down the hallway to my parents' door and placed my ear against it. Please don't let them be doing anything but sleeping or in the middle of one of daddy's lectures. It see
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Chapter 4: Jake
Three and a half years ago she was too young. I couldn't ask her to walk away from her family and everything she knew, it wouldn't have been fair. I know her asshole sperm donor thinks that he and his friends had scared me off but nothing could be farther from the truth. I'd already made up in my mind by then what I was going to do. How I was going to bide my time until she was considered an adult in every sense of the word. I have everything all planned out, been planning since the first day she looked at me like I hung the fucking moon. I'm not stupid, I knew there was no way her old man would go for it but I also knew that what I saw in her eyes back then, and what I had begun to feel in my heart could overcome anything in time.I hadn't meant to take her that night. We'd been sneaking around behind her father's back for weeks every chance we got. She'd given him and her mom some cockamamie story about extra tutoring, and they were so lax that they'd never given it another t
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Chapter 5: Jake
"Summers get in here." The Cap did not sound happy. I wonder what was up his ass this time? There was no love lost between him and I but I liked to keep the peace and since I was going to be gone there was no point in rattling his cage.He'd just use it as an excuse to fuck with my team in my absence and then they'd have to extract my foot from his ass when I came back "Hey Cap what's up? I can't stay long I need to be on the road in ten." I'd only stopped in to clear off my desk and make sure I didn't leave anything hanging. My guys knew what they needed to do in my absence, that's why they were my guys."You took a Russian dignitary into custody without clearing it with me?" He was belligerent and pissed way the fuck off which was his usual attitude when dealing with me. He'd also apparently forgotten to take his meds or some fuck this morning. My steady glare was all that was needed to remind him just who the fuck he was talking to, but just in case. "Uh captain, you seem
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Chapter 6: Jake
My guys were sitting around their desks finishing up paperwork from our sting the night before and winding down. Our space was open plan; there was no real hierarchy here since I held such disdain for that shit. My men know who's in charge I didn't need to beat them over the head with that shit. We're a team, this way everyone knows they have my undivided attention and that I'm accessible to each of them at any time."Morning boss, you ready to hit the road?" Terry McMann one of my guys walked over to my desk with coffee in hand, more like swaggered. He's the one who'd had the honor of bringing in the Russian last night. I tried to spread shit out, make everyone feel like they were part of what we were doing here. I'm no glory hound, that's for insecure assholes with nothing better to do. "Morning Terry good job last night, I see you guys got everything squared away all across the board thanks." They beamed like five year olds every last one of them.Who the fuck ever said ye
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Chapter 7: Jacqueline
It was easier than I thought to get out of the house, that tree limb that had scared the crap out of me as a child was now my new best friend. I just had to figure out how to get my car down the driveway without making too much noise. I eased it into drive and with the lights off let it roll slowly backwards down the driveway until I got far enough away from the house to make a U-turn on the lawn and gun it the hell out of there. My heart was racing so fast and hard I felt for sure I was going to collapse. My hands were actually shaking and my knees felt weak. But then a smile broke out across my face. I'd done it, I'd actually done something I was sure would get me into more trouble than I've been in in a long-long time. I wonder if the fact that both instances had something to do with my Jake was an omen?That long ago summer when I first felt love... there're no words. He made me feel alive and wanted and sexy and...all the things I'd never felt before in my life. That fi
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Chapter 8: Jacqueline
"I don't care Jake please..." I tried again, I don't know quite what I was begging for but I knew I needed something. This ache he'd started inside of me wasn't going away and he needed to put a stop to it right damn now. I've never felt that aggressive and almost violent before in my life, it was as though someone else had taken over my body. I ached so bad tears formed in my eyes. "Shh, shh, come here baby it's okay.""It hurts." He looked down at me then and back at the door. "You're killing me here you know that?" I didn't answer, couldn't. Just looked at him with what must've been the most pitiful sight he'd ever seen because he'd sat up on the side of the bed and removed his shirt. Then he'd started on me and oh my.My panties were stripped down my thighs and my legs spread over his shoulders. He'd looked at me down there until I turned red and then he'd done what I at first thought was the oddest thing but then learned was the most amazing thing on earth. He licked me. Rig
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Chapter 9: Jake
Shit she played me. My sweet innocent girl had used my body against me and she used everything I'd taught her to do it. I never wanted this for her; I wanted her first time to be special. Maybe on our wedding night even, but she had decided and I was coming to learn that there was nothing I would deny her. She was so fucking sweet, and shy. But all that shyness melted away when we were together like this. I never get enough of her taste in my mouth, the more I ate her sweet pussy the more I wanted. My cock was hard and hurting but that was nothing new, every time she left me feeling like this. I've fucked her mouth more than I've pissed the whole summer and still it wasn't enough. Still I'd been willing to wait, to do things right. She pulled on my hair and begged me to take her. "Please Jake don't make me beg.""Baby..." I tried one last time for propriety's sake. It wasn't right to fuck the future mother of my children in the backseat of a second hand car. "If you don't do it
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Chapter 10: Jacqueline
Mindy was at the designated spot waiting for me. I pulled up next her car and rolled down my windows. "Just follow me Jackie, this is gonna be so much fun." She was way too excited about this if you ask me. Here I was not sure what my life would hold come morning, because yes the last ten minutes alone in my car I've had time to think about this and...freaking shit I was a goner. I hadn't thought of how I was getting back into the house without detection, hadn't thought of anything at all except escaping. I followed her cute little roadster that I'm sure her brother had bought for her when she turned twenty-one a few months after me. I had been green with envy and hurt at the time but I understood. He couldn't contact me in anyway because daddy had threatened his family. It made me wonder how Mindy was so brave to thwart his position and try to be my friend anyway.Some days I was so mad at Jake for not coming back, especially the night of my twenty first birthday. I'd been
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