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- I can't stand you- he growls and then quickly moves closer and glues our lips tightly together. Seconds later, he pulls away and leaves the dressing room, pulling his hair...

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I keep my father's boxing gloves together with his trophies and souvenirs in the last open box. -The plane leaves in two hours, we have to go- my mother appears in my room, I nod, and with nothing more to say she leaves. I close the box and look at my now old room remembering some moments lived in this one. I take the box and a suitcase that is the last thing left and leave the house leaving it in the trunk. I get into the car and I see from the window the house and my mother talking to the real estate agent and give her the keys and then get into the car. She starts the car and I watch as we slowly drift away from the house until we disappear from my sight. -When will everything arrive at the apartment? -Tomorrow morning- she answers politely. My mother is very strict and not very tolerant, everything has to be perfect for her. She wasn't like that before but I guess everything changes. -Okey- is the only thing I answer. I notice my cell phone vibra
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-Oh, God! Kara! I'm your Aunt Rose, Bob's sister- she exclaims happily. A memory comes to my mind as she hugs me.FlashbackIt wasn't long before I was going to start training with dad and Uncle Bob. I go running with mom behind me and I get to Aunt Rose, she hugs me and pulls me off the ground giving me a few spins in the air making me laugh.-Hi Aunt Rose- I hug her back. When we separate she gives me some candies on the sly and winks at me with an accomplice's eye.End of flashback.-How big you are, daughter- she answers when she separates from me smiling. -We have missed you so much- she says with crystal clear eyes.-I have missed you too, but Eleanor (my mother) never let me come back.-And how is she?-She has changed a lot since dad, she doesn't have that happiness in her eyes anymore. Now she is much more serious and doesn't let me do anything related to boxing.-And how come you're back?- she asks, surpri
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My "wife"
I look at the clock that shows ten o'clock in the morning, I get out of bed stretching and go to the bathroom where I relieve myself and then I take a quiet shower. It's a good thing I'm going to college tomorrow, otherwise, I would have been late. I get out in my towel and rummage through my closet for what I'm going to wear today. I decide on sportswear, which consists of black Nike tights, a black sports top, a white sweatshirt, and my white sneakers. I comb my hair and do some boxer braids. I leave my room and go straight to the kitchen. My mother works from seven to five in the afternoon, so I have the house to myself. I decide to make myself some orange juice and pancakes. When I finish breakfast I see that it's eleven o'clock, more like lunch than breakfast. I go back to my room when I hear the notification sound of my cell phone. I go to the bedside table where I have it charging, I see it's a message from Aby. "Can you video call?" I hit repl
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New job?
When I get to the door of the gym I can hardly feel my face because it is so frozen. As soon as I open the door I feel the warmth of the gym. I walk in and the warmth welcomes me. I take off my hood seeing Rose at the counter, as soon as she sees me she smiles happily, I approach her and hug her. -Hello- I greet her when we separate smiling. - Hi little girl, come in, here- she says and gives me some candies. I smile wistfully, hug her again and give her a kiss on her forehead since I'm taller than her. I enter the gym eating one of the candies. It is full. I walk up to Bob who is training a hazel-eyed brunette boy, he will be about seventeen. -Hi- I say still holding the candy in my mouth. He smiles at me and hugs me. -Rose is already spoiling you- he says pretending to be angry. -No way, not at all- I say and we both laugh. The dark-haired man looks at us a little bit surprised. -Oh, this is Jack, Jack, this is my niece Kara- he smil
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Scout, me?
I pick up my cell phone to see the message. Six o'clock here. DON'T BE LATE! Your uncle loves you. Uncle Bob I roll my eyes in amusement. Okay, I love you too. PS. Ask Martha what time I start tomorrow.   I hear the door followed by my mother's heels echoing with every step she takes. -I'm going shopping with my coworkers and then to dinner, change and leave- she announces, peeking into my room, and leaves just as she came. I snort. - Good afternoon daughter, how was your first day? Did you make friends?- I laugh falsely and go back to study for a while more. I look at the time, half-past five. I leave the notes and run to the closet where I change into some sports clothes consisting of a black sports top, black leggings and a grey sweatshirt and a big pogo stick. I get in a line and grab my gym bag. Finally, I grab my cell phone and keys to leave the house. I walk into th
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First day of work...bad?
The sound of the alarm clock startles me and I fall out of bed. I get up with a sore butt from the fall. I get dressed in blue jeans and a white sweatshirt. I get in a line and walk out of my room with my backpack on. I have twenty minutes to go so I grab my coffee and put it in a disposable cup to run out. I arrive just in time for my first class and start taking notes like crazy. I spend the morning like that. Now I head to the cafeteria for lunch. -Hey- I hear and turn around to see the waitress from my aunt's cafeteria come running over smiling- Hi, I'm Lilian- she introduces herself. -Hi, I'm Kara- I answer in kind. -Do you mind if I come with you to the cafeteria? she asks. -Of course not! Let's go- I answer and we walk to the cafeteria. -Martha told me you'll be working at Matthew's now. - That's right- I say happily. - Great! Seriously, I love that coffee shop, I've been working there since I was seventeen and it's as i
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Why him?
We spend the road singing the songs that are being played on the radio. Fifteen minutes later we arrive at an old factory, a little far from the city. We park and approach the door where we pass a little squeezed by all the people there. As soon as we enter we see the ring in the center of the factory. It smells too much of alcohol and marijuana. To the right is the bar and at the back there is a corridor where, I guess, are the dressing rooms. -Make bets, ladies and gentlemen!- shouts a man to our left, standing on a platform where people are holding up their bills. Lilian grabs me by the arm and drags me to the bar, she orders two "Bronx" (I don't know what they look like). -Here- she says handing me one, I take a sip noticing that it is sweet but it has vodka in it and I don't know what the sweetness is. I drink the rest in one gulp because it is very good. I order another one and the truth is that it is blue. I drink it just like the previous one. -LADIES
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Joint training? Nooo...
- Why did you take me out of there?- I asked confused. -The devil Campbell is very dangerous, you shouldn't have told him that. -I'm not afraid of him- I say, crossing my arms. -Well, you should be, he's very dangerous- she answers and I snort. We arrive at my apartment. -Thank you for the ride. - It's nothing, I'll see you tomorrow baby- she says and drives off as I enter my building denying amused. I go straight to my room where I put on my pajamas and then to the bathroom where I take off my makeup and brush my teeth. I throw myself on the bed and fall asleep within seconds. *** The damn alarm goes off, making me groan. I turn it off with one swipe and get out of bed like a zombie, thank goodness it's Friday. I go straight to the bathroom where I take a shower without washing my hair. When I get out I look in my closet and decide on a white short sleeve sweater, black jeans, military boots and my leather jacket. I tie my hai
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Dirty old man.
My knuckles are bruised but it doesn't matter. I get into the cafeteria on time. I greet them both and go to the little room where I change. Once changed I leave the room and approach Lilian. -What did Campbell say to you when he kicked us out? -He gave me a "warning" and I gave him another one- she looks at me with wide eyes but before she can speak Martha sends us to clean the tables. We both obey and go to our respective sides. People start to arrive filling the cafeteria pretty fast, this cafeteria is quite well known because the food Martha prepares is the best. Llilian and I go from one side to the other. The only thing I've noticed since I started is that no one is occupying Campbell and company's table. I seem to have summoned them because they appear through the cafeteria door. I roll my eyes again, I don't know how I haven't gone cross-eyed yet, I walk towards them. -Good afternoon, welcome to Matthew's, what would you like- I smile forcedly.
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I don't take no for an answer...and introductions.
Saturday, thank goodness! I get up at half-past eight as I have to be at Matthew's at nine. I take a ten-minute shower. I decide on black jeans and a red top and over it my leather jacket. I put on my beloved military boots. I leave my half-wavy hair loose and grab my stuff to leave the apartment. I arrive at minus five, change and grab a brownie since I haven't had breakfast. *** -There's a party tonight, are you coming- Lilian asks when we leave, "it's at Mike's house, a soccer player," she continues explaining. I shrug my shoulders -that's a yes, I don't take no for an answer- she concludes- I'll pick you up at ten o'clock since it's a little bit out of the center, don't be late baby, bye- she says goodbye like crazy earning the looks of some people in the street, I deny amused and go back home. -I've seen your boxing gloves, I hope you haven't set foot in Bob's gym-she says as soon as I walk in the door. -I'm old enough to go wherever I want, then
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