Chapter 13

Xavier put off his laptop, he stood up, and wore his jacket blazer. He picked up his phone, and strode out of his office.

As he strode out of his office, he met his personal assistant by the door frame, with his gaze down, shivering in fear.

"I'm on my way to the mansion, Inform Ms Charlotte to go to the station before heading home." Xavier breathes out, and turned a blind eye, not caring if he was shivering.

Xavier was mad at him, if he hadn't picked up the wrong Charlotte years back, Arya wouldn't have stayed in his mansion, spending extravagantly for the past four years.

"Yes, master, I will do that." He responded, and Xavier walked out of the company.

The guard, waiting for him, quickly opened the car door for Xavier to get inside.

"Take me to Ms Charlotte mansion." The guard quickly put on the car engine and hit the road.

Xavier stayed quiet, thinking of how to handle the whole situation. Arya has spent extravagantly for the past four years, he never took any action to stop her b
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Gerlene Rivera Hernandez
nice story ...very interesting
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be careful charlotte
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Rose Scott
Enjoying every minute. It's something different.

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