Chapter 17

Mr Xi marched into the company with a dark expression on his face. He saw the news and couldn't sit back at home and do nothing, when Xavier hasn't taken any action.

The expression on his face made workers clumsy when they set their eye's on his face. Xavier took after his father, the both of them are scary and dangerous when it comes to handling affairs.

It's been two hours since the scandal went viral, and the dead body that was found in the company's garden. Out of nowhere, reporters showed up and surrounded the company, but had to leave when Xavier threatened them.

Mr Xi walked into his son's office without a knock from him. Xavier lifted his head up when he heard the door closed. He wasn't surprised, this is his father, and he would do more than that if he wished too.

"Excuse us, I will call you in when I'm done." Evelyn nodded, and walked out of the room.

After making himself comfortable, he turned to his son. "Is there something you're not telling me? Are you the Xavier I know?
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Dianna Bernard
Ha ha ha ha...Xavier is quite clever, wanting her to pretend to be his pregnant girlfriend.... Wait until he hears that he is already the father of 8....%-)
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kaya mo yan charlotte
goodnovel comment avatar
Salve Santiago
hook to this story it excites me...

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