Badboy's Love

Badboy's Love

By:  Qianzy  Completed
Language: English
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Alex was enamoured with Angelina from first sight, which is why Alex tried to free Angelina from the pimp's place. Alex is known as the badboy, who likes to play with girls. Who would have thought he would fall in love with Angelina, a simple girl who is an orphan, who previously worked in a place that is often called haram. Although Alex swears his love only to Angelina, who would believe if Alex still does not show his seriousness - still playing with many women. Just because Alex freed Angelina from Maria Hudson—the pimp, doesn't mean Angelina will fall in love with Alex just like that.

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Very good book, would recommend. The plot seems interesting and it’s easy to flow with the characters and imagine how they’re like!
2023-08-04 00:56:33
178 Chapters
A man about twenty years old came to a nightclub-Club Delux after completing a mission. The man had tattoos almost all over his body. His head felt hot and was about to burst because of this mission he had to deal with a complicated person.To cool down his head, a man named Alex came to the club to find entertainment—as usual.Alex ordered a drink from the bartender, and just then a woman approached him and flirted with him."Alex, you didn't come a few days ago, you seem to be very busy," the woman said.Alex chuckled. "I'm always busy," Alex replied. "Let's go to the sofa," she continued.Eventually, Alex took his glass to the sofa and she followed him. She continued to cling to Alex's arm. She was Alex's go-to girl at the club, although there were many other girls Alex used Lucy the most.Lucy started to do her thing, she made love to Alex happily, and Alex just accepted.Tuk tuk tuk.A pair of white, shapely legs stride past Alex and Lucy. The clothes she wore were not as reveali
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Lucy has managed to have a hot night with Alex, and now it's time for her to fulfill her promise to Alex to meet Maria Hudson to have Alex serviced by Angelina tonight. "What have you come for, Lucy?" asked Mrs Hudson-Maria Hudson. Lucy is one of the golden children of pimp Maria Hudson. "Madam, Alex told me tonight he wants to be with Angelina," Lucy said. Maria turned her head and frowned. "Did you do something wrong? Or has Alex grown tired of you? You're incompetent!" she sneered. Since Alex was one of Maria's most generous and profitable customers, she didn't want to lose a customer like Alex. "Of course not, madam. When have I ever disappointed a customer, hm? It's just that Alex wants to try something new," Lucy replies. "But I will give Angelina to Mr. Christian tonight," said Maria. "Madam, Alex threatened me not to come again if you don't give Angelina to him tonight. You don't want to lose your customer, do you, madam?" "Haih... I'll give him a taste of my new stuff
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"Would you like a little drink?" asked Alex as he passed a glass of whisky towards Angelina. "No, thank you. I don't drink," Angelina refused without hesitation. "Just a little, don't you want to try it?" Alex persuaded. "Do I have to drink that first before I serve you? If I have to then I'll drink it. Better finish the game and I'll be on my way," said Angelina. Alex chuckled softly. "Angelina, I told Mrs Hudson that tonight you are all mine, until dawn," Alex chuckled. Glup! Angelina struggled to swallow her saliva. She began to think wildly, what would Alex do all night? Was Alex that maniacal about sex? And would he do it all night? Just imagining it made Angelina shudder in horror. "Let's chat, Angelina," Alex said, breaking Angelina's reverie. "Chatting? No, I don't think that's necessary, right?" Angelina replied. Alex approached Angelina and kissed her seductive lips. Alex did it so gently that it somehow made Angelina like the kiss. His kiss felt soft and warm, unlik
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Alex looked very surprised. He couldn't believe it. Three months, it had been three months since Angelina had worked at this place and she was a virgin. Alex didn't expect this at all.Angelina was in tears. Yes, she had lost her virginity now. Of course, Angelina cried about it. And the pain down there also added to Angelina's reason to shed her tears."Yes ... you're the first, Alex," Angelina said softly. She turned her face away.'No wonder he exploded when I was just doing foreplay.' Instantly Alex felt guilty.Guilt? What was that feeling? Alex had never felt that way before, this was the first time.Alex moved his face closer to Angelina's face. She wiped Angelina's tears and then kissed Angelina's forehead for a long time."If I knew you were a virgin I wouldn't have broken you, I'm sorry," Alex whispered."No need to apologize, it's not your fault, it's my job, sooner or later I'm bound to lose it. If not you, someone else will do it," Angelina replied realistically."Does it
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Alex was carrying a bag of money. Alex walked into Club Delux and immediately looked for Maria Hudson. He waited in the room that had been agreed with Maria. Lucy saw Alex enter the room and Lucy followed him. "Alex," Lucy called as she ran up to Alex. Not only that, Lucy climbed onto Alex's lap and kissed him greedily. Alex didn't resist of course. Lucy's lips were his favorite, but that was before Angelina. Now Angelina dominated Alex's thoughts. Maybe Alex was tired of Lucy? Lucy kept their lips together with no intention of backing off, causing a squeaking sound between their lips. Occasionally Alex would bite down on Lucy's lip making Lucy moan. Alex's hands were certainly not idle. He slipped his hand underneath the dress Lucy was wearing. His fingers danced over Lucy's belly and then Alex twisted the tip of the protruding breast fondly. Lucy moaned softly. "You're naughty, Alex," Lucy moaned. Alex smiled wryly. "Ehem!" Someone arrived and had to stop Alex and Lucy's activ
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Alex gripped the steering wheel and his teeth chattered. "I will not move my car a single millimeter until you are willing to accept my request. Be my lover, Angelina.""Alex, this cannot be forced, especially since I don't love you, what reason do I have to accept your offer?" Angelina still refused."What reason do you ask? Because I love you, Angelina," Alex replied with a serious look in his eyes.Angelina looked away. "It can't be a couple if only one of them loves, while the other one has another heart," Angelina said expressing her complicated sentence.Alex frowned. "What do you mean, do you already have a lover, Angelina?" asked Alex smelling something bad."Yes, you're right. I do have a boyfriend." Angelina spoke carefree.Alex tightened his grip on the steering wheel. "Shit!" cursed Alex furiously."Oh, I knew you were lying, Angelina. You said that you already had a boyfriend so you could turn me down. Is that it?""That's not an excuse, it's the truth.""What reality?""
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Alex went into her room to check on Angelina. In his hand, Alex carried a paper part to give to Angelina. And Angelina remained in the same position for hours."I've bought you clothes, take a shower. After that we have dinner. You haven't filled your stomach since this afternoon," Alex said patiently.Angelina didn't budge an inch. It tested the patience of Alex who did not have much patience."Angelina, please. Don't test my patience. Don't force me to be rude to you, I'm not that good, Angelina." Alex persuaded Angelina.Angelina closed her eyes for a long time, then got better. "I'm going to take a shower, you wait outside. I'll go straight outside after I finish showering," replied Angelina trying to be friendly even though her heart was troubled."Alright, please hurry.""Yes."Without another word, Alex left the room and Angelina went straight to the bathroom to clean herself up.***The cold attacked when Angelina finished bathing and deliberately used cold water.Coming to th
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"I'm done, I'm going to my room," said Angelina, who immediately left the venue.Without realizing it, there was a slight pain in her leg, was it from the hot water earlier? Angelina was limping now.Alex moved swiftly and immediately carried Angelina's bridal style. Angelina automatically put her arms around Alex's neck out of reflex.Their faces were very close now. Apart from feeling nervous, Angelina was also fascinated by Alex's good looks. Beautiful green eyes, a sharp nose, thick eyebrows, and fine hair around his face, made Angelina hypnotized until she had no intention of taking her eyes off him. Angelina admired Alex's physical perfection."Are you satisfied with my good looks?" chirped Alex suddenly.Angelina was immediately stunned. She looked away while hiding her reddened face because she was embarrassed to have been caught stealing glances."You don't have to do that, I can walk by myself," said Angelina deliberately not responding to Alex's words."Do you think I'm bli
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Angelina opened her mouth when she heard Alex's last sentence before she slammed the door. How did she know who was calling Angelina? Even though it was very clear Alex didn't see it."I think he has special powers," muttered Angelina in solitude.Just as she was regaining consciousness from her reverie, the mobile phone in her hand rang again. Her boyfriend's name was listed as the caller.Actually if she could, Angelina didn't want to take the call, but Angelina was afraid her lover would worry about her. So inevitably she had to answer the call."Hello," greeted Angelina softly."Angelina, oh my! Why aren't you answering my calls?" Oliver - Angelina's boyfriend - showed his concern."Sorry, I was in the bathroom earlier," Angelina lied back."Oh, so you were in the bathroom. No wonder you didn't open the door even though I pressed the bell dozens of times," Olivia said."What?""What's wrong, Angelina? Why do you sound so surprised?" Oliver asked."Ha? N-no. No, I mean, I'm not in
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"So what if I fall in love? Is that wrong?" Alex sounded defiant.The person on the other side laughed. "Hmm... there's an upside and a downside if you're really in love, Alex," Roy said out loud."What do you mean?""Well, on the plus side, you'll probably complete your mission quicker once you've had the pleasure of meeting your girl quickly. But the downside is, you're so impatient to meet your girl that you might rush your mission and it might lead to failure. People in love are very difficult to control, and they are always self-righteous. So be careful!""Don't talk too much and don't say nonsense! I won't be like that," Alex said confidently."Oh, is that so? You won't know until you experience it yourself. So, let's see," Roy said with a cynical sneer.Tut.Alex disconnected the phone unilaterally, making the person on the other end splutter in annoyance."Chatty!" snapped Alex as he looked at his mobile phone that had just been used to call Roy as if Roy would be able to hear
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