Rose POV

Walking through the students , I rush to the bathroom. The tears continue to pour. I hear people whispering and some even give me way.

Entering the toilet , I wash my face and look at my reflection. My mind goes back to Jason. I've been teased alot in my life and I slowly got used to it but his words hurt in a different sort of way. 

In my older school , boys used to tease but they never ever touched me - they had respect. The door to the bathroom opens and Sofia , a fellow nerd in my class , walks to me.

"Hey Rose," she says sympathetically , " Are you okay?"

"Yes," I say wiping my face and offering a small smile.

"You know , you the first person to leave his office crying. Yes , his in a gang but his not all that bad. When I was in his office , he offered protection against people who bully me for homework." She finishes with a smile.

"Sorry I have to go ," I say , lowering my head and I leave.

I know she meant well but right now , I don't know why his so mean to me and what I did to make him so angry.

I leave school early and slowly walk home. I could not stay at school for the rest of the day. I'm not bothered about the work , I'm already ahead of the teacher.

My parents won't be back till tomorrow evening. My dad went into the wood for work stuff and my mum , well she loves to camp. I dont mind being alone , its calm and peaceful.


After , I did some homework and eaten my dinner I go to close my bedroom window. I notice a van parked outside my house , a black van. I've watched alot of movies and I know that's not good.

I run downstairs and lock my door and bring the baseball bat to my room. I lock my room door and look out the window again. The van begins to start and drive away. Turning around , I see myself in the mirror.

Kevin was right. I do look like a grandma. My mum has bought me plenty of fashionable clothes but I try to cover my body up as much as I can.

An idea pops into my head - tomorrow I should wear a sexy outfit to prove to that shit face , Jason that I'm not boring or lonely or miserable. I just want him to take his words back and I want to see the shocked look on his face but am i ready? Am i ready to poke the bear with the stick? Maybe it's a dumb idea.

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