Breathe Rose...You can do this.

I prep myself , motivating myself that I can walk into school wearing....well , this.

I'm wearing a white skirt that ends alittle higher than my knees , exposing my thighs. My top is a white crop top vest. I straightened my hair , after along time and in the morning I was pleased with myself but now , that I'm standing at the entrance of school , I'm abit nervous.

Thinking back to what Jason said , it fuels me with anger and I take my first step in. I lower my head and I walk. I don't need to look at people to know that they are staring at me. Crossing the field , I hear whistles and comments. When I lift my head , I see Jason staring daggers at me from the bleachers.

He has a girl on his lap , a plastic. She is all over him - touching him , holding him. It hurts seeing her being so close to him. It makes me feel as if theres something really wrong with me , that he didn't even like me in his presence.

However , his completely ignoring her and staring at me. I lower my head and continue walking , when I get goosebumps from his stares.
Maybe this was a bad idea.


At break , I went to my locker to get my books. My eyes open wide as papers fall out my locker. Quickly picking them up , I read them and they contain guys phone numbers. I turn and dump all of them in the bin. I smile to myself , thinking how they never wanted to know me when I was boring and so now they don't deserve to know me when I'm not. Anyway , I'm dressing like myself tomorrow.

"What's so funny princess?," I gasp turning to see Jason against the lockers.

I nod my head side to side , indicating it's nothing.
He stalks towards me , he doesn't look very happy.
I back away slowly , not wanting to be anywhere near him for what he did yesterday.

"I've seen you've had a make over , " he looks at me from head to toe , licking his lips , " not to bad" he says to myself.

My cheeks turn red and I cross my hands as a form of protection. Hitting my back against the lockers . I'm trapped. I did exactly what he wanted me to do , the predator has corner its prey.

"Did you perhaps , did this," he puts his arms besides my head , truly trapping me.

I shake my head no again.

He leans in closer to my ears ,

"I don't like liars kitten," he whispers sending shivers to my spine.

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