Beautiful Revenge

Beautiful Revenge

By:  beyondlocks  Ongoing
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Beautiful Revenge Alan Reyes The one and only heir of Reyes Oil. He thought he will have a great future in front of him with all the wealth that his father passed onto him. He thinks he can get everything that he wants but he never expect that someone is up to kill him and his family. Bella Morgan She swore herself that when she turned 25, she will have her revenge on Reyes Oil. She was more than ready to kill and take that company down. One of the best ticket to that is to seduce the target first and then she will proceed to kill.

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39 Chapters
Chapter 1
Bella MorganI walked out to the balcony with my glass of wine and I can't help but to get so excited for today. I took a knife out from my pocket and smirked looking at it."Happy Birthday to you, Bella." I said to myself and I sipped on my wine. I felt the cold breeze hitting on my skin and it felt so good to begin my 25th birthday.I walked back into my apartment without closing my balcony door. I threw my knife to the kitchen table and put my glass of wine beside it. I took my iPad with me to my room and I put on my black tank top, black jeans and black leather jacket.I looked at myself in the mirror and I couldn't help but laugh seeing myself in the mirror. I took my helmet and my leather gloves with me. I walked out from my room and went straight to the base
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Chapter 2
Bella MorganI walked into the ballroom with my heart beating so fast. I'm more than ready to start my revenge even though I'm a little nervous but I love the thrilling feeling. I walked through the crowd to find my target.Alan ReyesHe's the one and only son of Rector Reyes. He's currently the one who control Reyes Oil. Rector is still working but he will only interact with important people that he's close with.I took a glass of champagne and started to listen to the event. I have my eyes roamed around sometimes to look for Alan. When I landed my eyes on my target, I walked slowly as I greeted some people. I was standing alone as I tried to listen to the on-going event."You must be Bella Morgan." I turned to see the dev
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Chapter 3
Bella Morgan"Yacht?" I asked Alan and he nodded. He helped me to get into the yacht and it was a beautiful luxury yacht. I was amazed it."I have my crew ready and we can enjoy your birthday until tomorrow." He said and I turned to him smiling. I walked to the deck and looked at the beautiful view of New York.Tonight, I will enjoy this moment as I'm on my way to my revenge. Today is my 25th birthday and I need to enjoy it before I have blood on my hands.The yacht started to sail and I turned to see Alan standing beside me. He put a glass of alcohol in front of me and I took it."You want me to get drunk huh?" I asked teasing him."Yes." I was surprised to hear him being straightf
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Chapter 4
Bella MorganI stood on the deck with a drink on my hand thinking about my next step. My heart now is burning with anger again after remembering why I have to be civil with the man that I slept last night."Morning." Alan wrapped his arms around me from the back and I ignored him."We're going back soon." He said and I sipped on my drink. I saw we're going to arrive back at the dock soon."I had fun last night." I said as I released his grip from my body. I turned to him and gave him my glass of alcohol. He looked at me speechless but I ignored him.As soon as the yacht stopped, I got out of the yacht quickly. I smiled when I saw my car already here to pick me up. I walked towards it when Alan stopped me.
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Chapter 5
Alan ReyesI walked into the sports car exhibition hall and there's a lot of people looking at the newest sports car  this year. Instead of looking at the sports car, I'm more interested to find Bella."She's in the back, Mr. Reyes. She's currently having a test drive on the racing track." My secretary said because I asked her to help me find that woman. I gestured to her to go and I walked my way to the racing track on the back of the exhibition hall.When I stepped outside, I saw her in a black cropped tight leather jacket and black jeans. She was holding her helmet as she talked to one of the salesmen. She was going to try the motorbike and she got on it.The salesman was telling her about the buttons on the bike a
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Chapter 6
Bella MorganI'm glad Alan offered to show me his sports car because I want to know the layout of his mansion. He lives with his father and I need this so I can plan things later."Nice collection." I said as I walked around as I touched his cars."I'm guessing that you're trying to seduce me with something that I like." I said as I stopped in front of his black limited edition Porsche. I turned my eyes to him and he smirked."One night isn't enough, Bella. I bet you felt it too." He said as he walked closer to me. I smirked looking at him and I took a step back turning my body around to look at his other cars.I unzipped my leather jacket and took it off leaving me in my white cropped tanktop. I put my leather jacket on th
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Chapter 7
Alan ReyesShe wasn't joking around when she said she had a party. It was for her friend's birthday party and she did go home with one of the guys that her friends introduced her to. I knew all of this because I sent someone to check on her.My PI sent me a big file about her background and it seems like she has a pretty nice background. It was interesting to see her profile and she dated a lot of men in the past.My secretary walked into my office and suddenly gave me a new report about the stakeholders of our company. I opened the file and my eyes widened to see Bella just bought 10% this morning."How did this happen?" I asked Hannah."Apparently Ms. Morgan bought it from Mr. Hayes last night and Mr. Hayes transferred it
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Chapter 8
Bella MorganI sat down on the beach alone with a can of beer as I watched the sun going down slowly. I smiled seeing the beauty of sunset hoping that I could enjoy this with my family.My phone rang and it's Daisy. I picked it up right away and she let me know that I had dinner with Alan in an hour. I got up and threw my can of beer into the trash bin. I wore my helmet and drove back to my penthouse with my motorbike.I changed into my short maroon velvet dress and put on my makeup. I pulled my hair into a messy low bun and put on my long diamond earrings. I put on my earrings and went down to the lobby. My chauffeur was already waiting for me and I got into the car.I arrived at the restaurant and I got out of the car and walked inside. Alan was already waiting f
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Chapter 9
Alan ReyesI got up in the middle of the night and still found Bella sleeping beside me. I smiled looking at her and kissed her bare shoulder. I got out of the bed and took a shower."Nice ass." I flinched and turned around to see Bella entering the bathroom."Did I wake you up?" I asked and she joined me."You did." She answered as she wrapped her arms around my hips from the back."It's 2 in the morning, you should go back to sleep." I said and she chuckled. She stood in front of me and she led my hand to help her wash up."Can we have lunch together today?" I asked."I can say that you're a little bit clingy." She said as she took the soa
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Chapter 10
Bella MorganI looked at Martin Anthony's picture and crossed it with my red marker. I smirked looking at the news of Martin Anthony getting shot and how everyone was sad to let him go.I bet his wife and kids are enjoying their freedom right now. He has 10 millions worth of life insurance and then the kids will take over the Reyes Oil shares. I'm glad it ended this way because Martin Anthony killed a lot of people when he and Rector Reyes built the company together.He was one of the people who tortured my dad to his death. At least, I made his death quick and painless. Not only was Martin Anthony but I was exposed for what he did in that company. Apparently Martin did a lot of dirty work and there's a lot of people that didn't get paid.I saw Reyes Oil's share we
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