Love and Lies (Her Love story)

Love and Lies (Her Love story)

By:  Pearl  Completed
Language: English
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All her Life She grew up with a word from her dad "Only Good persons are allowed to live" Having an ability to see people's memory after a skin to skin contact, with the other party, she decided to use it in her own way But is her way of using the ability right or wrong He is a proud son of the Miller Family but became a detective to find out the death of his parents How will this two meets And what awaits them in the near future

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Hello dear Readers, A new book has been started and it's a Werewolf series. It's signed and available. So I ask for your continuous support as I bring you my good works
2022-04-09 17:05:59
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Rose of Sharon
OMG, I can't catch my breath. this is very interesting mehn ...️...️...️
2021-08-08 20:04:09
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Great storyline... nice one author
2021-08-08 19:47:32
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Mary Ann Adams
Wow,this is intriguing.More chapters author
2021-08-08 19:46:39
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Pop Precious
The book is so captivating and awesome, all perfection in one book.
2021-08-08 19:38:07
56 Chapters
Believe, LoveliesEpisode 1 Lisa sat down and glanced coldly at the begging manI should let you live" She asked him suddenly as the man nodded his head desperatelyThen you should have been a good person" Lisa said and walked towards himI will be a good person please let me go " He pleaded anxiously which caused him to do an embarrassing thingIs stupid"She stood up and pointed the gun at himWhen you go, remember to greet the devil for me" She pulled the trigger immediately after speakingLooking at the blood on her floor she frowned in disgust as she left the apartment unnoticedLisa got into her car and drove awayIs a pity" she suddenly whisperedIf everyone in the world were good people, then I shouldn't have sent him away" she talked softly to herself but if one had her first sentence they would have been shocked because she didn't have the slightest pity in her eyeLisa Smith who has an innocent and beautiful appearance, with a c
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BELIEVE, LOVE, AND LIESEpisode 2Miller Liam, although being a Police officerCame from a wealthy familyHe was raised by his grandparents  after his parents died in an accidentThe Miller family is the wealthiest and also very complicated household Liam is supposed to be a direct successorBut refused to take over the office until he finds out the reason for the death of his parentsThis reason led him into being a police officerCultivating his force outside the eye of the Miller family was what he planned forAnd he successfully  dragged his best friend Joel into the police with himSupervising the Miller group in the dark was what he did as he decided to be just an ordinary police officer in the eyes of othersJoel his best friend grew up together with himAlthough Joel is just an illegitimate child of the Davis FamilyHe is smarter and better than the legitimate children who fought over the propertiesWhile Liam want
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Believe, Love and LiesEpisode 3Lisa walked into the class and sat down behindExtremely far from everyoneActually it isn't so far but no one dared to go close to herSo many who has tried communicating with her ended up embarrassedAnd although she was a rare beautiful typeShe was still tagged at weirdIgnoring the gazes she put the headset on her ear and closed her eyes as she waited calmly for the lecturer to come inAlthough the eyes was closed she felt a shadow in front of herShe sighed angrilyBut didn't plan to open her eyesBut the noise in her ear began worstNaturally the headset wasn't playing any music as it only work is yo prevent any body from talking to herShe opened her eyes and glanced coldly at the person standing in front of herThe Boy standing in front of her couldn't help but take a step back frightened by her eyesBut he still stood not planning to back downBefore Lisa c
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BELIEVE, LOVE AND LIESEpisode 4~~"I ordered a Meal for you don't go out on empty stomach" "~~And you are not allowed to take iced cream before eating, infact don't take iced cream at all"Lisa read the message her personal assistant sent to herShe threw the phone aside as she got up from the bed and walked into the bathroomShe came out after cleaning up and sat down again on the bedCan you stop working there and comeback, I will increase your salary" She messaged back"~~Why do you think am working here" Forget it, enjoy your work" Lisa sent and dropped the phone She walked out of the room into the kitchenShe opened the refrigerator and took out a plate of iced creamHer hand pursedShe was just told not to take iced creamShe rolled her eyes and took the iced cream and sat down on the dinning seatIs much better to stay alone that to stay with DadAt least no one will nag me
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BELIEVE, LOVE AND LIESEpisode 5Before Riley could reactA pair of high heels entered the officeYou what are you doing here" Riley askedI missed you so much" Lisa said and sat down by herselfNobody told you to sit down" Riley couldn't help but sayYou don't have to, I already welcomed myself fully" She says as she pulled off the glasses and looked aroundYou seem to be working" Lisa saidAs you can see, so can you go" Riley saidDad already increased your salary, why are you bent on working..." Her statement weren't finished as Riley covered her mouthCan you not mind my friend Boss" Riley gave Liam and apology lookIs ok" LiamOh I see the reason because you have two handsome teammates" Lisa said with disdainBut they can't pay you as much as I can pay" Lisa said as Joel couldn't help laughing outLooking at the direction of laughter Lisa raised her eyebrowsWhat's funny" Lisa askedCan you sto
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Business Proposal
BELIEVE LOVE AND LIESEpisode 6Dad" Lisa called as she entered the father's studyYou are here come and read this file" Mr Smith said passing over the file to herLisa took the file obediently and opened itAfter reading through it she looked at Me SmithIs a business proposal" Lisa saidHow is the proposal?" Mr Smith askedIt is a well planned proposal which will benefit the companies involved" Lisa saidDo you know why I called you here" Mr Smith asked as Lisa raised her eyebrowsYou want me to handle the proposal" She said as Mr Smith noddedThis is the proposal between our company and Miller's company, I hope you do this well" Mr Smith saidWhy are you giving it to me" Lisa asked confusedYou will take over the company Sooner or later do just take it as letting you practice your hand" Mr Smith said as he bent his head to continue his workLisa looked at his reaction and knew that this conversation is over and
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Argument by the Sea side
BELIEVE LOVE AND LIESEpisode 7Liam looked at the file about Smith's daughter in front of his desk But no clue was found Only blurred pictures and her back viewHe closed his eye somewhat stressedThe Smith really hide everything very well"So You are to meet the Smith's daughter for the business proposal tomorrow?" Joel asked with his eyes wide open"Should I pluck out your eyes as well" Liam asked as he rubbed his forehead "What if is a Marriage contract?" Joel askedYou watch too many movies, you should try to stop and see reality" Liam saidIs the daughter of the Smith so mysterious" Joel asked"Do you think they are trying to hide something" Joel asked touching his jawInstead of caring about me you should care more about this, why don't you go and Investigate the victim of the last murder case" Liam said and closed the file in front of himI will go to see Grandpa" He said leaving the stud
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Business Meeting
Believe, Love and LiesEpisode 8 Don't tell me you are going to Miller's company dressed like this" Riley asked as she looked at herIt was a crop top and a bum short which showed off her long and White legsAny problem" Lisa asked simply not even giving her an eyeIt is a a business proposal so it should be a formal Wear" Riley laughed angrily"This is formal enough" Lisa said and made to leave but was dragged back by RileyNo this won't do" Riley said angrily and walked into her walk-in closet to take out an outfitShe picked out a coperate  and formal Wear and stuffed into Lisa's arm"Can you not give me headache and change" Riley said with a pleading expressionLisa pursed her lips but still took the dress to changeRiley couldn't help but breathe a sigh of reliefBeing a nanny seems better than her JobAfter Lisa walked out Lisa completed her dressing and walked out of the house as Riley followed herYou won't go
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Believe Love and LiesEpisode 9 You go on first, and give the contract file to Mr Smith, you can find an excuse for Lisa" Liam said to Henry who nodded hesitately before leaving the office After Henry left the office Liam took a glance at Lisa befure walking towards to sofaHe took at a blanket from the side of the sofa and co ered her to prevent her from getting ColdHe walked back and sat down as he started signing  the files piled up Because he has to return to the station tomorrowAfter about half an hourThe figure in the sofa movedLisa woke up and looked at the unfamiliar surroundings, without having a clear mind yetShe stood up and walked towards the table in the spaceShe took the water on top if the table and poured it into her mouthAfter which she used her hand to wipe out the drop in her faceShe suddenly noticed that there seems to be someone in front of her as she looked downYou are awake"Liam sa
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Believe, love and LiesEpisode 10 Liam and Joel looked at each otherAfter Riley leftHer only family is Lisa, she filled out that she is an Orphan when applying for job" Liam said as he took his car keys and left the officeJoel followed behind him immediatelyAs they both got into the car and followed Riley Lisa frowned as the finger touched herThe memories flashed as she frowned moreShe really wanted to drink in peace todayBut anyway is good to wipe out one more evil from the worldShe took a second  look at himThe guy smiled at her seeing that Lisa looked at himHey should we drink together" He asked as Lisa nodded He sat down next to Lisa as he poured another glass of wine for herLisa looked at the glass of wine he came withShe sneeredUsing the same trick on her as she did to the othersShe has seen such a brainless person beforeShe took the bottle of wine handed to her and smiled at him
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