Chapter 6

This incident made her stop thinking for a while and decided to go back to her room. She locked her gaze upon the window as she lay down on her soft bed.

Towering evergreen trees peeked in on her window as her longing gaze reprieved, in search of a non-fraudulent life.

A sight then evaded her mind. Far behind the sturdy trees was a towering tan wall. It was extending for a considerable distance unknown to her. She wondered,

What kingdom was she now?

Does she possess some powers too?

The sight was still giving off late midday signs, time here was indeed moving so slowly than she expected. How she wished to just wake up from this lucid dream, see the beautiful stars again and make those free criminals pay.

In contrast to this supernatural world where they indulge themselves with magic and power, money was everything to Earth. It overpowered people's flaming passion and blatantly bent the so-called non-concurring Law. That's the reason why her parents were killed, after all, Greed.

Her beautiful innocence about life was ruined at the wrong time and in the wrong setup. She turned her back on every lovely thing that she stumbled upon and became a beautiful mess instead.

Who would wonder if she started to curse the world?

But now, everything changed. She's now continuing the virtuous life of a former Light/ life pillar and wandering night sprite named Yuna. How would she perceive this world, as a killer, as an astronomer, or as a human?

Yuna rose from the bed and strolled towards the mirror to take another glance at her new personage. As she closely focused on herself in the mirror, there she noticed dark strands of hair growing together with her silver fibers. She lifted her hand and plucked one out to see a royal blue color.

It was a beautiful color than her current silver hair, but not assuring enough to say it's a good change in her body. Like, why the hell would her hair color change all of the sudden???

She slowly sat on the edge of the bed as she rested her palms on her lap. Her gaze was locked upon an ice blue jade-like bracelet that Manasseh gave her earlier. She even said she owned it, the old Yuna owned it. Maybe by wearing it, she might remember something, which was ridiculous to her since she's aware of something no one knew about. 

Boredom somewhat was kindled inside her. She couldn't afford to go back to the library and read more due to the fact that that peach-haired guy who threatened her earlier might still be there and Manasseh left earlier to run some errands; specifically, to get her some food.

She then glanced at the window.

"Maybe a stroll outside won't hurt."


Amidst the same silence and loneliness, yet different room was the current Light/life pillar Omri, letting his works covet his thoughts.

The meeting did not go well, but he expected that. When he informed about the news of Yuna waking up, his companions took that as a bad omen, and the fact that the 'Philn- Seeker', the co-establisher of the Academy has gone wandering around for almost a week, made the situation worsen. He needs to find him as soon as possible for only 'he', the sub-pillar of Wisdom could conclude a decision.

"The soul inside Yuna wasn't hers."

"We should get rid of the body now before something terrible happens."

"Her soul was already gone, Omri. You might as well consider accepting that fact right now."

Despite everyone's opposition in the meeting, he held his belief tightly like how 'she' did way back when he was just a lost cause black sheep.

His half Dazlhethyan demon and half Conorrah elf identity made all the difference. Such a breed was rare and absolutely powerful but not powerful enough to be listed together with the pillars.

As far as he can remember, their story was not perfect for only at the peak of her death, did he learned her feelings for him.

"With all my heart..." Her last words found its way to his busy mind, making him halt from writing. He could vividly remember how it all started and how it ended, it was a painful tragedy.

He glanced at the sunny day outside through the window far from his left.

What if his companions' opinions were right?

What if the soul inside Yuna's body was really a fiend?

What if his deductions were wrong all along?

What if?

The door was slammed open, making him glance there with sole confusion, only to set his eyes on the frustrated Manasseh, gasping for breath. Her eyes were wide open in despair, beads of sweats on her forehead and ---

"She's gone," she panicked.

In not less than a minute another man they recognized as a worker showed up, pushing Manasseh from the door.

"A thief stole some clothes from the clothesline!!"


Yuna, as she wore the most comfortable clothes that she managed to find, she swiftly eluded every being that was on her way.

This men's clothes she wore were giving off ancient Chinese vibes, yet still comfortable that she liked it.

As an experienced and specialized assassin, escaping unseen was a piece of cake but this new and weak body of hers abruptly narrowed her skills. This was the first time she took extra precautions.

She tied her long and messy silver hair, and with the help of her height and slim body, she looked like a benevolent and luxurious noble vampire in every young woman's dreams. She reached a limestone wall and a tall gateway.

The wall was so thick and enormous, creating one was surely a challenge for humans even with the help of the current technology but, not entirely impossible. This must be the border that separated whatever the places it wanted to separate.

"Interesting," She spoke before her lips curled a smirk on her porcelain face.

She took one last glimpse to the place she just cut loose too; it was unexpectedly a feudal-like castle and doubtingly big.

She shuffled her feet towards the swarmed gateway while thinking of things like what she should expect to see on the other side. She then reached the other side, as she was irradiated by the sunlight, awe was written all over her face.

Everything that was out of the world was in front of her eyes. Dancing fire, flying dragons, elves, minotaurs, fauns, Pegasus, and many more creatures she cannot name.

Her expression changed when her eyes darted a white unicorn.

"Silly how they even spared such creature," She frowned,-- where kids love so much that they could die just for one.

The place looked like a marketplace. Bizarre tents and under it were a bunch of barrels full of products with their sellers.

From the book, she read about a Trading center which was only located at the Capital. That fact made her aware of where she was now, the Capital.

She looked around, watching how their trading system works, was it with money or barter?

Lucky was she, for being here was quite advantageous.

She wondered what kind of peace-keeping Law do they have or did they even created one.

How did the Council keep the peace in spite of the possible big issues that the citizens might get? Take 'Strength or Magic Discrimination' and 'Identity Discrimination' as an example. Living in a world with big variations would not keep this world in peace unless there's a great ruler.

She was able to stay calm regardless of what's surrounding her. Human kids might think these kinds of walks were that exciting but no, humans would be fighting for their survival from these creatures.

While she was walking around, looking at her surroundings. She felt a pretty small creature bumped her side causing her to glance down only to see a pair of furry ears on top of the taffy pink hair of what appears to be a kid.

"I'm sorry, mister." His perfect pair of canine teeth showed up from his lips as his magenta orbs dramatically yield something people call "puppy eyes", as he looked up to her. His fluffy tail danced from left and right with a 2/2 rhythm.

Yuna kneeled in front of him as she gave him a placid smile.

"It's okay, but first," She paused," Give me back my bracelet, naughty kid." She emphasized the last two words with the manly voice that she could afford before giving the wolf-like kid in front of him a small grin, an unreadable one.

The pup's eyes widened with hints of surprise. He never felt this enthralled before that it excites him.

"Ey," he grinned. "How would you like to have a jog first?"

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