Behind the Two Mask

Behind the Two Mask

By:  Nadine_Britania  Ongoing
Language: English
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A seemingly handsome, intelligent, and perfect guy transfers to Royal Griffin Academy, where elite students gather. But little did they know this Handsome transferee is one of the most dangerous gentlemen in the guise of a student. He has a mission to accomplish, but when the greatest obstacle faces him, will he carry out the mission perfectly, or will he be intoxicated and drowned by the dangerous love in their world filled with betrayal and deception?

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6 Chapters
Prologue: The Beginning
It was cold, starless Midnight. There he was, standing outside of the city at the seaside gazing upon the moon that lit up the night sky. The sound of the waves crashing seemed to calm him down. He was here because his thoughts were disarrayed. He was never the type of person who frets over anything as this man was always described as perfect. Silver-haired and deep blue eyes with a flawless body complexion. Not only that, he is always called the youngest prodigy and admired by those who are around him. Yet here he was, in a state of confusion of what to do because of a certain someone. He sighed and lay down, "Should I do it or not?" he thought to himself.  FlashbackHe was soundly asleep inside his room at home after playing video games all day long. His phone suddenly rang, and he picked it up. "Hello?" He answered the caller lazily, sleepiness evident in his voice, and his eyes were half-open. "My dearest nephew, how have you been? An exc
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Chapter 1: The Cousin
Dr. Zen's POVSeriously this kid never changes, does he? I thought to myself while looking at Midnight's disappearing figure while heading to his uncle's office."Hey Midnight, wait for me." I called out to him, but he just ignored me. This kid is indeed a handful, but then again, he's talented, and he's my boss's niece. I can't do anything about it. "Midnight, are you just going to ignore me? I'm the one who escorted you into this building. It's rude not to talk, you know?" Midnight stopped walking and looked at me with a deadly glare. Ugh, this kid is utterly terrifying. If I didn't work for his uncle, he would have killed me already. "What do you want from me?" He asked me with a cold gaze and in a very sharp tone. I sighed and shook my head in a disagreement. "Calm down, okay? I know you hate being around people, but would it kill you to control your temper? Remember, you're the boss's niece. He wants to talk to you about something
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Chapter 2: The Talk
Keir's POV"It's been a while, Keir Leggièri," Midnight said with a cold tone. This kid never changed a bit since I last saw him.  "Midnight, that's not how you should greet your uncle, you know? I'm hurt, kiddo," I said to him, not minding that sharp gaze. Aaaah his eyes looked like his mother's  "Never mind that. Just tell me why did you call for me? I'm pretty sure you did not call me for some petty reason like catching up" He said with the same tone againLike mother like son indeed. I sigh deeply  "We'll talk about it over dinner, Vera bring it in" I said to her and she nodded. She took the bell and rang it, soon the chefs came inside and set it on the dining table into another room in my office  "Well let's head over to the dining table" I said to them and stood up and went directly at the dining room 
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Chapter 3: Midnight's Decision
Midnight's POV I sat on the sand and stared into the ocean ahead of me. The sound of waves crashing on the rocks seemed to calm me down as always. Many things started to run through the back of my mind. No matter how bored I am, I'll always end up coming back to the same situation. "How exhausting, do I really have to do it?" I ask myself silently while laying down on the sand and gazing upon the stars that lit up the night sky. I already knew the answer without even asking. The way things are going, it's imperative that the mission would be done by someone who can carry it out perfectly. I sighed again and thought to myself, It was a good thing that no one knows my true identity. It would jeopardize my normal life if it were ever to be revealed to everyone. I suddenly remembered my goals. Why do I need to do this and why am I doing this. I sat up with my eyes closed and took deep breathes then open them. I took my phone and rang Dr. Zen's number. After a few rings, he finally pic
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Chapter 4: The Preparation Begins
Zithea's POVHmm, I wonder, will Night accept this job?. By the way things are going right now, I think he would. Technically speaking, this job is not only a mission to him or me. This is related to the family. Knowing him, I'm sure he'll do whatever it takes to complete this properly because family is involved. And when the family is involved, things will be more complicated than usual, and that is something we have to look out for.I'm currently still in the Headquarters, but I'm in my office now since Night left like 2 hours ago. I glanced at the clock and noticed it was quite late already. I sighed, leaned my back on the chair, and closed my eyes.After a few minutes, I heard a knock on my door. "Zithea, it's Dr. Zen. Can I come in?" He said outside my office room. I sat up and spoke, "Come in, Dr. Zen."The door of my office room opened, slowly revealing Dr. Zen's figure. He looked a bit happy and apologetic at the same time. I wonder why?I gestured at him to sit on the chair n
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Chapter 5: The Preparation Part 2
Zithea's POVAfter a 20-minute drive, I finally arrived at Starbucks. I decided to order through the drive-thru instead of going into the shop. I placed the order and waited for the coffee to be finished. When it was done, I drove to the window and the crew member handed me my coffee to me. I gave the exact amount of money and thanked the crew before driving off to Midnight's House. Sheesh, today's an exhausting day, I'm dying to lie down and sleep. I sighed and then just proceeded to focus again on driving.It's been a 30-minute drive and I'm almost near now to his house. I glanced at my watch and noticed it was already 3:30 in the morning but of course, it was still dark because it was early. I wonder if he's awake by now? I thought to myself as I finally arrived at his house. I opened the gate via facial recognition at the gate and pulled up in front of the door of the house. I pulled the break but didn't come out first. I called Midnight's phone and after 10 secs he picked up.**C
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