Chapter 12 - Delilah

Today has been my life’s most stressful and emotional, well maybe top three. I don’t think being in this situation with Alexander could top witnessing my parents’ murder. Nothing could ever be more stressful and emotional than that day. And I don’t think hashing out our issues like this would truly unseat being drugged and kidnapped by Doctor Silvano.

‘Though that day ended well enough. The war ended, Alexander saved you, and you got to cuddle with him in your hospital bed. Maybe if we play our cards right, we can get him to cuddle again.’ Helia commented.

‘That sounds unlikely. Remember how he looked like he was going to kiss me? Then he felt my baby bump and immediately disengaged. He doesn’t like that I’m pregnant and probably won’t touch me while I am, if ever.’ I frowned as that thought hit me.

I don’t know the details or full extent of what the aftermath of Liar and her failed baby trap did to Alexander. Being pregnant triggers him. But I can’t help that. I can’t just stop bei

She shouldn't be surprised he took the chance to remove himself from being her attending, a situation that triggered him. She did offer that out.

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Jessica Bright
I don't see her reaction as shocked or surprised by his acceptance to allow Dr Damiani to continue being her OB, more irritated that the doctor walked in when they were making some progression. I still say his ass needs therapy though
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Kasia Saed
Is there Regina and Ivan book. Can't find on the app.
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Cyntavia E. Seney
Never offer a choice you do not want.

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