Chapter 11 - Alexander

Lucius had crossed a line. He had no right to use the word ‘love’ like that. Least of all, using it when trying to speak for me. I don’t even know how I feel about Delilah. Yes, of course, I care about her.

I cared about her even before all this. I’ve cared about her since the war. But that doesn’t mean I love her. And I am not going to let the mate bond dictate my feelings.

If I learned anything from my parents, it’s that love should be earned. Love should be cultivated. Love isn’t a light switch that you flick and suddenly feel. Love is a seed in your heart that needs to be nurtured to grow and, if possible, blossom. I don’t want a love that is only there because of a mythical bond. I want a love that I feel on my own.

I may have sunk into the darkness of my panic attack to the point that Lucius was able to take control, but I heard him say we love her. And that was enough to get me to fight the rip tide that was trying to pull me under. It took me longer than I wanted to break fr

At least their argument is getting them somewhere and clearing up some miscommunication.

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Ese Nam
All you hav to do is talk and viallaaaaaaa
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Trinity Sanders
Well I’m glad they have at least cleared some of the air. Nooooow he needs to tell her why he was FREAKING out!
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man anyone else just think that poor baby

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