Chapter 15 - Delilah

“Delilah? Hello? Don’t tell me that pregnancy brain hit you again.” Persephone sighed as she shifted Jacira in her arms.

“Huh? I’m sorry, Persey.” I apologized with a frown as Jacira started to fuss.

“I’m so sorry, Jacira.” I apologized sweetly to my two-week-old niece.

“It’s okay, Delilah. I’m just worried about you. You called me and then went silent with a far-off look. I would say I wasn’t used to that, but you’ve met my mate. He can easily get distracted. It’s just that you don’t usually do that.” Persephone sighed.

“And don’t worry, Jacira is okay. I just think… yep…” She wrinkled her nose holding Jacira up.

“Jonathan. It’s your turn, and your daughter left you a ripe one.” Persephone grinned.

“I’m a little busy.” I heard Jonathan in the distance.

“And I’m talking to Delilah. So, stop adding nitric acid to that before….” She winced, and I heard a muffled explosion in the background.

After living with them while I was abroad, I can attest that it’s not uncommon for there t

Persephone and Silvercloud are still a hoot. If anyone can get to the bottom of the blocked communication, it would be them.

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Camilita Vargas
Author, I'm ironically 9 months late, but I really hope you took Marianna's comment into consideration because she's right: it's rushed, and we, readers, are not connecting with the main couple's story. You wrote in the blurb we don't have to read your previous books to understand this one, so...
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Persephone is the sister that we all need ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Dafina Morris
Bryant I stumbled across this and I’m in love but I know im missing something. Is there an order I should be reading your books in?

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