Chapter 14 - Delilah

I don’t know which sound was louder, my pounding heart or the soft squeak of the bedroom door as it opened. I was ready to fight whoever it was. André and Darren would have announced themselves aloud or in the family link. Lando would have also announced himself. And no one else would waltz up to the Alpha villa and into the guest house.

I could only assume it was someone who wanted to hurt me or, more so, the heirs. No one is hurting these babies. I don’t care if some members of Madonie still haven’t accepted André and Darren’s reign. Their closed minds caused them to go this path to have an heir instead of naming Lando as the heir. Or if it’s not someone from Madonie, it could be a rogue. Not very likely, but there is still the possibility that one got past the borders.

I tried remaining as still as possible while concentrating on using Helia’s power. A vine had grown from my hand, down over the edge of the bed and across the floor, and when whoever was breaking into my room steppe

Poor Delilah. Having sexy dreams about Alexander. Wonder where he could be.

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Alshon Michaels
I'm surprised more people don't have this train of thought. It's spot on.
goodnovel comment avatar
Cher Brown
she is soo selfish. I hate how women like yo behave like men are robots or that when a man hurts a woman over and over the mate bond will just make it better. give me a break.
goodnovel comment avatar
Amber Rawlings
Um if he asked them to keep you in the dark it will be the exact same as you not wanting him to know you were the surrogate.

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