Chapter 3 - Alexander

I knew that André and Darren had found a surrogate that met all their requirements in November. By December, she had successfully undergone IVF with an embryo fertilized by André and another by Darren. To the surprise of some, except medical professionals that understand how genetics can behave, both embryos divided, and the surrogate went from carrying two babies to two sets of identical twins. 

I haven’t kept tabs on the progress beyond what I’ve heard from conversations with André. I trust Annamaria to handle things. She’s an excellent obstetrician. I’d considered telling André to trust Annamaria regarding the surrogate’s care. However, the words died on my tongue when he told me the surrogate had suffered a placental abruption. 

Medically speaking, there isn’t anything Annamaria could do about it. She could only put the surrogate on bed rest, monitor the babies, and prescribe medicines to help the development of the babies to increase survival chances if it was to get worse and they needed to be delivered sooner. As a healer, medical limitations don’t apply. There are a few things that my power cannot heal. Things like cancer. I’m unsure if I can repair the placental damage, but I can and will try. 

I quickly threw on some casual clothes while contacting our pilot to prepare the jet for departure. As concerned as I am for the safety of the future heirs of Madonie, I’m just thrilled for an excuse to get the fuck out of Silvermane. This pack is fucked in the head. They spit in the eye of the Goddess by denying the mate bond and forcing chosen bonds. The further I am from these crazy people, the better.

Now I must let my Papa and sister know I’m leaving and taking the jet. They can easily find other travel methods to reach Ironfur. It’s not like there is anywhere near that pack the plane could land in the first place. I did one last check to ensure I had everything before I went into the hall and knocked on Zoe’s door and then on Papa’s. 

“Alexander?” Zoe frowned, rubbing sleep from her eyes as she opened her door.

“What’s wrong?” Papa asked as he rubbed his hand over his messy blonde hair. 

“André has called me home. There is an issue with the surrogate that has placed her on bed rest and put the heirs in danger. It’s a placental abruption so that Annamaira could do nothing.” I quickly explained.

“Wait, what does that mean? Is she okay? Are our baby cousins okay?” Zoe asked, now very much awake.

“If caught early enough, it won’t be life-threatening to the surrogate or the babies,” Papa assured her as he stepped out of his room and came closer so we didn’t have to talk loudly. 

“It’ll be fine. But you know André. He is worried for the safety of the babies, thus calling me back. I’ve already called our pilot and told him to be ready to take me home.” I assured her.

“Wait, if you are taking the jet, what about us? We are supposed to be flying out tomorrow… er, tonight. Whatever freaking time it is. Have I mentioned I’m so over this time zone change bullshit?” Zoe lost the plot a little as she ranted.

“We’ll figure it out, Zoe. Alexander returning to Madonie is more important than our travel arrangements. I’ll contact Alpha Finn on his recommendations for our travel.” Papa quickly found a solution, or at least a path to a solution.

“Fine. If Alpha Finn can’t provide an alternative, I will hitchhike not to spend another day here if necessary.” Zoe shuddered as she wrapped her arms around herself.

“Zoe, it hasn’t been that bad.” Papa sighed.

“Not that bad?” Zoe blinked. “Alexander, is he being serious?” She asked. 

I shrugged. I knew exactly what Zoe’s problem was. We’ve both had a similar issue in this pack of people thinking they can try and force a chosen mate on us. While it’s bad enough when they try to push their daughters on me, it’s far worse for Zoe. 

The males they’ve been pushing at her all have this Neanderthal mindset that Zoe would GIVE UP her title to live in this backward fucking pack. My sister would rather die mateless than stop being the Nebrodi Beta. 

“No one is forcing you to do anything.” Papa pointed out. “You’ve freely, loudly, and perhaps too bluntly told off six males that have offered to be your mate.”

“Too bluntly?” My sister scoffed.

I grimaced because I could see what was coming. You’d think Papa would know better than to prod the DeLuca temper.  Twenty-six years with Mama should have taught him where that line is. Then again, he probably did know and pushed her buttons on purpose. 

“Oh, I’ve been kind when I’ve told these Neanderthal sexist bigots to fuck off. I haven’t left enough statues to fill a museum in my wake because I’m here on Nebrodi business.” Zoe’s hands started to flail in frustration as she got worked up. 

“And I tell you this, if that rat-faced, self-hating closet piece of shit Beta Tucker tries to suggest a mating between us, I’m going to throw up on him and then make him a statue with the puke fused in.” She warned.

“Well, on that disgusting note, I’m heading out. Enjoy the rest of the trip.” I shook my head.

“Safe travels, son.” Papa nodded and hugged me.

“Take good care of their surrogate and our baby cousins.” Zoe sighed and hugged me.

“Of course,” I assured her, but as I went to step back, she gripped my shoulders and made eye contact with me.

“I mean it, Alexander. I know you have had your issues since she-who-shall-not-be-named. But I need your word. I need you to promise me, promise on Mama’s life, on the Goddess herself.” She insisted, holding my shoulders tighter.

“I don’t care, but I need you to promise that no matter what, you will take the best care of their surrogate. Not just keeping her healthy physically but mentally and emotionally.” She continued.

“I have no intentions of doing or saying anything that would negatively impact their surrogate. I know very well that the physical health of a pregnant woman can change based on their mental and emotional state.” I sighed.

“Promise me.” Zoe insisted.

“I promise. I swear on the Goddess and Mama that I will not intentionally do anything to hurt André and Darren’s surrogate.” I promised.

“It’ll have to be enough. I know you can’t promise unintentional actions.” Zoe sighed and let me go. 

“Okay…. Well, that was weird. I’m going to go now.” I shook my head and hefted my bag over my shoulder before heading for a taxi to the airport. 

I couldn’t understand why my sister insisted on making me make such a promise. I don’t even know who was selected to be the surrogate. It wasn’t my business, and in the long run, it wouldn’t matter. The surrogate wouldn’t remain around after the babies are born. Her job was only to provide the eggs and carry them. She won’t be their Mama or stay in their lives, so it’s not like I’d deal with this woman after the heirs have been born. 

And after what happened with Lia, it’s not like I will flirt with the surrogate. I have trouble wanting to touch any woman. No way in hell I’d want to touch a pregnant woman. The thought made my skin crawl, and I resisted the urge to throw up. I shook away the thoughts and tried to get more sleep on the long flight home. 

It had been a long day when I finally landed in Madonie. I’d spent nearly twelve hours on a plane traveling across multiple time zones to get home after eight o’clock at night, Sicilian local time. As much as I wanted to go to my Beta suite, I knew it wouldn’t happen. André was clear that I was to report directly to his villa. 

I sighed and stretched as I climbed out of the car when I arrived at André’s villa. If the surrogate stayed with them, I assumed she’d be in the guest house. So instead of heading for the front doors, I walked through the carport directly to the guest house. My steps had been sluggish from the travel, but as I got closer to the guest house, I felt a spring in my step.

‘MATE!’ Lucius proclaimed.

Despite the concern in my heart, I started to move faster, following the scent of golden honey and toasted almonds, gentled with a soothing herbal musk. Nothing about this scent coming from the guest house bodes well for me. I could only hope the smell was that of a friend or caregiver for the surrogate rather than the surrogate herself. 

Please, Goddess, don’t let it be the surrogate.

As I reached for the door to the guest house, it swung open, and my heart lodged in my throat and stopped beating. Staring back at me, perfect cupid bows lips parted in an ‘o’ as she gasped, with wide green eyes, dressed in a honey yellow V-neck dress with an unmistakable baby bump, stood Delilah Fayte. My Zio Alec’s sister-in-law. My cousin’s surrogate. My mate. 

It now made sense why Zoe insisted on me making that promise. She knew. ZOE KNEW! Not about us being mates, but she KNEW Delilah was the surrogate! How many other people knew? How many people kept that from me?

I felt so many emotions that I didn’t know how to handle them. And I will get hell for this later, but it is better than letting myself say something I’d regret. I turned on my heel and walked away.

I ignored my wolf and every fiber of my being, screaming to go back and got far enough away that I could smell or see her and threw up in the bushes. I’ve spent years looking for my mate, and she was under my nose all along. My mate is the one person that cut me out of her life because of Lia. 

If Lia hadn’t done what she’d done, Delilah would have been home for her first shift, and we’d have known years ago. We’d have known if Delilah hadn’t continued to avoid me even after Lia’s lies came to light. And now… now I find her, and she’s… fuck she’s pregnant with the future heirs of Madonie. What the hell am I going to do?

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Alshon Michaels
I guess there's some ridicule for Andre, Kat, Tie, and Zoe too. Cause they were far worse than was concerning sex partners. Just sayin
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Bridgette Mcgarvin
And BAM, finally. Poor Delilah, how is she going to deal with this revelation? Had she just NOT cut him out for 2 years she would have known. This is going to be AMAZING.
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so ready for this story! buying these on kindle too

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