Betrayed by the  ALPHA

Betrayed by the ALPHA

By:  Wild Rose  Ongoing
Language: English
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A mate is forever. Until they reject you… Luna is sick of being an outcast. As the illegitimate daughter of a high-ranking official and her mother gone, she’s never felt wanted. Finding her fated mate was supposed to change everything. She’s known for six years that she and Marnet are mates, and tonight at the Moon Mate ceremony, it’s time for him to stop acting like a playboy alpha and claim her as his. Only he does the exact opposite and humiliates her publicly with his brutal rejection. Then Luna is taken by Pavel, another alpha whose clan launches a surprise attack during the ceremony. He’s captured all the other alphas except one—Marnet. Now Luna has a choice. Lead the enemy to Marnet or protect her mate. Pavel treats her better than Marnet ever did, but Luna is convinced Pavel is only using her to get what he wants. Marnet is still her mate. Although it wouldn’t be the first time she’s been wrong about love…

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3 Chapters
Stable, Claw MansionWoodward County, OklahomaHe said he loved me. He said we’d always be together; that he’d build me a swing under a big weeping willow and we’d sit there every night. That we’d watch the sunset.Why the hell did I believe him?I gritted my teeth, jaw aching. Tipping my head to one side, I spit some of the blood still slowly pooling in my mouth. None of my teeth felt loose as I prodded my mouth with my tongue, but I wouldn’t be confident in my assessment until I could look in a mirror — or at least touch my mouth. Instead, I was forced to watch as my saliva slipped through the golden strands of hay at my feet, disappearing onto the wooden stable floor.I shifted again, rattling the chains that bound me to one of the large beams holding up the barn. I stared at the beam directly across from me, looking for anything that might be of some use…but it was just a plain, ordinary beam. I could practically imagine it still being a tree, it was so large and tall. It was even
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PavelWoodward Airport, OklahomaTwelve hours earlierI stared out over the rim of my glass through the window of my jet as we taxied, withholding what would only be a withering sigh. The skyline was dismal — if you could call a single traffic control tower and endless rolling hills a skyline. There were about a dozen places I’d rather be than Oklahoma. Maybe more. I was pretty sure I’d rather be at the dentist getting a cavity filled than in this desolate town.It wasn’t the flight that bothered me — not at all. I kept Johnny Walker Blue Label on the jet, actually. It was an excellent hiding place. I swirled the amber liquid and the whiskey stones clinked gently against the glass. Honestly, maybe if I went to Oklahoma City or Tulsa, I’d have a better time. Civilization! Restaurants! Something to actually do with my time rather than stare at faces I’d be perfectly happy never to see again.Instead, I was in the Middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma, and scheduled to socialize with a rival pack,
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Several Miles from the Claw MansionWoodward County, OklahomaHey, Kitten,See you at the usual spot.Friday.Same time.I eyed the yellow note before tucking the crumpled piece of paper back into my pocket, glancing around. There was no sign of anyone but me in the area — even when I lifted my chin, sniffing at the wind, I detected no one. My wolf rolled her ears back and my shoulders slumped. From my other pocket, I checked my phone again. No messages. Dave was now two hours late, which was unlike him. He wasn’t the most punctual of people in general, but when he said we’d meet, we met.I couldn’t even think of enough instances he was really that late to count on one hand. And he’d texted or called each one of those times. My wolf whined softly, concern radiating off of her. She wanted to get up and pace, scent the bushes for any hint of the man we were waiting for.Shoving my phone into the back pocket of my jeans, I resumed my pacing, trying to determine if I’d interpreted the mes
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