The Reincarnated Alpha King: Revenge and Love

The Reincarnated Alpha King: Revenge and Love

By:  Winnie Wamae  Ongoing
Language: English
20 ratings
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Ravi Alfred Wilbur.... An alpha but neglected. He dies but is given a second chance by fate. Will he still be the same person they abused or does he have other plans? A mixture of a werewolf alpha and a warlock. He will be a force they can't reckon with. If you are choosing sides, choose wisely... A story of second chances, love and revenge.

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H.B Temilorun
**deep breaths ** I can’t wait to read more. An Alpha being reborn? Wow. Just wow
2023-04-05 02:10:45
user avatar
No matter what Ravi shouldn't have poisoned himself. I really pitied him. Still reading and I love the rad so far. I'm sure he's going to come back stronger
2023-04-04 06:53:13
user avatar
Rose Sam
Everyone deserve a second chance. It's getting me hooked already.
2023-04-03 23:41:54
default avatar
Crystal Pebblez
second chance, love and revenge. l love this fantasy
2023-04-03 15:56:47
user avatar
Leema Kamal
Ravi's story is really interesting. I can't wait to read more of it. Keep the updates coming, Author.
2023-04-02 23:53:49
user avatar
if you're choosing sides, choose wisely... exciting read.........
2023-04-02 02:02:33
user avatar
Authoress Evelyn
Good one author. Your father was killed and ur is ur mother. how won't u take revenge. vengeance for the dead.
2023-04-01 01:00:44
user avatar
Fantastic actually
2023-01-21 15:23:29
user avatar
Such a unique piece. I love how well the plot flows right from the chapter one.
2023-01-21 12:59:40
user avatar
Such a unique story, usually it's the Luna given a second chance
2023-01-20 21:13:29
user avatar
authoress brenda
It's really fantastic and uncommon. I can testify it's not the usual we read everyday. keep it up!
2023-01-20 18:59:56
user avatar
Phe Mulan
Winnie's stories are always interesting.
2023-01-20 17:08:53
user avatar
Serena Harry
I love the way the characters of the book are built. They are really fascinating.
2023-01-20 15:01:29
user avatar
Not your regular werewolf story. I love it.
2023-01-20 14:52:42
user avatar
Highly recommended! ... ...
2023-01-20 13:26:33
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42 Chapters
1. A Life of Regret and Revenge was Over
The Year 1417, The Fourth Month of the Year Phil ran as fast as his tired legs could carry him. He couldn't believe that a powerful mage like him was running away for his life. He was one of the most respected wizards of his time in Light Magic Realm and he had received the Order of Merlin, one of the titles given to the most powerful only. But now, here he was; hiding and running for his life. How things change. But he ran with a smile. It was all worth it. Did he regret? Maybe not. Phil was born to the warlock of their time. His father was powerful but he didn't agree with what the King of the day was doing. The king had killed a lot of warlocks who had refused to do his bidding: sacrifice people experimenting with magic to make himself immortal. They made it clear that no one could do that as it was the gods of light who gave them the magic they used. Phil's father was among the warlocks killed at that time. He was eight and felt helpless. It was his mother who gave him the will
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2. Soon, He Would End It All
The Year 2032, JanuaryRavi woke up with a start. He was having yet another bad dream. He tried moving and he hissed in pain. He had forgotten that his body was injured and he was still sore. Last night, he received yet another bad beating from his father Philip: the Alpha of the Moon Light Pack. Why was he beaten though? He couldn't remember. The beatings had become so numerous that he barely left tabs nowadays. Ravi can't even remember why he got beaten as at many other times. This was because he was always even beaten for the smallest of mistakes. Last night it was something his step sister had accused him of. His father never listened to him. It didn't matter that Ravi was an alpha and the first son of the family. No. His step mother made sure that he never forgot his place in the clan: the lowest of them all in the pack. And Ravi, resigned to his fate, had agreed even without words. He carried royal blood but he was treated worse than a servant. This was because he worked withou
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3. Let Me Help
Ravi entered the big kitchen and did what he was good at: clean and cook. Today was one of those days he didn't have to cook any complicated dishes and he was thankful because he wasn't really feeling like it today. He wished he had another option. Maybe like refusing to cook with no consequences. But it was just that: a wish. He brewed coffee first and left it in the machine to brew well for at least one hour like was the Luna's preference. He then lit the fire and started cooking scrambled eggs. All he had to do was chop tomatoes and onions and then fry some bacon, make some tea and he would be done. They would eat bread today and he thanked heavens that they had bread delivered. If it was scones, he had to bake them himself and madam Luna liked them hot.He cooked very fast and by six thirty in the morning, everything was arranged at the long dining table. Plates, cutrely, food (a lot of it) which included scrambled eggs, bacon and bread. There was tea in flasks and coffee, lots of
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4. He Was Gone
His mother's smile was the last smile Ravi had ever seen in this house and since then, everyone was either slapping, shouting or giving him commands. Thus, when Hari smiled at him, he was both surprised and startled. He didn't know why anyone would be nice to him and he was thus wary. "I... I... I will... do it," Ravi said warily but Hari was stronger and he held him as he insisted on helping him. He helped the boy dress his wounds and asked him to sleep. He could see that Ravi was in a bad state and Hari wanted to help him. "Sleep for a while. You will be better when you wake up," he said but Ravi shook his head. How could he? "No. You know I can't. I have a lot to do. I don't want another beating. P-please, let me go," he said as he stood up with difficulty and Hari didn't know why but the sight made his heart ache. He wanted to help this boy but he didn't know how. "Let me help you today. I will do the housework for you," he said and Ravi looked at him like a monster. "You... Y
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5. Beginning of His Specialty
Phil woke up with a headache. What he knew was that he was dead and he couldn't have been reborn in his own body. He would kill himself again if he did. He struggled to open his eyes and wondered why it was so painful. He could feel someone petting his hair and a warm liquid was being poured on his face. He struggled and it was ready hard. He couldn't even move a single rash.His insides were on fire and the headache was numbing. He tried lifting his hand to touch His forehead so as to soothe it and his hand felt like lead. It was all so painful. He struggled and finally his eyes were open. Then the light assaulted his eyes and that stung and hurt his head like hell. He blinked to adjust to the light and then he focused though the pain was making it difficult. Then he saw that face. The face he so wanted to see. The face he so missed. But the bearer of that face was bent and crying. He realised that the warm liquid was coming from the other boy's eyes. He was crying while holding him.
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6. He Would Make It
When Phil died and cast the spell hoping for a second chance in life, he wasn’t sure that it would work. This was because he had fought for a very long time and his mana was already almost depleted and he was exhausted. He had thus used his last remaining powers and hoped that one day, no matter what realm and what time, he would be reunited with his beloved. Even if he was to be born as a mere human with no powers at all, Phil did not care as long as the man who brought light into his life and made his heart beat again was going to be there with his again. That was all he wished for. And here he was: with his Joe, sorry Hari, again. He couldn’t believe that the gods had favoured him this much. From what he had gathered from his host’s memories, he and Hari were just acquaintances, they weren’t close. He was thus surprised that he woke to Hari crying over Ravi’s lifeless body. He wondered why and also wondered whether he should ask but he decided against it. He didn’t want to scare Ha
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7. He Loved His New Life
Ravi cultivated to the wee hours of the morning and when he felt that he was fully healed, he smiled and when he looked at his clock, it was a few minutes to four in the morning. He decided to close his eyes for a while before he woke up. He knew that he had a clan to feed but he was not worried. With his speed and Ravi’s memories, it was going to be easy peazy. He also wondered how much his magic would do seeing that he had not practiced. He knew that if he would be able to use magic, his work would become that much easier. In his previous life, powerful mages like him had magic wands that they used. The wand was like an extension of the arm. It would help magnify a wizard’s powers and since he was here as a reincarnated being, he obviously did not have his wand. He thus knew that even though he could do magic for now, it would be low grade since one, Ravi’s body was new to all of this and two, he did not have any wand to help him amplify the little power he might have had accumulate
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8. More Confident
Phil was in a good mood and he had already made a plate of food for Hari when he heard a scream coming from the dining room. He wondered who had died but since it had nothing to do with him and he didn't care about anyone in this house, except for Hari of course, he continued doing his thing. He hadn't used any utensils or pans today and there was not much to be done and so, he was just lazing around absorbing as much mana from the sorroundig as possible as he waited for them to finish so that he could clear the table. He wished that he could be somewhere alone so that he could cultivate better. But since this was what he got, he decided to make do with it for the time being. "Ravi!" He heard a woman scream. But it didn't register who it was she was calling and so.... "Raaaaviiiii!" She screamed again and that was when it occurred to Phil. He was Ravi. 'Damn it! What's with that woman now?' He wondered. "Shit! What could it be now?" He said a bit loudly and he was lucky that there
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9. As Long As They Were Together, He Could Weather Any Storm
Phil returned to the kitchen like nothing happened and sat on the floor behind a counter close legged and closed his eyes. He wanted to cultivate for a bit because he wanted to get stronger. He thus wanted to take any available moment no matter how short to power up. Now that he had seen that Ravi's father was that despeakable man, and he had promised the other boy revenge, he was more than determined to grow stronger so that one day, he could thrash Philip as payment for what he did to Ravi. He sat there for a while and since his mind was concentrated on absorbing the mana in his surroundings, he didn't hear Hari come in. When Hari walked in, he was sure that Ravi was still in the kitchen because he had just seen the boy walk in a moment ago. He thus looked for him not sure where he had gone and that was when he saw him. He was sitting behind the counter that held the freezer close eyed. Hari was taken aback by that scene. He had never quite really taken his time to look at the oth
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10. The Perfect Opportunity
Phil was quick to do the breakfast utensils then went to the laundry room and within no time, all the laundry was done. Though he did it by hand and not by the big machine that was there that he didn't yet remember how to use. He would have asked Hari but the other boy had an errand to run for his father but he promised to be back by lunch time. Phil was eagerly waiting for Hari's return. If it was the old Ravi, he would have wondered why he would be waiting for another man's return but this was Phil waiting for his Joe. He knew that his heart beat for the other boy and he was eager to see him, again. He had just been reborn and he wanted to spend every waking moment in the other boy's company. Within no time, he was done with the laundry and he was back in the kitchen preparing lunch. He hated doing this but since he still needed to stay here as he wasn't strong enough to stand on his own, he would do it. He also wanted to see what Philip was up to and he also wanted revenge for Ra
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